About Kated

Why We’re Here

At Kated we’re on a mission to change travel for the better.

Unsustainable mass-market tourism is ruining the world. Destinations are over-crowded, locals are annoyed, and what was once authentic travel is now a theme-park-like attraction. There’s an endless plethora or agents and tours, yet they all squeeze you into generalised products based on consumed trends.

None of us have time for average travel experiences. Yet we know you want to truly travel, rather than be a tourist.

We’re passionate about a form of travel that only locals and experts know. And we don’t believe the world is getting smaller. We live for the search and love to discover authenticity beyond mass-market monotony. Like a private Bocelli concert, cooking with a double Michelin-starred chef, or helicoptering to an Alaskan mountain-top spa.

We have a different definition of elite travel and believe that luxury is experiential. It’s intimacy, exclusivity, authenticity, and the chance to travel differently. Travel designers can make that happen. By connecting you to them directly, they get rewarded for their expertise, and you can enjoy the perfect adventure.

What We Do

If you can dream it you can do it. But there are only very few people who will know how and where. At Kated we take a contemporary approach to travel planning. Instead of designing trips and tours ourselves, we connect you to the most qualified travel specialist - the person who knows how to deliver something authentic and unique.

Kated is a platform. It’s a service connecting travelers with travel designers. We search the globe for the specialists who offer truly unique travel experiences. Then we screen them to make sure they meet our rigorous standards.

These travel designers are experts in designing complex itineraries down to the smallest details. They cover logistics, accommodation, transport, guides, and access to those special moments that nobody else can deliver. Their itineraries can’t be adjusted to mass market offerings and it’s high-end all the way.

Why Travel Designers

Travel agents don’t like us and we think they’re very old fashioned. They squeeze their clients into experiences and accommodations that pay the most commission. Their idea of customisation is picking tour A or tour B.

The world’s leading travel designers work independently. Most of them are small businesses, often owner-operated, who have the time and desire to really listen to what their clients want. And they don’t share their unique offerings with the mass market.

Our vetting program ensures that every travel designer on Kated is an expert in what they do and provides the peace of mind every traveler needs, like insurance, tourism board registration and 24-7 service.

How it Works

Dream Your Travel Bucket List

Travel shouldn’t start with a set itinerary you can change. Nor what somebody else considers a must see or must do. It should revolve around the beautiful moments you will still remember a decade from now.

Add moments to your Kated bucket list and start curating a dream trip, based on the things you really want to do. Then use these moments as the basis of a trip request.

Connect With a Travel Designer

We’ll connect you straight to the source and the best travel specialist for your trip. That’s our service in a nutshell.
Travel designers provide a personalised service. They are among the world’s leading travel professionals and their time costs money. You’ll pay a small deposit for your tailored itinerary and this is deducted from the final trip balance.

Book Your Dream Trip

The travel designer will tailor your itinerary down to the smallest details. Transfers, logistics accommodation, guides - it’s all done with a focus on excellence. And it’s all created to your preferences. When it’s perfected you can book with confidence on the Kated platform. Kated provides a guarantee against fraud and your money is held securely.

Share Feedback With the Kated Community

Other travelers will benefit from what you have to say. Feedback about the experience and travel designer, so we can all change travel for the better.

Who We Are

We’re a diverse team of travel professionals from many corners of the world. We speak many languages and we’re joined by a passion to realise the noble function of our time - move. Our backgrounds lie on different continents in many different aspects of travel, from tech to tour operations, large five-star hotels to small-scale travel design. Here are our some of our personal favourite moments.

Commitment to Travel Excellence

We appreciate that you don’t have time for average travel. Travel is a purchase that doesn’t allow second chances. You can return a shirt or a car, but you’ll never get your free time back again.

The existing travel system is dominated by a race to the bottom (cheapest price) and a race to the top (the best-advertised, over-the-top, shout-the-loudest services). We believe in the travel excellence that sometimes gets lost in between.

Removing Intermediaries

Excellence is what you experience on the ground, on your vacation. It’s nothing that intermediaries can offer. Intermediaries only complicate matters and take their commission.

Only Travel With Experts

Our vetting system ensures your travel is planned by experienced experts, not wannabe agents who simply don’t offer the necessary expertise.

Leverage Local Knowledge and Specialism

What seems like excellence from afar may be very different on the ground. That’s why we connect you to travel designers with distinct geographical specialisms. They fine-tune travel excellence in just one or two countries and their niche knowledge helps to raise the bar.