Northern Lights Expedition

Of all Earth’s natural phenomena, perhaps none are so starkly entrancing as the ethereal Aurora Borealis. On a near-nightly basis, from October to March, the sky above Iceland comes to life with massive, dancing lights, the by-product of solar wind encountering the planet’s magnetosphere. 

Venture out into Iceland’s broad valleys and plateaus for an unforgettable spectacle. 

Arcs of green. Shimmering violet curtains. Slow-moving pale “clouds”. Every display is different, changing from moment to moment to impress anew with strange colors and shapes.

Snuggle into a blanket, sip your hot chocolate, and enjoy the show.

This experience was created by
Johanna Eyjolfsdottir
Turning wild ideas into real adventures, Johanna is the leading edge of luxury private travel to Iceland.
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