Rome & Amalfi Coast in 7 Days

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Stop. Rest. Relax. Savour one week in Italy, combining the legends of Rome with a wild and wonderful coastline.

Three nights in Rome is perfect for mixing famous sights with behind the scenes secrets. Then three nights on the Amalfi Coast will ensure you’re fully rested and relaxed, including a day sailing on the wind.

Italy is quieter than usual right now. And with this experience you will see more than just the popular sights.

Day 1 - Arrival to Rome

Arrive in Rome and settle into the city's style, with dinner and cocktails and the Palazzo Manfredi.

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Walking Tour of Rome


Look around you as you stand in the People’s Square, and marvel at its sheer size and at the majestic buildings surrounding it. Climb down the Spanish steps and remember fondly that lovely scene between Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. Admire the fountain in Navona Square, and the imposing monuments in Venice Square.Then, let your guide take you to hidden places, to quiet corners of Rome that will catch your fancy and make lovely memories.And don’t forget to throw your coin in the Trevi Fountain. Because you will want to see Rome again.

Noble Cocktail Palace View, Rome, Italy

Cocktails on the Rooftop Terrace of a Noble Palace in Rome


From the rooftop terrace, you watch the evening twilight envelop Rome in a golden haze. Palaces, towers, cupolas, monuments — they all seem a vision in a dream. Yet all else is very real: the home-made snacks, the cocktail, and your hostess, who is a member of Roman aristocracy.You will ask her about her family history; about the Whites and the Blacks; about the Republic and what became of noble families after it.And as the night falls, you may find yourself wishing that the past could return.

Palace dinner setup, Italy

Romantic Dinner at a Private Palace in Rome


Let your feelings be touched by the moving notes from the violin as you two sip your appéritif. Then, follow the master of the house to discover the picture gallery and the historical rooms of this 17th-century mansion.In one of these rooms, lined with original furniture and décor, an elegant candlelit dinner awaits you. Before and during dinner, live classical music will float around you, the sweet sounds of the harp matching the fiery sweetness of the wine, lifting your hearts to a sphere of beauty.You will end the evening dancing in each other’s arms.

Hotel Palazzo Manfredi Rome

Stay at Palazzo Manfredi in Rome


Peer out of your hotel window and you can almost hear the lions roar. You can see the Colosseum, so close you can taste history on the breeze. For Ancient Rome you have the best location in the city. Yet remarkably, the surrounding Celio enclave has remained mostly free of overtourism. Nestled in the hotel you feel like a Roman count.2000 years of changing Roman styles create a unique interior (the exuberant design of legendary Giorgia Dennerlein), and from the rooftop there’s no better view of Rome. Oh, and that rooftop is also home to a Michelin-starred restaurant, such are the little touches at Palazzo Manfredi.

Day 2 - Wonders of Rome

Be completely alone in the Sistine Chapel and other parts of the Vatican Museums, the magnificent conclusion to a day of very exclusive travel moments.

Private Cooking Lessonn, Rome, Italy

Cooking Class in a Rome Noble Palace


As you follow your host and tutor through the market, you are learning how to choose the very best ingredients for the meal you will prepare together. Back in his elegant aristocratic house, your host — an extraordinary chef and a member of Roman nobility — will show you how to prepare his recipes, which are all inspired by Italian traditions. The flowers you bought at the market are used for decorating a perfect dinner table.You will dine on the terrace, open to the indigo night and the fresh breeze, the city lights and the silhouettes of Roman glory.

Detail View of an old Fiat 500, Rome, Italy

Vintage Car Tour in Rome


The charming vintage convertible takes you on a tour of Rome’s most beautiful and historic places, from the imposing Colosseum to the Roman ruins on Oppian Hill and to the Cestia Pyramid.On Aventine Hill your driver stops the car.Sitting in the shade under the Mediterranean pines, you will open the bottle of Prosecco. Sip it slowly, gazing at the panorama of the majestic city spread before you.

St Peters Basilica in Vatican City, Italy

Private Access to the Vatican Museums, Including the Sistine Chapel


Maybe you come because to you this is a holy place. Maybe it’s art itself that is sacred to you. In either case, you feel the grandeur of these museums as you advance from room to room and from collection to collection, in the solitude of an after-hours tour.There’s no one but you and your guide.Your footsteps are the only ones to resound in the vast marble interiors. And when you stop, there is utter silence. You contemplate Giotto’s Stefaneschi Triptych, the perfect body of a Roman statue, Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel — jewels collected over the centuries by many popes.You will wander at your leisure and, unhindered, undisturbed, will immerse yourself in millennia of art.

Day 3 - Exploring Rome

Go behind the scenes of this legendary city and end the day with a Michelin-starred chef.

Roma - Church of San Clemente

Visit Secret Roman Treasures in a Private Part of Rome


The apse mosaic in San Clemente Basilica is a thing of wonder.Mystic figures on a golden background, the portrayal of a whole cosmic vision with unsurpassable artistry. You will contemplate it for long moments, imbibing this vision that is so strange to your everyday world.Now you will descend to the second level, and marvel at the buried basilica. Then deeper still into the earth, down to the third level and the Roman ruins.And lastly, on leaving the Basilica, you will find yourself in a private area, where a privileged few can admire ancient pieces from the days of Roman glory.

