Ultimate Winter Supercar Driving

Best time to visit
January, February, March, April

Finland in winter is much more than a Christmas fairytale. It’s a playground, where you can drive fast sports cars across a wilderness of snow and ice.

Late winter to early spring is the best time to do this, when the days become longer and the landscape remains coated in ice. So come for thrill and adrenaline, as you learn how to drive high-powered cars on ice circuits.

Oh, and you’ll also see the Northern Lights and ride with huskies as well.

Day 1 - Helsinki Layover

Boat Cruise, Helsinki Archipelago

Helsinki Archipelago High-speed Boat Tour


Climb aboard a speedboat tour of the archipelago on a private cruise, taking in views of Kaivopuisto park, Suomenlinna fortress, and the Presidential Palace. As the engine slows you’ll be regaled with tales of local history by an expert guide.Culture complete, your vessel will stretch out into the open sea to let you feel the skid and splash of a speedboat over growing waves. Leave the safety of the shore and whizz along, the sense of surreal gliding providing high-speed thrill to complement culture.


Hotel Kamp Helsinki


Helsinki's only true five-star, Hotel Kamp is a luscious urban hotel that's been central to Finland's history. This is the nation's grandest hotel and awaits in the heart of the capital, a decadent outpost with a style that has evolved over the last 130 years.Despite nearly 200 rooms there's an intimacy to everything here, notably the service and solitude that's possible, deep in the city centre. A selection of suites and rooms mean a stay can be adjusted to different visitors, with romantic suites on far wings and others more suited to families.With its restaurants, spa, service, and dedication to always being the best hotel in the country, it's difficult to imagine a Finland vacation without Hotel Kamp. Remember to ask the concierge about the hotel's history, as it's played a central role in Finnish politics and culture during its time.

Day 2 - Into the Wilderness

Rally car driving on ice

Learn to Drive on Ice With a World Rally Champion


Here’s an unrivaled, unparalleled chance to drive at high-speeds on ice in the capable hands of a world rally champion. After receiving the very best in advanced driving tuition, using rally driving techniques, you will be let loose on private ice circuits to show your skills, flanked in the passenger seat by a tutor of the highest calibre. Yes, this tour isn’t just about the thrill of the speed. There’s no backseat driving here. You will get the chance to grab the wheel and feel, firsthand, what it takes to control these monstrous machines. Not for the faint-hearted, this is a high-end driving experience in the Finnish winter wilds..

Northern Lights, Levi

Northern Lights Chase by Four-Wheel Drive


Picked up from your hotel in a spacious four-wheel drive car, you’ll be transported into the fantastic Arctic wilds, watching the lights of civilization fade away into the distance. On a clear day, the chances of seeing the illuminated luminescence of the light-filled aurora sky are greatly increased. The sheer, unbridled beauty of the dance the northern lights seem to perform is a breathtaking sight to behold. As a brilliant bonus, you’ll be treated to a traditional Finnish barbecue of sizzling sausages flame-grilled on an outdoor fire, to put the finishing touches to a tremendous day.

Day 3 - Driving on Ice

supercar driving on ice

Rally Car Driving on Ice in Finnish Arctic


Boasting generations of world-renowned rally champions, Finland has the ultimate in fast, adrenaline-fueled fun. You’ll be able to use some of the newest, high-performance cars on the World Rally Car circuit. After ample practice and basic training, you’ll have a basic grasp of how to control and grip your monster machine on the slippery snow and ice. Then, it’s your chance to show your skidding stuff on a track specifically-engineered for that very purpose. Sliding around in circles at such speeds does require you to be a little crazy but, under the specialist supervision of your personal tutor, it will be a safe but highly satisfying day.

Rally Car Ice Driving, Lapland

Co-pilot a Rally Car With a Former Rally Car Champion


Collaboration truly is the key in this highly sought after driving day of discovery. You’ll literally have a front-row seat, perfectly positioned as a passenger, to learn the tactics and techniques known to just a handful of drivers around the world. Keeping a close eye on your personal ex-professional, you’ll experience how a car of such ferocity and power can be tamed to handle a track of pure ice and snow. Given the huge responsibility of navigating and negating the dangers and risks rapidly approaching at breakneck speeds, expect some initial shock and a state of heightened senses.

Day 4 - Husky Safari

Sunset Husky Sledding, Lapland

Full-day Aurora Husky Safari


Not just a couple of hours but not requiring the commitment of many days, a full-day husky tour allows ample time to soak up the sensational Arctic scenery without overstaying your welcome. Starting at the husky farm, you will learn about the dogs’ lives and habits while giving them a pre-departure scratch behind the ears and a pat on the tummy. Setting out on a private husky safari, you’ll fall victim to a humbling sense of insignificance, surrounded by the silence that only a snow-covered scene such as this can conjure. Contrast the calm of the steadily sliding sensation with the feeling that will take over your body at the sudden sight of the stunning aurora.

Day 5 - Supercars on Ice

Super CAr Driving On Ice, Lapland

Supercar Driving on Ice in Finnish Arctic


After a morning of driver training you will have an afternoon to tame the ice. Yes, you will drive a supercar across the snowy Finnish Arctic. With vehicles to suit different interests, you can take anything from a Bentley to Lamborghini over an ice circuit. At the end of a day of draining but invigorating driving, you should find a quiet place to relax and recount the day’s experiences, reveling in the thrill of it all.

Day 6 - Departure