Why we’re here

When David, Stephen and Stepan meet they talk travel. Whether skiing across the Canadian Rockies, traveling the Old Silk Road or escaping to unknown islands, these three friends have spent their adult life living a passion for adventurous travel.

Gorilla trekking, meeting Tuscan winemakers, kayaking across New Zealand? The best experiences are created and delivered by people in the destinations. The three friends didn’t use travel agents, but searched for local people who could best arrange the trip they wanted.

But booking with local travel specialists was a logistical headache and there was no trip protection. So in 2019 Kated was born, the platform that makes it easy for travelers and travel designers to connect, so we can all travel better.

We love travel. We want more people to experience the joy and excitement of travel, from trip planning to surprises only the locals know about. We want to help people experience things they didn’t even know existed, to come home with lifelong and often life-changing memories from a trip.

Travel changed us. We want to help improve the quality of tourism, so more people benefit from travel. By supporting local travel designers we can support local communities. And this helps create better travel services and experiences for the next generation of travelers. Want to know more about our story? Then contact us directly.

David Eder - Director

I've been working in the luxury travel industry for 17 years, as director for travel agencies and resorts. I love to visit beach destinations with my family. When traveling with my wife we look for more adventure. The Orient Express, trekking in Iceland, an Antarctica expedition and Rwanda gorilla trekking are high on my bucketlist for the coming years.

Stepan Borovec - Director of Partnerships

Working in the travel industry changed me as I discovered so many ways to travel. I had the pleasure of visiting and learning from a very diverse range of partners and hoteliers. I love exploring Europe and the US, and prefer adventure over beach. Top of my bucketlist is Lapland (snowmobile, dog sledding, supercar driving) and a big one - first African safari!

Stephen Bailey - UK Director

I'm an award-winning travel writer and was editing a Sunday newspaper travel supplement ten years ago. For a decade I was a travel marketing consultant, mostly for new and upcoming destinations. I love the path less known and traveling my own way in destinations that push my own boundaries. High on my bucketlist are Bhutan, The Azores, trekking in Tajikistan and a Greenland expedition.

Beatrice Becker - Head of Content

I’m a multilingual travel content writer who relishes transporting readers to extraordinary places (in English, French, Portuguese & Italian). I’m fascinated by medieval sites and I am convinced the best way of travelling is the slow way. The travel experiences I most look forward to are walking the Via Francigena in Italy and hiking the Scottish Highlands.