Tali Wiru Sunset Fine Dining at Uluru

The deep red tones of Ayers Rock to the left of you, the vivid orange shades of unending desert to the right. Here you are stuck in the wilds of picture-postcard Australia. Add a few expertly designed dishes of gastronomic genius to the dreamlike setting and you find yourself in a surreally special circumstance.  

Pairing a multi-course gourmet dinner with the distinctive surroundings of a Tali Wiru sunset is a masterstroke. You don’t know where to look, as the sky’s shades and colours continue to deepen and darken, showing the shadows of the horizon. 

For once, your partner or loved one will be forgiven for looking anywhere. This is the heart of Australia’s red desert and you’re all alone, drinking in the remarkable sense of oneness and  spirituality.