Sao Miguel, Azores

I have gathered all of the best things one can do on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores islands. Whether you will spend your vacation hiking the island or swimming around with mammals, it is for sure one to remember.

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Hiking Tours, Azores


São Miguel Island has a vast number of beautiful places to explore and experience.

There are lakes inside wide volcano craters. There are termal lagoons and places where the ocean water is never under 30°C. You can discover a passion fruit liqueur factory, eat the traditional “cozido das furnas” and visit the only tea plantation that is technically in Europe. Or you can hike the wooded mountains and seek the best views.

Let your guide know what you like, and they will design the best hiking tour for you.

Swim with Dolphins in the Azores


Leave the boat, splash into the water and experience the closeness with these extraordinary animals.

Being in the water with dolphins is deeply relaxing and joyful. You will lay aside your worries and simply be there, enjoying the moment. 

Delight in the wonder of being accepted by these wild, intelligent and caring creatures.

Whale Watching Tour, Azores


Maybe you are asking yourself: how can they know we will find whales? Ah, but they can. Your skipper is in contact with an inland lookout team, and they will radio him the location of the whales. 

So, just enjoy the fresh briny air and the speed of the boat. And take the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want to the biologist who’s accompanying you.

Besides different whale and dolphin species, you will see fish and seabirds during this private tour of Atlantic waters.

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