Two Weeks in Morocco

The Sahara Desert isn't the only life-changing experience Morocco has to offer. Two weeks is barely enough time to explore the beauty that this small but captivating country has to offer. Whether it is visiting the world-famous Jemma el Fin Medina in Marrakech, reliving the romantic drama that is Casablanca, or visiting the tanneries in Fes, you have only begun to scratch the surface. Traveling through Morocco is similar to traveling through multiple countries at once. In some areas you have beaches, others snow-covered mountains, and yet there is still desert for miles and miles.

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Riad Fès


Embark on a sensory journey back in time with an enchanting stay at Riad Fès. Discover a sea of patterns spread through four distinctly designed patios. Get lost in glorious gold mosaics, as you immerse yourself in this Arabian nights theme.

Based in the bustling Medina, this elegant estate places you right in the heart of the ancient city of Fes. Get energised for the day with a buffet breakfast fit for Fassi royalty. Later, rejuvenate from your explorations with a visit to the riad’s dreamy spa, where a warm hammam and alleviating massage wait to spoil you.

Enjoy a drink and mesmerising views from the panoramic terrace, as the rustic city landscape sweeps you off your feet.

Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps


Wake up to a dreamy haze of golden dunes with an intimate stay at Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps. Situated between the great sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, this idyllic encampment takes glamping to a whole new level of opulence.

Experience authentic nomadic ambiance, harmoniously combined with Saharan privacy and comfort. Revel in the misty magic of the surroundings, including a particular type of peace and quiet only found in the desert.

This enchanting sandy space is yours to wander. Ride a camel to the top of the dunes as the sun rises over soft, ever-changing landscapes. Sensational sunsets always follow. Gaze into creamy slopes that go on for miles, before enjoying a traditional Moroccan dinner under the stars. The longer you stay, the more enchanted you will become.

Sightseeing Tour of Casablanca


An old imperial city blending ancient ambiance with modern charm, the beauty of Casablanca is world-renowned. Stroll through the streets of this bustling cultural capital and discover why it remains one of Morocco’s classic gems.

Begin your day exploring the stunning Mosque Hassan II. An iconic landmark boasting a 210m minaret, get lost in the captivating colours of its mosaics. Alluring design beside a gorgeous watery backdrop, this hovering house of worship is the largest mosque in Africa.

For a raw glimpse of local life, enter the old Medina with its aged houses and narrow lanes. A labyrinth of passageways surrounding vibrant souks, expect talented artisans and authentic exchange amid the beat of tradition and trade.

Mountain Biking in the Atlas Mountains


Enjoy a dose of adrenaline and rush of speed, as you take on the trails of the Atlas Mountains. This is a biking adventure that fully caters to your level of skill, offering various routes to match your preference.

There are many options for an off-road adventure, along with a more casual cycle through Marrakech’s streets. Discover steep paths and winding tracks with the former, alongside a daring climb as you follow your expert guide up into the Atlas. 

Encircled by the stillness of the slopes, look Mount Toubkal in the face. Capture the richness of the red earth gorges, the music of the babbling streams. Your descent is just as exciting, a thrilling ride surrounded by vast valleys and vistas views.

Horse Riding in Oualidia


You greet your charming steed and mount his strong back. This is a noble creature, ready to take you on a tour of Oualidia’s finest sights.

The scenes change as the day goes by, stunning backdrops shifting from pleasant country to creamy beaches. Enjoy a peaceful ride in the company of your grand stallion, as he introduces you to the treasures of this enchanting natural space.

Discover quiet sandy paths and ocean views. The pace is perfect, a relaxing journey letting you appreciate the vast and varied beauty of Morocco’s landscapes.

Full Day Falconry Experience in Marrakech


A mighty predator and master of flight, the Moroccan falcon is as fierce as it is impressive. Meet the guardians of this powerful creature with an exclusive introduction to the Kwassem tribe.

Proud inheritors with a speciality in Moroccan falconry, watch as they present a demonstration flight. Witness high-flying hawks and low-flying eagles. This is a chance to really get to know these fine birds of prey, as you learn more about their local history.

Discover how the tribe utilises their hunting prowess and then get acquainted for yourself, as a member of this winged flock settles comfortably on your arm.

Quad Biking on the Oualidia Beach


Discover a coastal sea village beside a lagoon, as you get lost in the watery scenes of Oualidia. This is a beach day with a twist. A thrilling tour of Morocco’s oyster capital begins, as you board your quad bike and give in to its purr.

The sights blur together as you pick up the speed, an endless mirage of blue amid refreshing winds and salty air. This is a liberating ride that leaves you feeling revived, with the ocean right next door so that you can cool off with a dip.

Cooking Class in Marrakech


Experiment with the very best of Moroccan flavours, in this delicious and delightful Marrakech-based cooking class. It’s a world-renowned workshop designed to nurture and refine your culinary skills, whether you are an amateur or professional.

Your dada, or local chef, makes you feel at home as you are welcomed into a bright and cheerful kitchen. Learn all about the exotic spices, alongside an exclusive overview of the country’s most classic cuisines. Beautifully baked, you will be shown how to make traditional Moroccan bread.

