Maldives Multi-Day Surf Charter Safari

Sublime Indian Ocean reef breaks and not another boat or surfer in the water. Long, peeling right handers as the water glistens and sparkles. Short left-handed rides where you crouch low and try to come out from the barrel.

The Maldives has epic surf, except almost of all it is not accessible from land. These are remote reef breaks, surfed by the adventurous, by those who wish to be alone in the water. There are many but they are unpredictable, so you need a few days and an open schedule.

Board a yacht, travel with a surf guide, and hit up the best waves in the Maldives. Find one, lay anchor and stay for a few days. Or keep moving and surfing. This is an opportunity to also find new breaks, in a mostly un-surfed part of the world.

This experience was created by
Aziza Rasheed
There's more to Maldives than just what you see in glossy brochures and websites. And Aziza is the best person to arrange the extra-ordinary and unknown.
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