Highlights of Mexico 2020 – 2021 Travel

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Travel beyond the resorts to discover Mexico’s authentic heart. Bask in private moments, including Mayan ruins, Mexican spirits, Temazcal purification, humpback whales, haciendas and Rancheros. Mexico has reopened and there are very few restrictions. You can travel safely with private guides and explore more than just the famous beaches. With this experience you will journey to Mexico’s soulful heart and look beyond the typical path.

Day 1 - Mexico City

Artifacts, Las Alcobas Mexico City

Las Alcobas Mexico City


Exploring the hot, clamorous streets of Mexico City, you wouldn’t be faulted for overlooking the unassuming brick and glass exterior of Las Alcobas, but within those walls, you’ll find an oasis of opulence.Sleek spiral staircase. Personal butler service. Whirlpool tub in every room. Las Alcobas is crammed with luxurious touches. Rooms are neat and soothing monochromatic ensembles, with windows opening onto the leafy streets of Polanco, Mexico City’s wealthiest neighborhood.  Be sure to try the renowned gourmet Mexican dishes at Dulce Patria, just behind the hotel, where award-winning quesadillas and other New Mexican fare are served in a warm, vibrant space.

Day 2 - Mexico City

Photo from above of the Teotihuacan pyramids, near Mexico City, Mexico. Teotihuacan was an ancient city, known today as the site of many of the most architecturally significant Mesoamerican pyramids built in the pre-Columbian Americas.

Teotihuacan With an Archaeologist


A sprawling ancient city spread over twenty kilometers, Teotihuacan was discovered by the Aztecs around 1400, but some structures date back to the first century of the current era. Explore this impressive and mysterious site with an archaeologist who will outline what we know (and what we don’t know) about Teotihuacan. Stroll along the Avenue of the Dead, constructed so as to perfectly frame a nearby volcano. Marvel at the great stepped pyramids. Feel solid stone beneath your feet as you climb the many steps to the 66-meter-high apex of the Pyramid of the Sun. From its top, survey the surrounding landscape and modern-day Mexico City.

Spices, dry red chili peppers at wooden green background with spoons nearby

Mexico City Cooking Class With Spirits Tasting


Get your fill of frijoles, tacos, guacamole, chilis, and other Mexican staples!Explore Mexico City’s vibrant food scene with celebrity chef Graciela Montaño. Follow her into Medellin Market, through aromatic aisles where vendors sell heaps of brightly colored chili peppers, fresh meats, and handmade tortillas. Sample fresh ingredients and connect with the locals.Then head to Graciela’s Aura cooking studio, where your host will lead you through cooking a full four-course meal of tasty Mexican classics. Turn the burners off and dig in, pairing your creations with a curated selection of fine Mexican spirits.

Day 3 - Oaxaca

Young woman walking the streets of Oaxaca city

Oaxaca City and Artisans Tour


Nestled in the highlands of southern Mexico, Oaxaca is a friendly city with a wealth of historical treasures. See the best of Oaxaca with a private local guide. Meander the Zócalo, now comfortably settled after nearly 500 years of history and numerous makeovers. Explore a bustling market bursting with local flavors like cooked grasshoppers, chocolate, Oaxaca cheese, and other delights. Meet with artisans peddling their creations, and learn about the region’s unique culture.Wander cobblestone streets surrounded by bold colonial facades and stumble upon grand cathedrals such as Oaxaca Cathedral and Santa Domingo de Guzman Church.

Days 4 & 5 - Oaxaca

Mezcal "Mexican traditional spirit" Producers, Oaxaca

Oaxaca Artisanal Mezcal Tasting & Tour


Mexico’s national spirit, mezcal is distilled from agave. While mezcal is consumed and celebrated across Mexico, it originates from Oaxaca, where producers continue to produce the most renowned varieties, from the freshest local agave.Journey into the mountains of the Sierra Madre de Oaxaca, searching for the wellspring of the finest mezcal. Visit mezcalerias in small villages, from which premium producers source their mezcal. Your expert guide will share the history, process, and complexities of the spirit, and then you will have plenty of opportunities to sample the best mezcals in the world.

