Linyanti Concession Fly-In Safari

Linyanti is the home of predators. Endangered wild dogs move in large packs. Hyenas hunt on open plains. Lions and leopards can be found in abundance. Cheetah kick up dust. All these animals battle for food in a land of plenty, in a concession that creates one of Africa’s most luxurious safari experiences.

You will fly into Linyanti by light aircraft and spend three days immersed in a landscape that blends woodland, savannah, riverine forest and floodplains. An iconic safari program will include daytime and nighttime game drives, game walks and photography hideouts. 

The mix of habitats supports a thrilling cast of animals, from massive elephant and buffalo herds to small and unusual predators. Best of all, there are few other people around. Luxury comes from privacy here, as you bask in the wonders of African wildlife, with a private guide and program.