Nairobi National Park Introductory Safari Game Drive

Nairobi National Park is a great stopover that hints at all the natural spectacles Kenya can offer. It’s a wonderful introduction to the safari experiences awaiting further afield.

In sight of the city’s central business district, the 300 acre Nairobi National Park has an extraordinary diversity of plains species. Just a short drive from the city’s airports and skyscrapers, highly-endangered black rhino roam. Prides of lion stalk prey including buffalo and hartebeest. Baboons run amok. Hyena, cheetah, and leopard also make their presence known.

It’s a wonderful place to explore before a safari elsewhere, proving that Nairobi layovers are never dull.

This experience was created by
Josphat Njoroge
A legend of the Kenyan safari industry, Josphat has designed safaris for ex presidents and played a big role in Kenyan safari conservation.
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