Visit Local Markets on These Food Tours From Around the World

All the best food tours visit local markets. It’s in markets that your senses are fully open to gastronomy – the sounds, smells, smiles and flavours of a local cuisine. Here is a selection of food tours that include stops at local markets, from India to Greece and even Borneo.

Of course, it’s not just about the local market. You will be tasting and buying produce, then cooking up a traditional dish with your hosts.

Asia's Largest Spice Bazaar With Food Guide


Weave your way through rows of vendors and men pushing trolleys stacked with produce. You may never have been in such a vibrant and aromatic place before. The perfectly manicured pyramids of colourful spices dominate the shop fronts and the sweet smell of dried fruit and pickled vegetables will have you drooling. This 17th century bazaar covers streets in all directions and is the largest spice market in Asia. Come with an empty stomach as your local guide will ensure that you taste test the best of India’s world-renowned food.

Athens Food Tour


Athen’s food scene is a sensory symphony of taste, texture, and traditions. Join a connoisseur on a bespoke food adventure and get to know the essence of Greek cuisine. From succulent seafood to flame-grilled meat skewers, you will find hearty flavors and unparalleled freshness everywhere you turn.Just like the locals do, shop at the central food market for ingredients. Then participate in a cooking class with a chef who will share handy Mediterranean culinary tips.Finally, sit down to enjoy the meal you have prepared. Soak in Greek hospitality that will leave an indelible impression.

Bogota Street Food and Market Tour


Every one of your senses may be overwhelmed as you enter Paloquemao, the largest farmers market in Bogota. Bustling lanes full of friendly vendors and colourful overflowing produce will have your eyes and nose darting around, attempting to absorb everything at once.Yet, this market is ultimately a culinary experience. You’ll be shown around by a local guide, stopping to munch on some of the best local snacks. From tamales to empanadas all washed down with exotic juices and locally roasted Colombian coffee, you’ll quickly discover the classic flavours of Colombia.

Food Tour of Paris


Stroll among the stands and delight in the bustle of Paris’ largest farmers’ market. Your gastronomy expert guide will show you where to taste the best street food here.Next, she will take you to a typical cheese shop. After that comes the “boulangerie” — where you will smell the freshly-baked bread, taste a whole-grain baguette and discover how important airborne yeast can be. Your tour will end with a delicious stop at a “chocolaterie”.If there’s a specific food you would like to discover, let your guide know so she can adapt the tour accordingly. This is a foodie day in Paris, adaptable to your tastes.

Fruit Tasting at Sibu Market


Fresh fruit, ripe veg and local produce presented in its prime. Sibu Central Market brings all of this together, in Sarawak’s biggest and best food market.Welcome to an organic haven full of nature’s finest nutrients. Your local chef guide leads the way within this maze of colour, intriguing you with all sorts of bites and tastes. Exotic flavours overwhelm, and still there is much to discover.Find a sweet combination of natural sugars, with several platters merging their magic. Stacked piles and overflowing booths ensure your favourites never run out.

Private Gourmet Food Tour in Barcelona


You will find La Boqueria is a whole world. A world of gaily-coloured stands, smiling merchants, and an incredible diversity of tempting food.The diversity is so great, in fact, that you might be unsure of what to try. But there’s no such risk. You are in great company. Because when it comes to food, your guide has a decade of experience and a lifetime of passion.She will introduce you to local delicacies you cannot miss. Just close your eyes and let your palate rejoice. Whether food or wine, you can be sure, on this tour, you will taste the best of small-bite Barcelona.

Sao Paulo Food Tour


Explore the lively City Market in the company of a celebrated local chef. You will buy fresh ingredients for the dish you will cook, and discover colourful fruit from all over Brazil. Dip your fingers into delicious street food and try unusual Brazilian cheese.Ask your guide about the Market building — it was built a hundred years ago, when Sao Paulo became a modern metropolis due to coffee exports. And don’t miss the architectural details like the stained-glass windows created by a German artist.Once in the chef’s professional kitchen, you will learn how to cook an authentic feijoada and make a traditional caipirinha. And then the afternoon will roll on as you want it to.