Best Wine Tasting for Couples

The world’s best wine tasting moments are shared with a loved one. Whether Sauvignon Blanc at a Marlborough winery, Champagne in Champagne, or private tasting in Tuscany, these are idyllic moments for your travel bucketlist.

Add these wine tasting for couples moments to your bucketlist and get ready to share your next adventure with a special someone. Just tap the heart to save.

Algarve Wine Tasting


Surprise your palate with lesser-known but exquisite Portuguese wines. Your local guide will first explain to you the characteristics of the Algarve wine region and why it’s ideal for growing certain vines. Then, you will explore the vineyards and cellars. And lastly, you will discover four different PDO Algarvian wines.Well, it does not really end there. Afterwards there’s still another tasting, with Porto wine and dark chocolate.

Champagne Day Trip from Paris


Discover marvels of winemaking and architecture as you travel with an expert guide to Champagne.In this land of rolling hills and ancient winemaking estates, you will learn all about the local soil and grape varieties, and how these are cared for. You will then head to Reims, to discover the process of Champagne production and taste famous wines in an underground cellar.There is so much tasting that can be done and the guide can include a stop with a winemaker and cellarmaster. Then, visit the 13th-century Cathedral, where French kings were crowned. Here Saint Remigius baptised Clovis I, and Joan of Arc stood at Charles VII’s coronation. It’s a timeless and awe-inspiring place, especially after a glass or two of bubbly.

Dining & Wine Tasting in a San Gimignano Castle Tower


On San Gimignano’s main square you will be surrounded by medieval memoirs. Your guide narrates. This town was once home to 72 medieval castle towers. Only 14 of them remain, protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Only one is still inhabited. And it is the castle tower owned by your travel designer’s family.Be invited by the Giachi family. Sip Prosecco with a private view onto the busy square. Listen to operatic harp and soprano in the Central Hall. Dine on three fine Tuscan courses, as sunset colours slowly work across the sky.Sample vintage wines from the Giachi family cellars, including rare Super Tuscans and Brunello. Only guests of the Useppi Palace can access this Torre Chigi tower and you have a full evening to enjoy this exclusivity.Other San Gimignano towers are open to the public and get very crowded. You will have an evening in the town’s second highest tower, in private, living 900 years of history and culinary expertise.

Hunter Valley Wine Tasting Tour


The Hunter Valley region enjoys unsullied status as Australia’s wine benchmark. This is the iconic wine region to explore, for its authenticity, history and sheer range of flavours. A spectacular portfolio of wines can be sampled and sipped on a private tailored tour that will include a wide-ranging selection of stylish wineries. From the spectacular Semillon to subtle, fruit forward Shiraz, spend a day allowing your senses to be invigorated with every thirsty gulp. Maybe one day is not enough. Extend this travel moment by staying overnight. Or make it whistlestop, with helicopter transfers from Sydney.

Marlborough Vineyards Cycling Tour for Couples

New Zealand

The ultimate in honeymoon happiness, with wonderful wines and scenery as you cycle to world-renowned wineries. Marlborough is a marvelously magical and romantic region for couples whose idea of intimacy is a couple of days spent discovering new drinks and food. Supping celebrated wines, sampling mouthwatering meats and flavoursome local fruits, you’ll fall into a hazy, heartwarming alcohol-induced dream. Treat yourself to tastes and aromas, created by winemakers who have carved out their own unique corner in the winemaking world. Marlborough creates dreamy Sauvignon Blanc, now the most famous of white wines in the southern hemisphere.

Ride a Vespa in Chianti


Chianti is magical on a Vespa, a vintage Italian region complemented by vintage Italian wheels. Travel slowly along quiet, twisting roads. Admire vineyards and villages, from San Gimignano down through the backcountry.You can ride romantically, just two of you upon the roads of Chianti. It’s also possible to be accompanied by a guide or photographer as well.After whizzing around in the Vespa you will dine at a sumptuous vineyard, enjoying a classic Tuscan lunch and a full library of reserve vintages from the winery’s cellar.

The Vines Resort & Spa, Uco Valley


Tucked away in Mendoza’s Uco Valley, this ultra-modern winery provides decadence and solitude tailor-made for wine lovers. Vines stretch away from sleek villas and the Andes Mountains shimmer with snow upon the horizon. Wine tasting is served to your terrace and Argentina’s best wine is on your doorstep.The Vines Resort & Spa is as far from the old-world as you can be. This is contemporary luxury, complete with lavish spa, large pool, and discreet service. Oh, and you can even harvest and blend your own wine at the onsite vineyard. Horseback ride or cycle to nearby vineyards, meet with winemakers, and spend a few days holed up with endless Malbec.

Torciano Winery Full-Day Experience


So much is possible when you spend the day at a private vineyard. The Giachi family invites you into their vineyard for a day-in-the-life-style experience.Start with an introduction to truffles and go truffle hunting in the woods. Continue with an archery lesson in a private forest before a cooking class that revolves around truffle-based dishes.Lunch with wine tasting is usually served in the cellar, where you’re surrounded by rare bottles and taste from the owner’s library collection.Continue the experience by touring San Gimignano nearby, or perhaps take a helicopter tour back to your accommodation.

Tour of Chianti Wine Region With Tasting


Travel winding roads, discover terracotta-roofed towns, delight your eyes on sun-soaked vineyards.You will find the landscape of the soft rolling hills of the Chianti region, in the heart of Tuscany, as delightful as a sip of the red wine produced here.Then, in one of the best wineries in Chianti, you will learn about the region’s grapes and winemaking techniques — and be seduced by the wines you taste.And later you will fall in love with a Tuscan town which will take you right back into the beauty of the medieval era.

Wine Tasting With the Owner & Lunch at a Rioja Castle


After a life of romantic escapes, Chesterton’s fictional criminal Flambeau retired at an appropriate address: a castle in Spain. With a vineyard and winery, of course.It might well have been the one you are visiting. This imposing private manor sits on the edge of a medieval village, overlooking the vineyards. As your host, a true-blue Spanish nobleman, shows you his estate, you will breathe its seven centuries of history. Visit the cellars, enjoy a meal with the family and taste the wines they produce. With this tour you will understand why people build castles in Spain. And taste vintage Rioja wines from decades gone by.