Iceland Whale & Puffin Aquatic Safari

The giants of the deep are living without land, restrictions or borders. They are free, free to sing, thrash and dance in the ocean. 

The Captain is ready to leave, his hunger for whale watching shows as he narrates excitable tales. The RIB boat heads for the horizon, leaving behind excursions restricted only to Husavik’s bay.

You are searching for bigger fish today!  

Scanning the oceans for a glimpse of these creatures and the water explodes, sending you to the back of the boat. A humpback whale blowing its hole, showing off its acrobatic moves. 

Puffin Island is in the distance. While living a monogamous lifestyle, they only take to land once a year for nesting, so you will meet puffins during the summer months.

This experience was created by
Johanna Eyjolfsdottir
Turning wild ideas into real adventures, Johanna is the leading edge of luxury private travel to Iceland.
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