Kutna Hora Day Trip From Prague

Nestled in ancient Bohemia, the World Heritage city of Kutna Hora is full of the sublime and the surreal. 

Gaze up at chandeliers constructed from human bones. Descend into a massive silver mine. Find flamboyant old palaces and the atmosphere of an unchanged Bohemia. 

Take a private day trip from Prague. Your guide will run an itinerary counter to the tour buses, so you don’t have to fight through people. 

Sedlec Ossuary is the most famous attraction, where the bones of 40,000 bodies are used to decorate an oddly spiritual Gothic church. Skulls look down from the ceiling and it feels haunting. Then there’s St Barbara Church, famous for being in construction for over five centuries. They took their time and the results are fabulous!

But don’t feel too haunted, not as your guide reveals sides to Kutna Hora not usually seen by visitors.

This experience was created by
Petr Udavsky
The Czech Republic’s most experienced travel designer, Petr is the person in Prague to arrange things in Prague you never knew existed.
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