Exclusive Paris 2020 – 2021 Experience

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Travel beyond the tourist masses to discover other sides to Paris. Explore with local guides and live the real Parisian life on a romantic long weekend made for two. Get ready for a number of highly exclusive and extraordinary private moments, including a concert, cooking class and cruise down the River Seine.

Day 1 - Paris Arrival

Stay at Hotel Nolinski in Paris


Abstract art meets Parisian chic at the superb Nolinski, an opulent five-star hotel in Paris’s 1st Arrondissement. Modelled by famed architect and designer Jean-Louis Deonit, it impresses both an authentic sense of Paris and creates a haven from the city’s everyday hum. Deco grandeur and marble surfaces meet geometric lines along with a superb spa with hammam. Deonit’s stellar touch extends to all the suites, where modern appointments and touches create a homely air. You come here for the design, to spend one night or many engrossed by Parisian flair. Yet the attentive service and focus on detail makes this five-star hotel as convenient as it is stylish. And it helps you live your own story in Paris.

Day 2 - Food & Music

French toast brioche, Sandwich with pastrami and sun-dried tomatoes. Light morning Breakfast, fresh warm pastries on table in restaurant.

Paris Cooking Class


So, the three secrets of French cuisine are butter, butter and butter. Right? Well, sort of — but too simplistic.Because each chef has their own secrets. And today one of them will share hers with you. A warm smile, a delightful French accent and a glass of wine will welcome you into her light-filled flat.And in her kitchen you will learn how to combine flavours, textures and colours to make a healthy and unmistakably French dish.

Opéra de Paris, Paris, France

Paris Opera & Private Concert


Follow your insider guide up marble staircases, then under gilt columns and ceilings. She will reveal to you the meaning of each allegorical statue in the façade, each painting that catches your eye inside.  She will also tell you how this famous opera house was the inspiration for “The Phantom of the Opera”. And you will float away on the wings of music as the orchestra plays this just for you. Later, you will discover the logistics of organizing an event here, and explore the hidden places where only staff can go. Staff — and phantoms.

Day 3 - Champagne & Sunset Cruising

Row vine grape in champagne vineyards at montagne de reims, France

Champagne Day Trip from Paris


Discover marvels of winemaking and architecture as you travel with an expert guide to Champagne.In this land of rolling hills and ancient winemaking estates, you will learn all about the local soil and grape varieties, and how these are cared for. You will then head to Reims, to discover the process of Champagne production and taste famous wines in an underground cellar.There is so much tasting that can be done and the guide can include a stop with a winemaker and cellarmaster. Then, visit the 13th-century Cathedral, where French kings were crowned. Here Saint Remigius baptised Clovis I, and Joan of Arc stood at Charles VII’s coronation. It’s a timeless and awe-inspiring place, especially after a glass or two of bubbly.

Eiffel Tower and bridge Iena on the river Seine in Paris, France.

Private Seine River Cruise, Paris


Feel Paris awaken around you as your boat glides softly past Notre-Dame, in the early morning hours. Or watch the Eiffel Tower light up as the last sunset glow disappears from the water’s surface.Take this cruise during the day and the darkened glass windows will protect your privacy, as you toast your love with Champagne and share a kiss.Your captain will steer you smoothly and tell you fascinating facts about Paris — such as what the statues on Mirabeau Bridge represent, and why the oldest bridge is called New Bridge.With a private Seine cruise you can create your own itinerary, at your own time of day.

Day 4 - Free Time & Departure

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Stephen John
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