Add These Waterfall Hikes to Your Bucketlist

Hike into the wild and discover the tumbling bliss of the world’s great waterfalls. It’s not just the waterfall, but the hike as well, as you escape into nature and follow the sounds. See how these moments look on your travel bucketlist.

Hike the World’s Second Highest Waterfall

South Africa

Grassy plains and dramatic clifftops. The waters of the world’s second tallest waterfall dropping almost 1000 metres into the valley below.Tugela Falls tumble from the edge of The Amphitheatre, a curtain of rock stretching 5 km across Royal Natal National Park, KwaZulu Natal.Follow your guide along the scenic trail that leads across the panoramic landscapes at the heart of the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site. Clamber over chain ladders hanging from steeper sections. Bask in the magnificence of the views from its top, safe in the knowledge there’s no higher cascade on the continent.

Horseback Riding and Hiking to La Fortuna Waterfall

Costa Rica

Travel by horseback to one of the most beautiful waterfalls on earth. La Fortuna Waterfall drops 70 meters in a single, thin stream, forming an impressive column of water.Get there by horse, riding through bucolic countryside before climbing hills enclosed by rainforest alive with the songs of tropical birds.Leave your horse and hike down a short distance until you arrive at a lovely pool at the base of the fall — a fantastic place for swimming.

Iguazu Falls Tour, Brazil


Admire the grandeur of the Iguaçu Falls as you look at them from the Brazilian side. The falls are horseshoe-shaped, and from here you have a panoramic view of two thirds of the waterfalls, which are on Argentine soil.Walk the jungle trails in the jungle, then come out on the circuits. Admire the contrast between the lush green and the foaming white. Feel the might of that mass of water that plunges ceaselessly over the cliffs. Tell your guide your abilities and preferences, for there are many options and trails to explore.

Izu Waterfalls and Wasabi Tour


See a side of Japan that is composed of a stunning coastline leading inland towards rolling hills and luxuriant forests. Discover how wasabi is cultivated in Izu, as you take in a staggering vista of verdant terraced fields stacked on a gentle incline, as fresh water cascades downstream, nourishing the land.With Mount Fuji looming in the distance like a watchman, go in search of a picture-perfect waterfall. Follow the gush of white water that tumbles along a pebbled path, and imagine where that leads to.

South Iceland Private Tour


Set off on a captivating drive through the diverse landscapes dotting the South Coast. The journey takes you past black-sand beaches, rugged mountains, immense glaciers, and towering volcanoes. Stop by the legendary Skógafoss, see a dazzling rainbow within its misty plume and climb the adjacent staircase to the heavens just above the falls. Make a stop at the iconic Seljalandsfoss waterfall and watch it plunge to the ground along a craggy cliffside. Walk the scenic trail parallel to the cliff and spot other spindles of water cascade against the rocks. The path lets you amble behind Seljalandsfoss where you can capture a jaw-dropping panorama of the waterfall against the horizon. Complete your drive along this gorgeous section of Iceland by visiting the eye-popping geologic formations of Dyrhólaey, the southernmost point of the island.

Tour the Snaefellsnes Peninsula


Exploring the historic Snaefellsnes Peninsula is like embarking upon a journey to the centre of the earth. Venturing off-the-beaten-path here can lead to great things, like Gerðuberg’s hexagonal basalt columns or Djúpalónssandur’s ancient lifting stones. Hike steep elevations of Snaefellsnes glacier-capped stratovolcano and absorb the mist from the powerful Barnafoss waterfall.Capture magnificent panoramas of Kirkjufell as the golden hour sets on its distinctively shaped peak. Reality sinks in and you realise this is it, this is the place, to sleep under the stars. You sit, and you wait, intensely. Suddenly, bursts of green and flashes of red and purple bounce across the sky! The solar flare is here, and it’s the truest phenomenon your eyes have ever witnessed, the Northern Lights!

Tour the Valley of Thor


Sandwiched between two glaciers is ‘The Hidden Valley of Thor.’ Graced with Birch forests and pointy peaks covered in green vegetation, you hear the whispering fables floating through the foothills of Thorsmork. Choose to hike the mythical gully or take a buggy into the wilderness. Whichever you decide, Skogafoss Waterfall is the destination to reach with your guide. Skogafoss is fierce and overwhelming. The sheer size of the waterfall makes you feel so tiny. You can hike closer to admire the waterfall from where it cascades. Black Beach isn’t too far away. The Atlantic Ocean is lapping onto black volcanic sands and against enormous basalt stacks out at sea, another colour to contrast Iceland’s Arctic blue.

Trek to Purut Camp and Waterfall


An all but abandoned campsite in the depths of Danum Valley. Leave jungle chalets behind for a truly raw and authentic camping experience.Your ranger leads you through forest paths, up and down hills, across gorgeous rivers. Once at the grounds, the lodge is easy to miss, encircled by a sea of jungle waiting to take over.Cool off from the trek with a dip in the nearby lagoon, just a few yards away. Enjoy the jungle jacuzzi, a naturally-formed hot tub made of smooth rock. One refreshed, soak up some more sun at Purut Waterfall, before an evening of songs and stories by the cosy campfire.