There’s a chance to sit down and enjoy what you have created, once all of the cooking is done. A colourful three-course set of tasty dishes and comfortable dining, with optional Moroccan wine pairings to further complement your meal.

Mule Riding in the Atlas Mountains


The humble mules of Morocco invite you to come for a ride. Mellow and calm, these local creatures have been the backbone of trade for centuries, transporting supplies to Berber villages high up in the Atlas Mountains.

This is a chance to get acquainted with this underrated animal, as he takes you on a tour through beautiful slopes. Enjoy cliffy scenes, as they unfold in front of you. Rocky, rugged peaks soon come into view.

Your mule is naturally trained to tackle the rough paths of the mountain, so settle in for a relaxing day full of sights.

Atlas Mountains Hiking Trips


A series of mountain trails, snaking their way up the Atlas Mountains. Green trees dotting the land, against a screen of creamy rock. A guided hike, guaranteed to give the best of views.

Embark on this tantalising trek, an exploration of Morocco that takes you deeper into its heart. Away from the crowds, your hike will be peaceful. An opportunity to truly take in your surroundings, and enjoy the natural scenes of this multifaceted country.

Walks can be tailored for all levels of fitness. Discover quaint villages, simple in construction, rich in character. Enjoy mint tea with warm and friendly locals. Gain a taster of Berber life.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Marrakech


Butterflies of the best kind invade your stomach, as you climb your way into the basket. The sound of the burner is abrupt, but it excites you anyway. The balloon inflates itself all the way, and the basket effortlessly lifts off the ground.

You rise, higher and higher. It doesn’t take long before the earth and all its creatures become miniature, before disappearing completely. Submerged in white fluff, you emerge over a sea of clouds.

Drifting peacefully, suddenly the sun breaks through, and all around you there is light. You watch it rise in silence, floating over a layer of puffy candy floss. Against the backdrop of the majestic Atlas Mountains, the sky is yours this morning.

Shopping in Marrakech’s Souks


The air is charged with frenzy and allure, as you take your first steps into Marrakech’s souks. An authentic taste of Moroccan tradition awaits as you enter a world of ancient trade.

Seeping with history, the story of the souks is an old one. The colours of the market capture the culture of the country. The spirit of the people is in the interactions, it is complemented by the transactions that take place within the square. This is a lively hub full of passion and play, where locals and tourists come together, laugh together.

A maze of commerce, overflowing with handcrafted treasures, with rugs and pottery, spices and jewellery, each shining in their own unique way. Splendid stalls with hopeful merchants, wait to welcome you in on this private shopping tour.

Ouarzazate History Tour


The famed gateway into the Sahara desert and the setting of countless Hollywood films, let Ouarzazate enchant you with its incredible history. A mystical town of ancient fortresses, follow your expert guide through cobbled streets and discover the very best viewpoints.

Set against the backdrop of the High Atlas Mountains, the scenery around the old city is stunning. Venture into Kasbah Taourirt, an old fort of marvellous cream colour and long standing walls that will take you back in time.

Wander through Ait Ben Haddou, another rustic treasure waiting to be explored. Unmissable and captivating, the rugged landscape surrounding this UNESCO-restored village is made for desert dreams.

Sightseeing Tour of Fes


Step back in time with a visit to Fes, a cultural capital full of old-world charm. Countless souk-markets dominate a maze of medieval streets. Washed away colours enhance the rustic beauty of this ancient town.

Follow your local guide through a labyrinth of narrow streets, as he takes you on a tour of the Medina’s oldest treasures. From enchanting riads to stunning palace gates, submerge yourself in the exquisite museum architecture. Take a tour of the old tanneries as you learn more about the history of their operation.

Get lost in the stunning mosaics at Bou Inania and Al Attarine, two of the city’s oldest centres for Islamic learning. Truly impressive in their preservation, these captivating madrasas are just another element of your private Fes tour.

Pottery Workshop in Marrakech


Train your hands in the art of pottery-making, a long-lived craft of the Moroccan people. Your private session begins with a professional demonstration, as you learn all about this intricate trade.

Next it’s time to get your hands dirty. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in as you feel the fresh clay between your fingers. A combination of imagination and exactness, give in to the turns of the potter’s wheel and watch your ceramics come to life.

A number of phases test all kinds of skills, as you practise your modelling and sharpen your sculpturing. Heat meets material in the final round of firing and glazing, a fine polish accentuating the authentic beauty of your new creation.

Shopping Tour of Marrakech


The beating heart of trade in Africa once upon a time, Marrakech offers a shopping haven full of ancient treasures and trinkets. It’s a raw retail experience merging the very best of vintage with modern consumer culture.

Follow your local guide through bustling streets and lively markets. As an experienced vendor of the city, he knows these paths well. Expect vibrant stalls and hidden stores, as he takes you on an exclusive tour of the Medina.

Become submerged in a whirlwind of colour and authentic design. Handmade pottery and finely stitched tapestries all await you. Smiling merchants can be found around every corner, their faces lit by the soft glow of low-hanging lanterns.

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