Mozambique Vacation

Ultimate Bucketlist Ideas for Your Mozambique Vacation

Welcome to the paradise that most of the world is yet to discover. Thousands of miles of Indian Ocean coastline, hardly another person in sight, and none of the over-hyped hassle in more touristic destinations like the Seychelles. Oh, and the safari is pretty good as well, especially given recent conservation efforts. Mozambique is off the beaten path but luxury Mozambique vacations have been around for 20 years now. It's a country begging to be discovered.

Blissful Accommodation for a Mozambique Vacation

With so many private Indian Ocean islands and such an epic coastline, Mozambique vacations always provide privacy and an escape from the everyday. The coast is dotted with exceptional accommodation, places for a barefoot gateway and sense of excitement, at an unthinkable price in comparison to the more popular Seychelles and Maldives nearby.

A Mozambique Vacation Is Dominated by the Coast

It's along the coast where Mozambique most dazzles. Here there are no other footprints in the sand and no limitations to what you can do. Marine encounters involve dugongs, whales, dolphins, manta rays, and exceptional deep-sea fishing. You can ride on horseback or canoe the coast. And it's rare you will ever encounter anybody else along the coast.

With its Latin influence and exotic appearance, Mozambique has a distinctly Indian Ocean feel. The country seems to be built of sand and palm trees, its 2000 mile coastline fulfilling all beach escapism dreams. Lulling off shore is the Bazaruto Archipelago, a series of deserted white islets, sandbanks, and exclusive islands. On the mainland, the country's beach destinations are spaciously dotted along the ocean waters, from small resort towns to hidden white sand escapes miles from anywhere. Mozambique was a Portuguese colony and remnants of this rule can be found throughout the country, not least in the culture and language. Small towns and cathedral ruins are more akin to Latin America than what's found elsewhere in Southern Africa, with streets of colorful townhouses beneath swaying palms.

A Little Dose of Culture for Your Mozambique Vacation

Mozambique has a heartbreaking recent history but passionate local people are turning the country around. You can feel an exotic Portuguese heritage mix with raw African style and panache. It's a country that will surprise you and culture can also be part of your travel bucketlist.