Spend a Night in a Mundari Cattle Camp

The Mundari are fierce warriors and cattle herders. They live for their Ankole-Watusi cows, continuing a traditional lifestyle that is slowly being encroached by the modern world.

Heaps of cow dung are burnt, the ash used as antiseptic and sunscreen by herdsmen. Cows receive a vigorous morning ash massage to remove paradies. Men blow cow horns, resonant sounds to call their herd.

Facial scars represent the the rite of passage to adulthood for your Mundari. These are people who stay in the bush, often sleeping with their livestock. They are among the most unique, interesting and hospitable tribes on the African continent.

You can spend a night in a Mundari Cattle Camp. This is no picnic. It is not luxurious. This is an opportunity to experience the life, landscapes and lifestyle of a special tribe of people.

This experience was created by
Samuel Walugembe Colin
Samuel Walugembe Colin is pioneering new and sustainable tourism is incredibly remote African regions.
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