Skeleton Coast & Namib Desert Multi-Day Air Safari

Africa’s largest national park stretches 1000 kilometres along the Atlantic Ocean. Impassible red dunes meet roaring waves and there are so many places where no person has ever set foot. This is the Namib and it’s seriously wild. 

The protected Namib National Park is five times larger than the Netherlands. Dunes after dunes, ridges after ridges, an endless expanse of surreal colours and surprises. Here you’ll find shipwrecks peering from the sand, rhinos and elephants crossing valleys, 300,000 Cape fur seals, and interactions with the Himba people. 

You can’t drive across it. You can only fly. A Skeleton Coast & Namib Desert air safari takes four to six days, with stops at some of the most remote travel destinations on our planet. Prepare for solitude and the humbling power of Mother Nature.