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Create Your Free Travel Bucketlist

Kated is your free travel bucketlist planner. Explore the world's most unforgettable travel moments and save favourites to your dashboard. There are no hop-on hop-off bus tours or standard must-do lists here - just unique ideas you can save for later, for when we all can travel again.

Rare and Authentic Travel Moments To Save for Later

Kated has partnered with the world's leading travel designers to present the world's rare and authentic travel moments. If you're inspired, add them to your bucketlist by tapping the gold heart. None of us can travel in this time of lockdown - but that doesn't stop us dreaming of the next adventure!

How It Works

Step 1 – Create Your Travel Bucketlist - Add travel moments to your bucketlist by tapping any gold heart. Find unique inspiration for any trip after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Step 2 - Sign Up For Free - Kated's bucketlist planner is 100% free to use. So no credit card required, but you do need to sign up to save your travel bucketlist.

Step 3 - Travel When the Pandemic Is Over - Use your bucketlist to plan your next trip, whenever that may be. Or you can ask Kated to find you an expert travel designer.

Travel Differently

At Kated we’re driven by your passion to travel differently. We’re also frustrated by all the problems created by mass-market tourism, like the lack of authenticity, one-size-fits-all, and unsustainable overtourism.

We know that travel is far more than what you find in guidebooks, blogs and traditional travel agents. In a world where so many beautiful places have been ruined, we appreciate that the search for new experiences has no beginning or end.

Whether it’s private access to the Sistine Chapel after hours, husky sledding beneath the midnight sun, or walking in Kenya’s elephant heartlands with Samburu guides, we help you go straight to the source. So you can be a traveler not a tourist.

We’re passionate about rare and unforgettable travel moments, so we've partnered with the world's leading travel designers, who share their unique ideas on our site. Use the bucketlist planner to save your favourite moments. One day, when the pandemic is over, you can plan an adventure based on what you really want, rather than the standard must-do tours.

Your Premium Travel Guide

We don’t operate tours or sell products. We’re here to provide inspo and take a backseat, so you can travel your way and experience rare authenticity, all around the world.

Experiential - Luxury isn’t just swanky hotel rooms. Our premium is on experiences most people can’t even imagine.

No Agents - We remove unnecessary intermediaries and the one size fits all approach.

Vetted Experts - You’re connected directly to independent local providers, who offer first-class service and a focus on the unique.

No Mass Tourism - Leading travel designers can’t adjust a trip to mass-market products. They’re the world’s best so a trip is always high-end.

No Fees or Commission - You get exactly what you pay for. The provider avoids a hefty commission previously lost to middlemen.

24/7 Support - Our travel designers will support you every moment of the day, for complete peace of mind during your trip.

Trusted Third Party - We facilitate an authentic, mutually-beneficial relationship between travelers and travel designers.