Australia 2020

Tick off a big dream destination by travelling across Australia experiencing all of the nature and wildlife it has to offer.

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Four-Wheel Drive Exploration on Fraser Island


Do the done thing and accept a ride in a privately driven four-wheel drive through the sandy slopes and deep sinking dunes of Fraser Island. 

Let go of convention and allow the sea breeze to sweep back your hair as your wheels grip the surf. Skidding in the soggy sand at the water’s edge as you speed by, you’ll feel an unrivaled exhilaration and freedom. Pull up and park to take a break as you take in the kaleidoscope of a spellbinding Fraser Island sunset. 

Never before has such a secluded space of sand surrounded on all sides by sea felt so spiritual and safe.

Great Barrier Reef Multi-Day Catamaran Charter With Diving


For many, the chance to go and marvel at the Great Barrier Reef in all its gorgeous glory is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So, it’s an experience that shouldn’t be rushed. 

A multi-day catamaran charter gives you the valuable time and freedom required to explore the best reefs, far away from tourist hot spots. The catamaran will be stocked with all manner of special supplies and goodies. When you feel suitably relaxed and destressed, you can suit up and splash into the warm waters to snorkel or scuba dive. 

Prepare to be left speechless by the sheer scale of a sensational underwater spectacle which will leave you reluctantly coming up for air.

Byron Bay Humpback Whale Watching Cruise


Looking like a fictional scene from a fantasy children’s book, Byron Bay provides the perfect setting for a day of aspirational adventure.

A blend of dark blue seas and bright green cliffs create the ideal stage for the sudden splashing appearance of humpback whales. More than happy to horse around and put on a show, the humpbacks won’t be startled by your boat’s approach. Get close enough to smell these monstrous yet magical creatures as they almost spray you with salty seawater. 

Be astounded by the whales’ ability to hurl their burly frames metres above the water as they breach. Such a show of gravity-defying strength and agility is a sight to behold.

Kangaroo Island Wilderness and Wildlife Tour


Don’t be fooled by the name, there’s so much more than kangaroos on Kangaroo Island. Most uniquely, this is the final key refuge of the koala. And there are so many other marsupials and birds. 

Bypass the big groups and congested queues with a privately-guided tour, enjoying open access under the guidance of accredited conservation workers. An eye-opening visit to a seal conservation site will set you off on your magical meander. Besides the raucous backdrop of the Southern Ocean’s crashing waves, you’ll almost come close enough to stroke and caress koalas and kangaroos. 

End a day of diverse discovery marveling at multi-coloured birdlife of all shapes and sizes. Leave with an inflated sense of self-esteem knowing that your visit has contributed to the conservation and wellbeing of some of Australia’s weirdest and most wonderful wildlife.

Catamaran Charter Around the Whitsunday Islands


Escape the pressure of the real world with a sensational sail around the Pacific Whitsunday Islands.

Your chartered catamaran winds a tailored course around marvelous marine-based backdrops. Set out on a self-sufficient vessel and decide whether it’s an afternoon, full day or multi-day charter. Lay back on lavish bedrooms below. Sip a drink on the soft sofas in the sizeable seating area, before heading out to a designer deck –  all of it is at your private disposal.

Don’t forget to look beyond the bow and savour the sights off the stern. You won’t miss the pure white sands of Whitehaven Beach and, of course, the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

Kings Canyon to Alice Springs Two-Day Outback Experience


Traverse the canyons, valleys and dusty desert ridges of Kings Canyon and Uluru on an exquisite two-day quest to the stunning location of Alice Springs.

Stopping at the awe-inspiring natural landmarks on route, you’ll be treated to areas of cultural and historical splendour and significance. From world heritage national parks and flat-topped cliffs, step back to a time when the aborigine stalked the plains in silent solitude and self-made seclusion. 

No amount of time is enough to satisfactorily soak up the history of such an expansive setting, but you’ll have enough time to walk and wander in this magnificent wilderness. Note that this private two-day tour is fully customisable, so it can be three days or more as well.

Swim With Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef


Few places on Earth offer a more diverse range of sea life than Ningaloo Reef. And the whales sharks are resident all year around. 

Whale sharks are the popular poster boys here, but there’s so much more to this spectacular stretch of ocean and the inhabitants who call it home. As if a swim with a whale shark wasn’t enough, here you can swim with exotic fish of all shapes and sizes. Sea turtles and manta rays will probably be part of your day as well. 

Submerge yourself deep in this aquatic alternate universe. You can swim with whale sharks, savour daytime and nighttime dives, and get close to the rays.

Outer Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling and Scuba


Welcome to a reef less regularly visited than the others. Its lack of traffic shows in its stunning self-sustainability, having miraculously managed to maintain a level of untouched, pristine purity.

As the name suggests, the OuterReef owes much to its location further away from the mainland. That means it’s further away from Great Barrier Reef tourism and isn’t besieged by scores of splashing snorkelers who can’t swim. A little extra time on a boat trip to the outskirts of this natural marvel will put you in the privileged position. Out here you can delve into relatively deserted depths. 

Spend an uninterrupted day dipping beneath the shiny surface of the sea. Dive into a mazy marine metropolis without worrying about a flailing flipper to the face.

See Kangaroos and Koalas in the Wild Near Melbourne


A kangaroo mob bounds across the open plains, barely 20 metres away. Koalas cling to their eucalyptus branches, sleepily open their eyes to your presence. 

Wander into the wilderness near Melbourne to enjoy the company of Australia’s wide array of creatures. The money you pay for the privilege is used to sustain and conserve wildlife. A brisk walk into the bush will bring you face to face with koalas and kangaroos, as well as a variety of other roaming residents, which may come closer to you and have a suspicious sniff. 

Conservation specialists will tell you all about these animals and help you get close enough to say hello. But there’s no touching. This is your moment with kangaroos in the wild.

Melbourne Street Art Tour


Guided tours may not be for you, with the generically delivered speeches while you’re shepherded around like sheep. Time to try a tour with a distinct difference, where the guides are the designers and creators of the living, breathing artifacts of beauty that you see. 

A street art tour in Melbourne is an opportunity to be led through a maze of bright-coloured backstreets and eye-catching alleyways, each telling a story through mesmerizing murals.

Afterward, you’ll be left with the rewarding feeling that accompanies an interactive activity which has been interactive and impressive. You give the locally sourced and highly-skilled street artists a sense of pride in the pieces they paint and spray, giving something back to their society.

Of course the tour is private and can be tailored to any of your specific interests.

Highlights of Sydney History Tour With Bridge Climb


Thinking of Sydney’s history and heritage, images of the opera house and Bondi Beach may leap to the forefront of your mind. Yet, there’s so much more to this fascinating and versatile metropolis, a city shaped and shaken by indigenous and foreign people alike. 

Explore the compelling mix of cultures colliding and crashing into one another. Grand colonial architecture is dotted around the city and cannot be missed. To get a solid sense of all things Sydney, this tour of its most prominent places, past and present, will fully satisfy. 

Complete your perspective with the Sydney Bridge climb. It will raise your pulse rate and treat you to a truly breathtaking view of Sydney Bay.

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