Zambia Safari 2021 – 2022

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Everybody forgets about Zambia safari. Or perhaps nobody knows about it. Zambia is an enormous country with a small selection of offbeat and extraordinary safari experiences. It may not be famous like Serengeti but you can do things here that aren’t possible anywhere else. Like exceptional walking safaris and nighttime game drives in national parks.

This experience showcases how you can combine Zambia’s exceptional destinations on an adventurous African safari connected by air charters.

Day 1 - Livingstone

Victoria Falls, Livingstone

Explore Victoria Falls From Livingstone


You can hear it before you see it. There’s a roar from behind the trees, the growl of water tempting you forward. Mist swirls above the trees. There’s a scent of fresh rain in the forest. And now the trees open up - Victoria Falls stretches before you, water gushing down more than a mile of vertical rock face.Visit Victoria Falls on a day trip from your Livingstone base. First you’ll see the Zambian side of the walls. Then walk across Knife-Edge Bridge to a tiny island in the river, where the mist surrounds you. Then exit Zambia and visit the Zimbabwean side of the falls. Throughout the day there are drinks, hikes, baboons, and a picnic lunch alongside the world’s greatest waterfall.

Day 2 - Livingstone

White-Water Rafting, Upper Zambezi.

White-Water Rafting on the Upper Zambezi


Helmet up and get ready for Africa’s wildest white-water rafting adventure. You will be thrown out. The raft will capsize. There’s no maybe here. You’ll be negotiating the roaring Grade IV and V rapids of the Zambezi River, immediately beneath Victoria Falls. Perhaps you will only fall out once. Or twice. The raft will tip. Some of the rapids are simply too big. But it’s all very safe and a massive rush. This rafting is possible from June to November. It takes a full day to cover some 30 kilometres of river. And while the big rapids bring the big thrills, it’s also beautiful to travel in the stark Zambezi River canyon.

Day 3 - Livingstone

Rhino Walking Safari, Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park

Rhino Walking Safari in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park


White rhinos are enormous. And those horns! Don’t get too close to them on this walking safari!Staying downwind you will approach the white rhinos on foot. These are the only rhinos in Zambia and they have a 24-hour guard team. It’s the guards that will lead you to the rhinos. You can do this during the middle of the day, when the rhinos are resting. There are no fences but you won’t be tempted to get too close.Just to see such massive animals taking a midday nap is an exhilarating experience.

Days 4 & 5 - South Luangwa

Leopard, South Luangwa

Fly-In South Luangwa NP Safari


Elephants gather at a waterhole, excitedly blowing on their trunks. Up ahead a lion surveys the savannah, from a rocky perch. Hippos and buffalos are here, giants that grab your attention. And now a leopard, descending elegancy from a tree.In some senses South Luangwa is a classic African safari destination. Great animal populations gather around a river, where they are easy to find. Other than rhinos, all the famous animals are represented, so it’s a great destination if your first time on safari.But South Luangwa is more. Go in search of Cookson’s wildebeest, Thornicroft giraffe and Crawshay’s zebra, species you will not find anywhere else on the planet. Mix your daytime game drives with nighttime drives and also explore on foot, or along the river. Camps are raised on stilts above the river and while South Luangwa isn’t as famous as parks in neighbouring Tanzania, it’s easily as good. It’s just far away from everything. You will fly to South Luangwa by light aircraft for a multiple day private safari. A specialist guide will tailor different activities to your preferences, including special photography hides, and you’ll experience wild Africa at your pace. Expect plenty of comfort as well - there are some awesome camps up here.

Nighttime Game Drive, South Luangwa

South Luangwa Nighttime Game Drive


Silence. Darkness. You hear huffing. Turn on the spotlight and it’s a buffalo herd, barely ten metres away. A strange, strangled call pierces the nighttime serenity. Driving over you see the aftermath of a kill, a leopard pulling a Cookson’s wildebeest up a tree. Nighttime is when all the drama happens. It’s when big cats do most of their hunting. It’s when hippos are grazing, elephants are getting lost, and antelope herds gather for protection in numbers. South Luangwa is widely considered the best destination in Africa for a nighttime game drive. You’ll spend many hours exploring after dark, taking drinks and food for a nocturnal adventure in the bush. Expect a lot of superb wildlife scenes.

Days 6 & 7 - North Luangwa

Multi-Day Walking Safari, North Luangwa

North Luangwa Multi-Day Walking Safari


There are parts of Africa that have never seen vehicles, stretches of bush too dense to be penetrated by man’s machines. These are parts of Africa where animals have always ruled, where you can be one of an exclusive few visitors. North Luangwa National Park has an unfenced border with South Luangwa. The wildlife - elephants, lions, wildebeest, zebra and so much more - moves uninhibited between the two parks. But how you explore is completely different.In North Luangwa you can’t drive. You can only explore on a walking safari and it’s Africa’s ultimate walking destination. You can’t see much in a day. After flying into the park by light aircraft you can spend two to five days walking in the park. Expert trackers lead the way and you can stay in mobile camps, a chance to sleep out deep in animal territory. It’s very safe but it’s a massive thrill as well, literally walking in the animal world.

Days 8 & 9 - Lower Zambezi

aerial view on the river of lower zambezi area in Zambia

Canoe With Hippos & Elephants on the Lower Zambezi


Paddling silently you travel through Lower Zambezi National Park. Elephants seem to be everywhere. So do the hippos.Along the riverbanks you can get close to lions and buffalos taking a drink. In a canoe you are silent and you don’t interrupt the animals. But you are also safe.With this adventure safari you can spend three hours paddling in the park’s game-rich heart. Or a travel designer can tailor a multi-day canoeing safari that includes camping out in elephant country.

Sunset over the River, Lower Zambezi National Park

Multi-Day Safari in Lower Zambezi National Park


Elephants swim across the Zambezi River, using their trunks as snorkels. Hippos belch and barge around, the big males continually quarreling throughout the day. Now a cocktail is delivered to your hand. Keep watching. Drinks and animals, there are worst ways to spend an afternoon.Lower Zambezi is a classic luxury safari destination. Thousands of animals gather at the riverside. And so do you. Your camp is on the river. Gaze out from the deck and the safari never stops. With a multi-day safari you will go on game drives during day and night, do some short game walks, and marvel at Africa’s great wildlife. Mostly you’ll relax, and watch the wildlife come to you.Water-based activities are another highlight. Your program will be completely tailored to your interests, and it can include boating and canoeing among the animals.

Day 10 - Departure