Mosaic School, Rome

Exclusive Access to The House of Wonders Private Home in Rome


Admire the antique furniture, the precious artworks on the walls, the family heirlooms on display. Ask your hosts — members of an old, aristocratic Roman family — all you would like to know about the history of this house and its treasures.You will hear fascinating stories.Then, they will take you below ground, and show you the most precious treasure in the house: Roman ruins from the first century BC, recently found. Archaeologists are still discovering and studying them; and none but exclusive visitors like yourself are able to see them.

Cooking Italian Specialities, Italy

Cook Italian Specialities With a Michelin-Starred Chef in Rome


You will certainly enjoy the unique experience of learning to cook Italian food with a master. In the warmth of his kitchen you will learn culinary secrets, and practice them on the spot.And at the end of the class, you will savour a delicious meal and the best wines. A true Michelin 1-star dinner — prepared by yourself.

Day 4 - Rome to Amalfi Coast

Travel to the coast and check into the Belmond Hotel Caruso, a timeless destination for the next three nights.

Looking at the famous garden of the Villa Rufolo at the small city of Ravello on the Amalfi coast. Many of the small villages along the Amalfi coastline are hundreds of meters above sea level, because of the geographical reasons. The Amalfi coast is a stretch of coastline on the northern coast of the Salerno Gulf on the Tyrrhenian Sea, located in the Province of Salerno of southern Italy. The Amalfi Coast is a popular tourist destination for the region and Italy as a whole, attracting thousands of tourists annually. In 1997, the Amalfi Coast was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ravello and Amalfi Sightseeing Tour


Your guide will take you to the most beautiful places along the Amalfi Coast.In Ravello, the belvedere of Villa Cimbrone and the romantic gardens of Villa Rufolo seem to overhang the sea. It is as though, standing by the battlements, you could drop a pebble into the waters, nearly four hundred meters below.In Amalfi, narrow winding streets are lined with charming houses, and reveal breathtaking views.If there was such a thing as “too beautiful”, this is what you would call the Amalfi Coast.

Belmond Hotel Caruso, Aerial view, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Belmond Hotel Caruso


Go out on your balcony. Over tiered olive and lemon groves, you look out to the sparkling ocean below. Back inside, your room is airy, elegant and unique. Your eyes rest and rejoice on the furniture antiques and the historical details of this 11th-century palace.You will probably spend a long time in the infinity pool, enjoying the perfect illusion where sky and water meet.

Day 5 - Sailing the Amalfi Coast

There are very few travel moments as iconic as sailing the Amalfi Coast.

Stunning Capri island, beach and Faraglioni cliffs, Italy, Europe

Capri and Amalfi Coast By Yacht


What is there to say about a place that ever since Antiquity has been sung by poets and painted by artists?You don’t need to read anything more about Capri waters, lapping on rough rock, flowing in and out of mysterious caves, dazzling you with their vivid azure transparency.Nor do you need to hear words about the charm of Amalfi and Positano, those coloured villages that, perched on crags, look down on the blue Tyrrhenian Sea. Too many words have been written and said about these places.But all of them together cannot make you feel the enchantment of being there. So, stop reading. Just go.

Day 6 - Explore the Amalfi Coast from Land

Hike the clifftops and escape to a private island, for a final evening of bliss in Italy.

a fantastic view of positano, amalfi coast, nocelle, praiano, agerola

Hiking on the Path of the Gods in Amalfi


It is a mountainside path, but an easy one: gently going up and down, past lemon groves, ancient deserted stone houses, terraced vineyards and flowering meadows.On your left, the steep craggy slopes descend all the way to the sea. And far, far below, the blue vastness stretches to the horizon.From one stunning view to the next, your guide will point out to you all the remarkable sites and tell you their stories.Yes, a mortal you are, and no god; but not all the waters of the Lethe will make you forget the beauty of this coast.

Island of Li Galli in the Bay of Salerno, Italy

Romantic Dinner on a Private Island On the Amalfi Coast


In the company of your beloved, enjoy an evening for the future memory archives. On a luxury motorboat you will cross the waters from Positano to Li Galli Island. Here, a majestic villa sits atop the cliffs, looking out on the twilit sea. Flowers float on the pool. Nearby, the table is set and decorated with flowers and candles, doing full justice to the dishes you will taste.As you look into each other’s eyes, a soprano sings a song of immortal love. Love that lives both of small gestures and moments of high romance.Moments such as you will live on Li Galli Island.

Day 7 - Last Bits of Italy and Departure

Italy can always surprise and a little cheese is great for souvenirs as well!

Temple of Hera at famous Paestum Archaeological UNESCO World Heritage Site, which contains some of the most well-preserved ancient Greek temples in the world, Province of Salerno, Campania, Italy

Paestum Ruins and Campania Cheese Factory Tour


Wonders of the past and pleasures of the present await you.At Paestum, an archaeologist will take you on a tour of some of the best-preserved Ancient Greek monuments in the world. You will feel small before the immense columns of the two temples dedicated to Hera — or Juno — queen of the gods.After admiring ancient sculptures, vases and paintings in the local museum, you will leave the realms of the past to discover present-day gastronomical pleasure.At a local fattoria, you will learn everything about the production of Mozzarella cheese — and taste it fresh-made and delicious.

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