Mostar Private Tour from Split

Cruise along the stunning Adriatic coast, as your private driver leaves Croatia for a day trip headed deep into the Balkans. Anticipation builds as you finally approach: Mostar, an oriental jewel of both East and West.

A local Bosnian guide greets you warmly. You walk together along stoned paths and bridges, as he paints the tale of the city through time. The sound of the river is never far away, an authentic background melody to this picturesque place.

Discover the Stari Most Bridge, with its stunning fairytale views. Explore the colours of the Old Bazar Kujundžiluk, where charming merchants offer their antiques. Treat your senses to the sweet delights of Baklava with Turkish coffee, a traditional pairing in Bosnian culture.

This experience was created by
Duro Saulan
Pioneering new forms of experiential travel in his homeland, a trip with Duro Saulan always celebrates Croatia’s incredible authenticity, gastronomy and detail.
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