Add One of These Walking Safaris With Local Tribes to Your Bucketlist

A walking safari creates a new connection with the wild. You step slowly through the bush, sharing the ground with lions, elephants and Africa’s other great mammals. And you stay safe because you walk with local tribes, the people who have preserved this land for millennia.

These tribes have lived alongside Africa’s great animals for many centuries. They know how to track animal movement and keep you safe. They are more than just your guides on these walking safaris – they offer you a very unique perspective on a very unique place.

Aberdare Multi-Day Walking Safari


Combine a traditional safari experience with a four-day walking holiday through Kenya’s diverse landscapes.Visited by everyone from Queen Elizabeth II to The Beatles, Aberdare National Park has peaks that soar to over 13,000 feet and moorland inhabited by eland. Steep-sided ravines merge with tumbling waterfalls and bamboo forest to form a habitat for reclusive bongo, rare black rhino, and even lion.After the day’s walk is complete, game drives create further wildlife encounters, while visits to cultural villages delve into the traditional lives of the region’s tribespeople.

Big Game Tracking With the San, Namibia


Wildlife, everywhere. But where is it all? You can see elephant prints in the sand. You can hear the lions roar. You can smell animal presence. But where?Join the San people for a stunning experience in the Namibian bush, learning how to track animals. Your San guide moves barefoot, silently sidestepping clues and tracing an oryx or zebra, or even a leopard.You follow, savouring an intimate insight into both San lifestyle and African wildlife.

Chyulu Hills Game Walk With Maasai Guides


Hairs prickling on the back of your neck. That special tingling sensation that comes with being in a constantly-shifting diversity of landscapes. An immersion in Africa’s wildlife.The generations-old knowledge imparted by traditionally-attired Maasai guides. The chance to explore every nook and cranny of the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro – Hemingway’s ‘green hills of Africa’ – on foot.A walking safari will take you closer than ever to many different species. Not lions and elephants, but the cute antelope and smaller animals. And they don’t look too small when you’re also on foot.

Kalahari Bushmen Wildlife Tracking Expedition


There are clues everywhere. An upturned stone. Indentations in the bush. Animal spoor crumbled in your hand. These are clues revealing where the animals were, clues as to where they are going. Kalahari bushmen are expert trackers. With a single glance they can see which way the animals moved. Traveling barefoot through the bush they track antelope, sometimes with their bow and arrow. They also track predators, so they can avoid lions and other predators.Today you will join Kalahari bushmen for a very authentic wildlife tracking expedition. You will learn the clues and discover how to track different species. And you will discover an ancient way of life, as it has been practiced for centuries.

Laikipia Walking Safari with Samburu Warrior Guides


No one can know Laikipia like the Samburu people, the semi-nomadic cattle rearers native to this region of Kenya.Join them on a walking safari and you’ll discover their astonishing knowledge of the land first hand.Learn how to identify birds from their calls alone, and smaller animals from their footprints. Discover the secret medicinal properties of the many plant species. Take advantage of the Samburu’s vast knowledge to sneak up on elephant and highly endangered African wild dogs.

Meru Lion and Leopard Tracking Safari


Kenya’s tribespeople have a special relationship with the region’s wildlife, relying on the delicate balance between hunter and hunted.Today, together with more modern techniques, they put their long-held traditional tracking skills to good use. Team up with them and come face to face with East Africa’s big cats in their natural habitat.A tracking safari will get you wonderfully close to these cats and their unique behaviours, in a landscape unchanged by time.

Samburu Walking Safari With Samburu Tracker Guides


An immersion in landscapes shifting from knee-high grasses to riverine forest. Rich aromas rising from the verdant fauna. Samburu guides that know – and understand – every plant and animal that inhabits their ancestral lands.On this walking safari a Samburu tracker will guide you through the wild. Here there is a soundscape ranging from the panting of lions to the playful splashing of bathing elephants and exotic birdlife.But you won’t get too close to lions and elephants. Instead, your safari will track smaller animals and provide a heart-shaking close-up with various species.

Walk the Mara With Maasai Warrior Guides


Feel the thrill that comes in leaving the protection of a Land Cruiser to enter the bush on foot. Local Maasai warriors who have lived with the Mara’s animals for centuries will guide and protect you.You track animals using the subtle signs they leave behind them – like the hoof print of a giraffe or tuft of hair from a wildebeest on a thorny bush.Crouching low in the swaying grasses you approach animals feeding just a few metres away. Birds dart overhead from bush to acacia. Part of the native plant life, they provide not only fodder for the herds, but also building materials and medicines for the Maasai.