Finland Vacation

Moments to Create a Finland Vacation

Oh Finland! Land of the magical aurora and balmy midsummer nights, country of solitude and stresses melting away. A Finland vacation is all about the wow moments, from the world's largest archipelago to husky and reindeer rides and warming saunas. So much excites here and the travel bucketlist can be adapted for summer and winter adventure.

Finnish Adventures and Expeditions

Almost all of wilderness is wilderness. On a Finland vacation you can try many new experiences, such as husky rides and snowmobiles above the Arctic Circle. Yet this is a country of solitude that rewards time. Expeditions can take you to places that few visitors have ever seen, places that change irrevocably with the seasons. A multi-day expedition is a chance to do what you want, in landscapes completely cut off from everything else.

Accommodation to Consider on a Finland Vacation

Finland does not offer an enormous choice of traditionally luxurious accommodation. Other than Hotel Kamp in Helsinki and a handful of remote stays, this isn't a country for typical five-star accommodation. Here the luxury comes from the inimitability. Think wilderness cabins with traditional saunas, snow suites where you can be wonderfully warm when it's below freezing, and igloos beneath the northern lights. These are just a sample of what a travel designer can incorporate into your trip.

A Winter Vacation in Finland

Winter is the more popular season to visit Finland. Gaping snow-bound landscapes provide adventure and the aurora shines on most nights. You can usually see the northern lights every other night and your chances increase the further you travel north. It is cold and you don't enjoy much daylight during winter, but for a few hours a day you are treated to some of the planet's most astonishing landscapes.

Discover Finland in Summer

Finland is summer is the land of the midnight sun. The mild weather and endless daylight means you can fit a huge number of different experiences into a short trip. These are just ideas of what you can do in Finland and a travel designer can create any kind of adventure you seek. In a country with so much open space and wilderness, you can do just about anything outdoors here.

Embracing Finnish Cuisine and Culture

Cuisine and culture are rarely top of the bucketlist for travelers coming to Finland, but they do provide many great moments. The cuisine is unique and exquisite, surprisingly delicate and full of new flavours. And the culture can range from Sami or medieval tradition to all-night partying.