Awesome Glacier Adventures From Around the World

Hike on the ice, crunch across the snow, and explore an ephemeral landscape that moves beneath your feet. Welcome to the world’s best glacier adventures and an incredible series of close-up encounters with nature. Add favourites to your bucketlist by using the heart.

Explore Lilliehook Glacier in a Zodiac


A maze of icebergs beneath towering sheets of mountain and ice. Bearded seals poking their heads from the water. A white wonderland changing before your eyes, with new icebergs calving and crashing from the Lilliehook Glacier.Lilliehook Glacier is one of Spitsbergen’s great wonders and you will explore on a zodiac boat, as part of a multi-day polar cruise on the Ultramarine or Ocean Adventurer ships. This labyrinth of ice is most impressive when you get close up, when you hear and see its ephemeral powers, aboard a small zodiac boat.

Glacier Heli Kayaking in British Columbia


Spring is stunning in British Columbia’s Coast Mountains. Snow melts and flows down valleys, running along glaciers and collecting in stunning turquoise lakes.Paddle your way along the course of this ephemeral melt in a kayak, moving through a landscape of rugged giants, following streams of blue water flowing over white snow. Navigate through floating blocks of ice—miniature icebergs—and glide over the dark chasms of flooded crevasses.This unforgettable experience can only be accessed by helicopter, and the journey to these glaciers from Vancouver is beautiful in itself.

Glacier Ice Cave Adventure, Whistler


Step beneath a sweeping arch of deep blue ice and move into the heart of a glacier. Glaciers are marbled with fantastical cracks and holes—crevasses and millwells—carved and sculpted by flowing meltwater. Explore these features, venturing inside an alpine glacier.On this private tour, you will travel by helicopter to a remote glacier. After donning a helmet, ice cleats, and other safety gear, your professional mountain guide will lead you through a maze of ice so blue that it seems to glow.See trapped air bubbles and other features frozen in transparent walls. Feel true silence, the atmosphere punctuated only by the ponderous shifting of the great body of ice.

Heli-Hike on Franz Josef Glacier

New Zealand

Hike in the cracks and crevices of a mobile mountain of icy glass. So pack your bag and grab your pickaxe. After being briefed on the hike, you’ll receive your gear and be flown into the glacier by helicopter. You will touch down on the surface of the glacier, which will be your slippery home for the next couple of hours. Take in the vistas - this is a glacier that tumbles through the rainforest to the ocean. A trip that is never truly the same twice, the icescape all around you will be ever-evolving. You’ll be expected to climb carefully and, at times, burrow through its newly created cracks. Observe closely as your skilled guides show how to cut steps on the solid ice, so you’re not slipping and sliding down the glacier’s side.

Hike around Folgefonna Glacier


After driving through craggy mountains, deep valleys and fjords, you will arrive at the little village of Jondal. This is where the road to the mighty Folgefonna Glacier begins.Traveling to the glacier you will admire the stark beauty of an icy landscape interspersed by lakes and waterfalls. Have a snack at the glacier café before starting your privately guided glacier hike. Besides plains of ice, the glacier has crevassed areas where you can get more adventurous and do some climbing. Let your guide know your preferences, and they will tailor the hike accordingly.This can be an easy and accessible excursion onto a glacier, or it can be a true adventure into the icy unknown.

Hike Langjokull Glacier Tunnel


Langjökull glacier ice tunnel is one of Iceland’s most captivating experiences. This mammoth glacier is the second-longest in Europe and the man-made tunnel gives you the hair-raising chance to scour the depths inside it. On the way, marvel at lava fields, waterfalls and jagged mountains that dot the landscape. A specialized truck will drive hundreds of metres along the glacier to take you to the ice cave’s entrance. Strap on your crampons, layer up and walk through the illuminated corridors to experience life inside a bone-chilling glacier. The spellbinding blue lights create an icy, fairy-tale universe and you will even see a chapel where winter-loving romantics can marry. Then ascend to the top of Iceland’s second-largest glacier. The only direction to go now is up and climbing to the peak of Langjökull will feel like summiting the roof of Iceland. This towering block of ice reaches a height of 1,355-metres and is one of the highest pinnacles in the country. Here, the vast, wintry landscapes encompassing the horizon are a treasure trove for snowbound explorers. You can choose to explore more of the snowy landscapes atop the glacier in a snowmobile.

Hike on Punch Bowl Glacier


After a trek along the scenic ridgeline of Glacier Express, you will arrive at the glacier’s very edge. Here you can feel the dormant but enormous power of this mass of frozen water. Now, put on your climbing harnesses and equipment. Once ready, you will make the journey out to the glacier itself, to tread on tons of long-sleeping water — it’s a truly unique and extraordinary experience.

Hike on the Columbia Icefield


Visit the Columbia Icefield and venture onto the Athabasca Glacier for a guided tour in a specially-designed terra bus. Your guide will provide interpretive commentary on glacier features and explain how glaciers form and affect the landscape.You will have the opportunity to step out of the vehicle and onto the glacier’s surface. You’ll feel small as you stand on ice as thick as the Eiffel Tower is tall, feel the strong winds coming down from the icefield, and gaze upward at towering peaks draped in even more ice.Bring a bottle to gather some of the fresh glacier water running along the surface!

Hike to Rob Roy Glacier from Wanaka

New Zealand

This is a chance to see and experience every type of terrain imaginable. From incredible fern-filled forests to snowy alpine peaks, take a hike towards an active, pulsating glacier.You will need a private and highly-qualified guide for this tricky trek into the wilderness, as the route is unclear and it’s pure untamed wilderness. The picturesque setting will serves as an ever-moving picture frame, as you meander through this mountainous land from Wanaka. On approach to the Rob Roy Glacier, you will see great white silhouettes of this mammoth mountain of solid ice. And then you can hike upon the glacier itself.

