Camp in Tasermuit Fjord & Hike the Tundra

From a cosy sleeping bag you look out across Greenland. Mighty peaks soar over alpine lakes and the only sound is the wind. You’ve just camped on the Tundra, in a place so remote you had to arrive by helicopter. 

Tasermiut is one of Greenland’s most exclusive camps. Local guides help you explore local wonders here. You can walk pristine valleys and secluded landscapes, roam with a chef to forage for fresh ingredients, and admire the exquisite colour changes delivered by polar twilight. 

There are no five-star hotels in such a remote place. Camping is part of the experience, a chance to fully connect and immerse yourself with this untouched natural paradise. It’s more than comfortable and it’s beyond glamping. This is a home for a night in a very faraway place.

This Greenland camp and hike travel moment is only possible as part of a multi-day polar cruise on the Ultramarine.

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