Things To Do In Borneo

Things To Do In Borneo For Your Bucketlist

Borneo conjures mystical images of an unknown world. Redolent landscapes set the scene, tropical jungle undulating across wild mountains. Orangutans and indigenous tribes occupy the trees, while sea turtles and sharks dominate the water. This may be the world's third largest island but the things to do in Borneo are far beyond the beach. Add some of these to your travel bucketlist.

Immersed in Nature and Wilderness on Borneo Island

Thick jungle tumbles onto white beaches. Waterfalls hide in ancient monkey-filled ecosystems. Volcanic mountains soar above the canopy, natural spas evoke all the senses, and tiny islands invite lazy days in the sun. Borneo makes the wilderness accessible but even in the most iconic places you will find privacy and intimacy.

Really Wild Borneo Adventure

Ancient jungle stretches all across Borneo. While the island has famously become the poster child of anti-deforestation campaigns, most of it remains completely unchanged for millennia. Very few people live here. Very people ever even visit Borneo and you can go completely off the beaten path into wilderness. On this island of wild nature the thing to do in Borneo is explore, with expert guides crafting moments in all kinds of landscapes. Here the adventure truly is as adventurous as you dream it to be.

Best of Borneo WIldlife Moments

Borneo is an animal realm, both in the forest canopy and beneath the waves. The scuba diving is unparalleled, revered by Jacques Cousteau among others. Deep in the rainforest you will find orangutans, proboscis monkeys, and so many unusual species. The whole island can be a wildlife safari as you add moments like these to your bucketlist.

Immersed in Borneo's Unique Culture

Borneo is home to ancient tribes and remarkable scenes. Some travel moments will fully immerse you in traditional lifestyles, deep in the wilderness. Others will provide a contemporary take on island culture, perhaps with yoga or a gold-domed mosque in Brunei. From food to tiny jungle villages, a connection with culture can always be part of the experience.

Where to Stay on Borneo Island

A travel designer will craft an itinerary to your style and interests. There are glorious beach resorts and jungle lodges to cut you off from the rest of the world, along with eco options that help preserve the rainforest. This is also an island for a different kind of stay, where the luxury comes from location and experience, such as a glamping dome where few people ever venture.