Things to Do in Zimbabwe

10+ Ideas For Your Zimbabwe Bucketlist

Zimbabwe was once one of the highlights of Africa. The people are famously warm and welcoming, extending an invitation to all foreign visitors. Rhino filled national parks and seductive mountain ranges stand at either side of the country, standing over a vibrantly colorful landscape and culture. Head to the north and you discover Victoria Falls, the mile-wide waterfall and international boundary between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Unfortunately, politics virtually wiped out the tourism industry. A certain stability has returned following the years of hyper-inflation and Mugabe. Those that do brave the trip find an invariably warm nation - the locals miss tourism and will go to huge lengths to make sure you feel at home. And the tourism that remains is in the really high-end category.

More Things To Do in Zimbabwe

Regular interactions with local people are a real highlight of traveling here. The most common trip is to include a Zimbabwe excursion as part of a multi-country trip. For example, traveling from South Africa to Livingstone (Zambia) via some of Zimbabwe's national parks.

Or take an air charter and discover destinations where animals have reclaimed the land. In Zimbabwe you can go off the beaten path and be the only guests at a luxury lodge surrounded by animals. You can travel to the unknown and find yourself face to face with elephants and lions - then retire to cocktails and bubble baths and opulence in the bush.