Travel Safe in France

Best time to visit
August, September, October

France has reopened and it’s a great time to explore. Attractions aren’t as busy as usual, especially when you get local recommendations and avoid overcrowded hot spots.

People who have only been in other EU countries in the last two weeks can travel to France without quarantine or testing (regardless of nationality). Travel off the beaten path and get to know the real France, on an experience designed by one of the country’s leading travel designers.

Travel privately through highlights in Paris, Champagne and Provence, exploring the secrets France doesn’t usually let slip. In this experience you will find extraordinary travel moments not available or possible anywhere else. And like all Kated experiences the itinerary will be fully tailored to your interests and preferences.

Day 1 - Introductions in Paris

Eiffel Tower and bridge Iena on the river Seine in Paris, France.

Private Seine River Cruise, Paris


Feel Paris awaken around you as your boat glides softly past Notre-Dame, in the early morning hours. Or watch the Eiffel Tower light up as the last sunset glow disappears from the water’s surface.Take this cruise during the day and the darkened glass windows will protect your privacy, as you toast your love with Champagne and share a kiss.Your captain will steer you smoothly and tell you fascinating facts about Paris — such as what the statues on Mirabeau Bridge represent, and why the oldest bridge is called New Bridge.With a private Seine cruise you can create your own itinerary, at your own time of day.

Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris


Step out on your balcony to enjoy the sweeping view over the roofs of Paris. The Eiffel Tower and the American Cathedral are close by, and in the distance you see the Sacré-Coeur basilica. Now go inside, to find parisian decor with pastel colours, antique pieces and plenty of light. Then there are the three Michelin-starred restaurants on site. At Le Cinq you will have French dishes. Le George serves Mediterranean cuisine. And L’Orangerie will surprise you with an intimate setting and modern, light and balanced food.This is a fine hotel in central Paris, great for both short and long stays.

Day 2 - Food and Versailles

Cup of coffee with croissants and strawberry jam against Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Food Tour of Paris


Stroll among the stands and delight in the bustle of Paris’ largest farmers’ market. Your gastronomy expert guide will show you where to taste the best street food here.Next, she will take you to a typical cheese shop. After that comes the “boulangerie” — where you will smell the freshly-baked bread, taste a whole-grain baguette and discover how important airborne yeast can be. Your tour will end with a delicious stop at a “chocolaterie”.If there’s a specific food you would like to discover, let your guide know so she can adapt the tour accordingly. This is a foodie day in Paris, adaptable to your tastes.

Château de Versailles, Versailles, France

After Hours at Versailles Castle


Explore splendid Versailles after the crowds have gone home and the gates are shut.As your insider guide takes you from one sumptuous room to another, she will tell you the story of the palace and the grounds. You will see how king after king enlarged and enriched Versailles, and lived here in faust and magnificence. You will behold all the glories of France as you tour the galleries of historical paintings and sculptures.Your guide will then take you to rooms and passages where other visitors can’t go, to show you the human side and hidden workings of the museum.

Two glasses and a fresh bottle of red wine overlooking the Eiffel Tower Paris

Paris Wine Tour


It does not matter whether you are an educated wine-lover or a passionate beginner. Your guide is an expert who will create just the experience you want.Together you will tour the best wine bars in Paris. Raise your glass, inspect the colour, swirl it around. See the tears of wine. Sip it. You will discover at least three French wines, and learn about French vineyards, grapes and winemaking.Tell your guide about any wines and varietals you are particularly interested in, He will tailor this tour according to your palate and preferences.

Day 3 - Champagne, in Champagne!

Row vine grape in champagne vineyards at montagne de reims, France

Champagne Day Trip from Paris


Discover marvels of winemaking and architecture as you travel with an expert guide to Champagne.In this land of rolling hills and ancient winemaking estates, you will learn all about the local soil and grape varieties, and how these are cared for. You will then head to Reims, to discover the process of Champagne production and taste famous wines in an underground cellar.There is so much tasting that can be done and the guide can include a stop with a winemaker and cellarmaster. Then, visit the 13th-century Cathedral, where French kings were crowned. Here Saint Remigius baptised Clovis I, and Joan of Arc stood at Charles VII’s coronation. It’s a timeless and awe-inspiring place, especially after a glass or two of bubbly.

