Eastern Lowland Gorilla Trekking in Kahuzi Biega NP

Deep in the trees you glimpse one. A lowland gorilla, a jet of black fur moving in and out of foliage. Your guides push you onward. And soon you stand face to face with a gorilla.

Eastern lowland gorillas are slightly smaller than their more famous mountain gorilla cousins, but they’re still much bigger than you. Weighing up to 200kgs and rising to almost a human height, they can be frightening at first glance.

So pause. Take in the moment. These gorillas are accustomed to some human presence. After the initial stand off the gorillas continue their day, foraging and eating in the trees.

Just to reach a troop is an adventure, as these gorillas love sections of deep rainforest. You will be travelling where few people venture, for an incredibly close-up encounter with an entire gorilla troop.

This experience was created by
Samuel Walugembe Colin
Samuel Walugembe Colin is pioneering new and sustainable tourism is incredibly remote African regions.
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