Vientiane City Tour

Vientiane is more a village than a capital city, a place full of charms tucked down backstreets. 

Thousands of miniature Buddha statues fill Wat Sisaket. Wonderful collections of Lao and Khmer artwork can be discovered in Wat Phra Kreo. The Presidential Palace is a glimpse at colonialism in the heart of the city. 

But Vientiane is much more than attractions and sights from the guidebooks. Each turn offers a unique insight into the city. Local traders push around wooden carts, quaint cafes serve up croissants and amazing coffee, locals wander about in dazzlingly colorful clothes and monks wander barefoot. 

Explore Wat Simuang, the guardian of the city’s spirits. Circle the pillar three times and make a wish. Then from a different view of Laos history visit COPE, an association that’s helping landmine victims. Next climb the local version of the Arc de Triomphe and gaze down on the city you’ve just explored.

You’ll see that there is much more to the capital city than initially meets the eye.

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