Day 4 - Private Paris

Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Louvre Behind the Scenes


Discover the secrets of a great museum. Your guide is the exhibition manager of the Louvre, and he will take you through hidden passages, into rooms that only personnel have access to.He will explain to you how curators choose the artworks for each exhibition, and how they transport them within the museum. You will learn what it is like to work with contemporary artists, and organize the security for travelling masterpieces.Museums often seem cold, lifeless places. With this tour you will discover how human they actually are.

Opéra de Paris, Paris, France

Paris Opera & Private Concert


Follow your insider guide up marble staircases, then under gilt columns and ceilings. She will reveal to you the meaning of each allegorical statue in the façade, each painting that catches your eye inside.  She will also tell you how this famous opera house was the inspiration for “The Phantom of the Opera”. And you will float away on the wings of music as the orchestra plays this just for you. Later, you will discover the logistics of organizing an event here, and explore the hidden places where only staff can go. Staff — and phantoms.

Day 5 - Nice

A view along the Promenade des Anglais and beach and seafront in Nice, France. Logos removed.

Nice City Tour


Stroll under the palm trees along the beachside Promenade des Anglais. Sip a cocktail at the bar in the InterContinental Carlton hotel, and remember “To Catch a Thief”. This is Nice after all.Then ask your guide about history. She will tell you Greek settlers founded the town around 350 BC and named it after Nike, the goddess of victory. She will take you to an antique market, and tell you meanwhile of Nice’s alliances with Italy and France, and its centuries of history.You will enjoy the iconic charm of Nice and also discover what most visitors don’t see.

Day 6 - More of Provence


Truffle Hunting in Provence


Take part in a culinary treasure hunt, complete with well-kept secrets. Truffles can’t be grown and are rare to find, so truffle-hunters don’t usually share the spots they’ve discovered.But your companion will share his with you. And as you follow his dog into the woods, you will discover how truffles live in symbiosis with trees, why young oaks are their best partners, and how to tell the black truffle from the more common black winter truffle. Feel the elation of finding this rare delicacy, and enjoy its flavour along with a glass of Champagne.

Herd of White Camargue Horses fast running through water in sunset light. Parc Regional de Camargue - Provence, France

Provence Horseback Riding


Gallop under the sun along vineyards and lavender fields. Then ride slowly up a steep hill and admire the landscape stretching below. Above you, a snake eagle soars and gives its piercing cry.This is the region Peter Mayle lived in and wrote about. It’s rich in biodiversity, and during this ride you will meet many animals, insects and birds. Depending on your horsemanship level, and whether you are in the mood for a relaxing or a challenging outing, you can choose from a number of different itineraries.You can gallop if you want, trot between the fields, or walk the vineyards.

Day 7 - More of the French Riviera

Luxury resort of Villefranche sur Mer. French Riviera, Cote d'Azur, France

Private Yacht Charter on French Riviera


Live the best of the “azure coast” by touring it on your own yacht. Move from Nice to Antibes to Cannes and St. Tropez. Go ashore to see the beautiful seaside promenades. Then to shop and eat at the best restaurants in town.Next day, cast anchor in a hidden beach that few tourists know about, and enjoy swimming and basking on the white sand.Your dedicated captain and crew will ensure you have everything you need, both onboard, in the water, and on dry land.

Ripe grapes on vine in september just before been picked to produce wine at Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Provence, France.

Wine Tasting in Chateauneuf du Pape Domains


Follow your oenologist guide over the rocky hills around this medieval town, on a tour of the region’s best wineries.You will meet viticulturists eager to share their passion with you. You will discover how Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre grapes are blended to create wines with strong aroma and a ripe, developed flavour. You will also learn fascinating details like why those round stones covering the vineyard soil. Taste authentic and unique Châteauneuf du Pape wines, learn what are the best vintages, and buy a few bottles to take home.You will be guided by vineyard owners and viticulturists, for a unique insight into the region’s wine.

Day 8 - Departure

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