Tourist walks over a natural rock bridge connecting basalt cliffs in Arnarstapi, Iceland, with Atlantic Ocean in the background.

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Photographer under the milky way

Namib Desert Night Sky Safari

Night Desert Safari with Astronomy

Night Safari and Astronomy

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Cork trees are leafy trees that can be found in Alentejo, functioning almost as “shadow oasis” in a hot region where few degrees less will make the difference. Its size is large enough to allow access to a good region of the sky when we look from their trunk, visible in this image are the colored stars from the winter constellation of Orion (right), while above the horizon we can enjoy the birth of planet Jupiter. 16/12/2014 – Alandroal

Alentejo Astronomy Tour


Atacama Desert Path of the Incas Stargazing

Stars Mount Cook, South Island - New Zealand

Stargazing at Sir Edmund Hillary Planetarium

New Zealand
Astrophotography in Roques de García, some photographers illuminating the rocks to take an image.

Mt. Teide Sunset Hike & Stargazing, Tenerife

Jantar Mantar Royal Observatory, Jaipur

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Amazing beautiful of night sky Milky Way Galaxy

Stargazing Beneath the Milky Way at Lasau Podi