Everest Base Camp Private Trek

Best time to visit
March, April, May, October, November

The greatest trek of them all, more than two weeks on the trail to Everest Base Camp and back. This is what your itinerary can look like. It’s not always luxurious or glamorous, as you travel to 5500 metres above sea level and the highest mountain of all. But what an adventure! In addition to Everest Base Camp will scale two peaks, trek over two big mountain passes and see over half of the world’s highest ten mountains.

Days 1 & 2 - Relax in Kathmandu

Luxury Room, Dwarika_s Hotel

Dwarika's Hotel, Kathmandu


The bustle of Kathmandu stops at the red brick walls of Dwarika’s Hotel. Within is a world of extravagant carvings, unbridled Nepalese luxury, and humble conservation.Sporting one of the world’s largest private woodwork collections and with beautiful, delicate touches borne of its founder’s passion for preserving Nepali woodworking heritage, Dwarika’s Hotel is as much a showpiece for Nepali craftsmanship as it is Nepal’s finest high-end hotel. Enjoy sumptuous accommodations that utilize salvaged artwork. Eat breakfast on a private open-air terrace. Enjoy Nepali and global flavors at one of several on-site eateries.Watch the preservation of ancient skills at the hotel’s very own workshop, where local artisans are constantly honing their craft.

Kathmandu's Durbar Square, Nepal

After the Earthquake Kathmandu Cultural Tour


A 2015 earthquake devastated much of Nepal, including huge sections of Kathmandu. Explore the city’s unique culture and discover how it’s recovering from a disaster that leveled buildings and left nearly 9,000 people dead.Marvel over centuries of history encapsulated in Kathmandu Durbar Square, the ancient home of Malla kings. Visit the temple of a living goddess, the Kumari. Selected according to strict criteria, the Kumari goddess is a prepubescent girl worshipped as a divine figure. Wander Old Freak Street, once a 1960’s hippie enclave.Along the way, your guide will highlight how the sites were impacted by the earthquake, and how its aftershocks can still be felt in the city’s economic and cultural life.

Day 3 - Starting the Trek & Aerial Transfer

Lifeguard helicopter in Himalaya mountains in Nepal

Nepalese Himalaya Multi-Day Helicopter Tour


See the grandeur of the Himalaya from the air on a multi-day helicopter tour of Nepal’s most essential attractions.Fly over temples, palaces, stupas, and other cultural gems of the Kathmandu Valley. Penetrate the heart of the Himalaya, gazing out at steep rock faces, sweeping snow slopes, and gargantuan glaciers. Touch down at the base camps of Mount Everest, Annapurna, and Makalu, as well as ancient temples and monasteries. Reach remote areas that would otherwise require weeks of difficult trekking, including the Upper Mustang.This whirlwind tour efficiently takes in the very best sights in Nepal, as well as the narrow valleys, desert landscapes, and huge vistas in between.

Days 4 to 17 - Everest Base Camp Trek

Base Camp Trek Via Gokyo, Mount Everest

Everest Base Camp via Gokyo


This 16-day trek to the iconic Everest Base Camp is more about the journey than a single destination. Follow glacial rivers through progressively higher Sherpa villages, before moving into the desolate sub-alpine. Cross the longest glacier in Asia. Mark the halfway point in your journey by ascending Gokyo Ri. From its 5,357-meter summit, gawk at a panorama of some of the world’s most impressive mountains, including Everest itself.At 5420 meters, Cho La Pass is even higher, connecting desert landscape to the snowy upper reaches of the route. After more than a week of splendid isolation punctuated by prayer flags, rope bridges, mountain vistas, and glaciers, arrive at Base Camp. It’s so remote, so far from any roads, that it will take you a week on foot to get back to the nearest airstrip. Or you can charter a helicopter to take you back to Kathmandu from Base Camp.

Gokyo Ri Summit Hike, Everest Region

Summit Gokyo Ri (5,357m)


Gokyo Ri is a 5,357-meter peak sometimes ascended as a side trip en route to Everest Base Camp, but this mountain is a worthy climb in itself.Set off from the hamlet of Gokyo and climb steep terrain. Note your progress by the gradually expanding view at each rest. While Gokyo Ri is not a technical ascent, the altitude alone makes it a challenge.Recline at the peak, a knob of broken granite, and drink in a panoramic view that approaches the unbelievable. Jagged peaks, fragmented glaciers, and startlingly blue lakes. Dominating the skyline are four of the tallest mountains on earth: Makalu, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and Mount Everest.

Days 18 to 20 - Relaxing in Pokhara

City of Pokhara with Majestic Machapuchare mountain in background

Pokhara City Tour, Including Phewa Tal and Tibetan Culture


Towering peaks reflected in warm lake water. Clamoring city streets. A taste of Tibet. A pagoda-style temple surrounded by water. This is Pokhara, the second-biggest city in Nepal. See the city on a private tour, led by a local guide. Survey the area from the calm waters of Phewa Tal, a large lake that borders Pokhara. Get in touch with local culture by visiting any number of Buddhist and Hindu temples and shrines. Visit a Tibetan refugee settlement and connect with Tibetan culture, meeting refugees and witnessing traditional carpet weaving. Connect with the history of the Himalayas at the comprehensive International Mountain Museum.

High angle aerial view of paraglider descending onto Pokhara and Phewa Lake seen from Sarangkot, Nepal

Paragliding Over Pokhara


Admire Nepal’s second-largest city from the sky. Pokhara is a popular launch pad for trekking adventures, but it’s also famous for its excellent paragliding. Ride thermals and soar above glittering Phewa Lake like a crane. Fly tandem with a guide, whose expert skills will have you grinning as you dip and swirl high above the ground, moving through a sky punctuated with the snowy peaks of the Annapurna range. While it sounds like adventure, it’s also immensely peaceful up here. Just float and glide, amid the great Himalayan range.

Day 21 - Departure