Riviera Maya Family Holiday

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The Riviera Maya, a retreat from the everyday, a family destination where relaxation and bliss combines with a little culture and history.

Spend a week on the coast, enveloped by luxury, just you and your loved ones enjoying Mexico’s serene style. But it’s not just lying around Caribbean beaches. There are some extraordinary travel moments to savour here, moments that make this family experience different from the others.

Day 1 - Arrive & Relax

Welcome to your home away from home in Playa del Carmen, on the white Caribbean sand.

Stay at Rosewood Mayakoba


Along the coast of the Riviera Maya, serene lagoons wind inland from the ocean, providing habitat for lush vegetation, wading birds, and monkeys. The paradise of Mayakoba is home to three of the world’s most exclusive resorts, including the singular Rosewood Mayakoba. Participate in a rejuvenating yoga class amid lush jungle. Shower with rainwater in the open air of your private garden. Cool off in your plunge pool.Stay in one of the private villas to enjoy unrivaled privacy and butler service, all while gazing out over the inviting lagoon.

Day 2 - Xenotes & Beach Time

Rio Secreto Private Experience


Slip beneath the ground into a surreal world of silent beauty. Hike and swim along a kilometer of underground channels, snaking through a mesmerizing cave.The light from your headlamp illuminates calm blue water. Stalactites hang down from the ceiling, delicate sculptures formed over thousands of years.Feel the silence as you wade through subterranean pools, delving deeper to explore even more dazzling mineral formations. All the while, hear from your private guide the natural forces that shaped this otherworldly place.

Day 3 - Chichen Itza

Ultimate Chichen Itza Expedition With Scenic Flight


Spot cenotes as you fly over lush jungle. These freshwater sinkholes, dotted across the region, are as impressive today as they must have been for the ancient Maya. Disembark from your private plane and enter Chichen Itza, one of the new seven wonders of the world. This ancient Maya city has been beautifully restored, making its silent ruins powerful emissaries from a mysterious past.Your private guide will share their expert knowledge of the site and the people who once lived there. See the towering pyramid of El Castillo and feel wonder grow inside you as you learn the secrets of the city’s astounding “time temples”.

Day 4 - Cruising the Caribbean

Catamarans at the beach

Riviera Maya Catamaran Charter


Enjoy a slice of Caribbean paradise, exploring the Riviera Maya aboard a private catamaran. Your expert guide will add depth to the experience, commenting on the region’s natural and human history as you cruise over stunning blue water, along a coast of waving palm trees.Drop anchor at a sheltered bay and dip into the water to explore pristine reefs. Your snorkel and flippers allow you to keep pace with the reef’s residents: tropical fish, sea turtles, and more.Dry off on the deck, sipping a cold drink and enjoying snacks prepared by your crew as you watch the coast slide by.

Day 5 - Bacalar!

Drone view of the Laguna Bacalar in Mexico, lake of the seven colours. The fresh water lake looking like the ocean. Top View

Kohunlich & Bacalar Lagoon Air Expedition


Ancient carvings. Howler monkeys. Crystal clear blue waters. Experience the best of Quintana Roo on an air expedition. Fly above a dense jungle in search of an ancient city. Kohunlich was occupied before the dawn of the Current Era, and some of its structures have stood for nearly two millennia. Your private guide will regale you with the history of this once-proud city, including the story behind its immaculately preserved stucco masks.Afterward, escape the heat at Bacalar Lagoon. Slip into a kayak and paddle across turquoise water. Spot many varieties of bird and other wildlife, and peer over the edge of your vessel into the bottomless blue depths of a flooded cenote.

Day 6 - Explore if you want to

Choose from any of these activities if you want to explore further. Or enjoy more beach time.

Hacienda Tour, Sotuta de Peon

Living Hacienda Tour & Cooking Class


Haciendas were building blocks of the Spanish colonial economy. Travel back in time and see how they once operated at Sotuta de Peon. Tour the site and see how henequen was harvested and processed. Machinery still operates, just as it did a century ago. Watch the hacienda convert raw henequen into profits and connect with the history of the region.Afterward, step into a chef’s kitchen and discover the art behind Yucatecan recipes. Make tortillas by hand. Combine classic local flavors like achiote, lime, and pickled onions. Garnish sumptuous desserts and then, of course, sample your creations.

Many pink beautiful flamingos in a beautiful blue lagoon. Water reflections. Mexico. Celestun national park.

Tour Celestun Biosphere & Merida City


Experience both nature and culture at the northern edge of the Yucatán Peninsula.Visit Celestun Biosphere, a fascinating wetland corridor over the peninsula’s largest groundwater basin. Wander boardwalks through mangrove forests, spotting birds and crocodiles. See hundreds if not thousands of pink flamingos hanging out in the shallow saltwater lagoon.Afterward, head into Merida, Yucatán’s capital city. Meander through streets crowded with grand colonial buildings, and tour churches and monuments, while your private guide provides commentary on the history of this entrancing region.

Uxmal, Yucatan

Uxmal & Kabah Mayan Archaeological Tour by Air Charter


Explore Mayan ruins on a real-life Indiana Jones adventure.Travel by private plane to Uxmal, enjoying a bird’s eye view of the Yucatán Peninsula. Land at Uxmal, once a great Maya city. Marvel at ruins so impressive in size and shape, some millennia after their construction. See the Governor’s Palace on its high platform and the singular Pyramid of the Magician. Your private guide, an archaeological expert, will share his passion and deep knowledge of Maya civilization, bringing the ruins to life.Afterward, travel to nearby Kabah. Your guide will explain the Maya’s relationship with Chaac, while you gawk at the Palace of the Masks, decorated with 260 masks of the rain god.

The Mayan archaeological site of Tulum with its famous beach by the Caribbean Sea, Quintana Roo state, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Out of Hours Tour of Tulum & Sian Ka'an


Travel back in time on an adventure into the timeless side of the Yucatán Peninsula. Watch the sunrise over the Caribbean sea, touching Tulum’s proud ruins with its first light. These stout ruins are the remnants of a Mayan port city, and their position next to rolling turquoise water makes them among the most sublime. Arrive early, before the sun (and before the throngs of tour buses).Afterward, explore the 1.3 million-acre biosphere reserve at Sian Ka’an. Enjoy unspoiled marine habitat, replete with leaping dolphins, schools of fish, and abundant seabirds, much like those bygone residents of Tulum must have known them.

Day 7 - Departure

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