Monte Alban

Zapotec Traditions, Artisans, and Culinary Tour


The Zapotecs have inhabited the rugged landscape of Oaxaca for over two millennia. And they still maintain their distinct culture, rich in unique cuisine and crafts. Explore the ruined platforms of Monte Albán, a Zapotec city that flourished for over a thousand years. Visit a clamorous market in search of masterful textiles. Shop for ingredients with a local family, exploring the ancient traditions behind staple meals, before sitting down to a guisado. See how Zapotec traditions interact with more recent history, at a Spanish chapel that incorporates sacred Zapotec carvings. Immerse yourself in Zapotec culture through a range of experiences, in an afternoon or over a number of days.

Temazcal Purification Ceremony


Rejuvenate your body and soothe your mind with an authentic ancient purification ceremony.Step into a small, stone hut and bathe in the aromatic steam rising from hot rocks. Breathe deeply in the tight space, inhaling the fragrance of sacred herbs while your shaman recites ancient words intended to unburden your mind.While you might find Temazcal ceremonies offered in other parts of Mexico, the only place to get the authentic experience is in Oaxaca, where the ceremony originates.

Day 6 - Los Cabos

Junior Suite Ocean Front, One_Only Palmilla Los Cabos

One&Only Palmilla Los Cabos


Still pools reflect tall palm trees as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean. Perched on a promontory overlooking the water, One&Only Palmilla is the epitome of old-school luxury.Glimpse humpback whales on their annual migration. Head out into the surf on any number of adventurous excursions, including surfing, snorkeling, and stand up paddleboarding. Lounge in your casita’s private infinity pool. Rub elbows with movie stars at Seared, one of Mexico’s fine restaurants, under the supervision of a Michelin-starred chef. Stay in the Villa Cortez for unparalleled privacy, where there are four bedrooms, a private 12-seater cinema, and a complimentary fitness trainer.

Day 7 - Los Cabos

Scenic view from Los Cabos Beach of the Sea of Cortez in Mexico

Los Cabos Snorkeling & Sailing Charter


The southern tip of Baja California is an oasis of postcard-worthy villages and dizzyingly diverse marine life. Explore the Los Cabos coastline aboard your own private luxury yacht.Lounge in the sun as your yacht cruises on Pacific waters. Enjoy the ever-changing scenery, comprising stunning rock formations, inviting bays, and charming little towns. Make your way north along the peninsula to Cabo Pulmo. This national marine park is a haven for hundreds of species of marine animals. Strap on your snorkel gear and dip below the waves, joining a world of leatherback turtles, sea lions, and endless schools of fish!

Day 8 - Magdalena Bay

Close-up of a sea turtle in the hand of a girl.

Sea Turtle Monitoring in Magdalena Bay


Participate in a renowned sea turtle conservation project that connects local communities with international scientific research.Get an early start and meet the team as the sunrise colors Magdalena Bay. Learn from local fishermen-conservationists about the aims and protocols of the program, as well as how they prepare their nets and how you can help with the day’s data collection. Then get in on the action.Travel with the monitoring team to check nets for sea turtles. When you find one, transport the turtle back to shore and help take measurements. See these fascinating creatures up-close, and be there when they are released once more into the wild.

Day 9 - Magdalena Bay

Mule Trekking With Rancheros in Sierra La Giganta


The Sierra la Giganta mountains rise from an arid landscape, standing tall as a mass of steep rock faces and deep, shady canyons. Amid this spectacular scenery, rancheros live much the same as they did a century ago. Step back in time and explore this timeless landscape with an expert local.Meet local rancheros who will introduce you to your sure-footed mule. Your private guide will then lead you on the land’s winding trails. Away from the crowds, take the opportunity to appreciate the stillness, the quiet. Look up at the tall peaks as you move through them as the locals have done for generations.

Day 10 - Magdalena Bay

Four Pelicans in Flight Over Gray Whale in Magdalena Bay, Baja California, Mexico

Magdalena Bay Gray Whale Watching Cruise


Each year, female gray whales migrate from the cold waters of the Bering Sea to the sunny bays of Baja California, where they give birth to their calves in warm, sheltered waters. And then mate with the males that migrate here. Visit these majestic creatures in Magdalena Bay, one of their favorite hideaways, where they frolic alongside sea turtles and many species of birds.Travel in an open-top boat and watch for these colossal mammals. See gray whales breach and come close to your boat to investigate. Interact with these wild creatures, coming close enough to admire their barnacled backs.

Day 11 - Departure