Hiking on Breidamerkurjokull Glacier


Don crampons and walk on ancient ice that’s hundreds of meters thick. Step onto the tongue of the Breidamerkurjokull Glacier with an expert guide, who will keep you safe while you explore the glacier’s fascinating features.Tread on the unbelievably blue ice. Peer into crevasses that plummet into blackness. Follow the course of meltwater as the glacier retreats. Tour a veritable gallery of ice sculptures, carved by the sun, wind, and flowing water. See the evidence of glacial retreat, and discover how climate change is impacting these icy behemoths and the surrounding landscape.

Hiking Piedras Blancas Glacier and Mount Fitz Roy


Argentina’s most iconic day hike, a Patagonian trail connecting fables on the end of the world. First a lake, its glassy surface reflecting the peaks above, strange shapes of snow and ice mirrored across the blue. Now a glacier, creaking audibly as it extends unbroken towards the horizon. Finally the mountain, shards of ochre rising high above the wilderness. This is Mount Fitz Roy, an icon of South America, a marvellous ode to the whims of Mother Nature. Breathe it in. Embrace the wilderness. For few other guided hikes offer such immense vistas.

Ice Hiking on Perito Moreno Glacier


A deafening crack, a resounding crash. A great slab of ice breaks free from the glacier and the sounds echo for many seconds afterwards. You’re not watching the glacier break up - you are standing on top of it. Perito Moreno is Patagonia’s most famous attraction. Visit on a private tour and you’ll have time to explore the boardwalks, to watch the ice crumble and crack. Then strap on crampons and step onto the glacier, meandering around its crevices and exploring a white-blue wonderland. Ice forms artistic tunnels and sculptures and it doesn’t seem real, even if the ice stays firm beneath your feet.

Icefield Hiking in San Rafael Lagoon National Park


Hike on ancient ice that’s hundreds of meters thick!The Northern Patagonian Icefield is one of the largest bodies of ice remaining outside of the polar regions. The last vestige of an ice sheet that covered most of Chile 18,000 years ago, the icefield is a fearsome place even as it retreats.Follow your guide across a boundless expanse of rolling white. Hear splendid silence punctuated only by the crunch of your crampons in the ice and the tinkling of carabiners on your safety harness. Gaze at incandescent peaks rising in the distance like blades. And if you’re feeling adventurous, climb one!

Iceland Helicopter Tour With Volcano & Glacier Landing


Enjoy some of the best views Iceland has to offer in a helicopter tour that touches down on both a glacier and a volcano!Fly over the cascading waters of Glymur, the second-highest waterfall in Iceland, which pours into a deep canyon. Soar over jumbled ice and land on a glacier, where you’ll have the opportunity to step out, breathe in the crisp, cool air, and feel the ice crunch underfoot.Take to the sky once again, this time headed for Hengill, a center of geothermal activity. Fly above a remote valley alive with steaming vents and bubbling mud pots, and set down on the flanks of the volcano!

Kayaking Beneath Perito Moreno Glacier


Ice rips free and tumbles into the lake. A wave form and your kayak bobs up and down. Now another crash, another new iceberg and the resonant echo of nature’s magic. On this private tour you will travel to Los Glaciares National Park for an intimate close-up with the famous glacier. First the boardwalk, admiring bluish tones and changing form from a distance. Then the kayak, paddling beneath a monumental ice wall.From the water level you can enjoy a true perspective on this remarkable structure. And when ice breaks free have a completely uninterrupted impression of size, scale, sight and sound. Hey, from a kayak you can even smell the ice.

Matterhorn Flight With Glacier Landing


Spend one and a half hours in amazement as you explore the majesty of the Swiss Alps. Only from the air can you fully appreciate their scale and beauty.Your helicopter will take you by the massif of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, and over the Aletsch Glacier. You will fly over the valley of the Valais — and be awestruck by the tall pinnacle of the Matterhorn stabbing the sky.Your flight includes a landing on the Kanderfirn or the Petersgrat Glacier, both of which offer stunning views and an opportunity to walk high in Alps.

Snowmobile On Eyjafjallajokull Glacier


The desolate beauty of a broad glacier has to be seen to be properly understood. Explore the vast expanse of Eyjafjallajökull Glacier by snowmobile on a unique, private tour.Beginning at the toe of the glacier, you will travel up into the alpine wilderness. Move into a stripped-down realm of crisp snow, big sky, and a landscape so large and featureless that it borders on the abstract.Gaze out at southern Iceland for a spectacular view of one of the world’s most geologically active and impressive regions.

Spot Puffins & Seabirds on 14th of July Glacier


Wildlife abounds on and around the 14th of July Glacier. Atlantic puffins brighten the landscape with their colourful beaks. Purple sandpipers and Arctic terns come here to nest. In the sparkling waters you see drifting ice and two different seals, with bearded and ringed seals swimming past your zodiac boat. Located in the bay of Krossfjord, Spitsbergen, this is actually two glaciers merged into one. To explore such a remote destination is a highlight of a multi-day cruise on the Ultramarine. This brand new ship has a special zodiac hangar system, helping you get into a small boat faster. That means you can enjoy more impromptu wildlife cruising in the zodiac, ideal in a wildlife paradise such as this one.

Touch Down on a Swiss Glacier


Explore the Berner Oberland Alps from the air. You will feel small as you come close to the majesty of the three famous peaks — Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.Your helicopter will land on a glacier. Step out on the ice and immerse yourself in the grandeur of the landscape. Then, enjoy an aperitif. Few people ever venture here and the vista can mesmerise, peak after peak after peak rolling into the distance.Back in Interlaken, take the opportunity to enjoy an authentic Swiss meal, and do some shopping.