Longitude 131 Desert Camp

Attain a sense of freedom and oneness with the world, on a camping trip without the dirt and discomfort. Longitude 131 is beyond glamping. It’s an immersion in Australia’s red desert, with almost every luxury you can imagine. 

Designed for emphatic and encompassing views of the dusty desert landscapes, located directly into the Uluru Valley, very close to the famous red monoluth. 

Spacious tents of splendour adorned with fancy furnishings await you in your very own wilderness at the edge of the world. Curiously shaped red chalky cliffs make quite a sight set against a sunbleached backdrop of pinks, oranges and reds from the stunning setting of an unobstructed Australian sun. 

Excursions by bike and camel and four-wheel drive reveal Uluru and the desert. And the nighttime stars are beyond comprehension.