Romantic Venice Weekend

Best time to visit
April, May, June, July, August, September, October

There has never been a better time to discover Venice. Beautiful canals are blissfully quiet. Famous bridges have fallen silent. Iconic galleries and attractions are no longer overrun by tourists.

Venice is wonderfully romantic and with this experience you will be exploring just as two. From private gondolas to palaces, food tasting and glass blowing, immerse yourself in one of the world’s most unique cities, with four days celebrating the best of Venetian past and present.


Welcome to Venice

The Aman is a glorious home for three nights and there's no better introduction than a private gondola ride.

Venice Tour by Private Gondola


The danger in Venice is that you may start with too many memories. Films, paintings, poems, songs.Instead, forget all associations. Make your mind a blank canvas, and let the city paint its own portrait on it. No human glory lasts forever. But St. Mark’s Basilica will fill you with awe; the Doge’s Palace will teach you about art and history; and during your boat tour, the Grand Canal will enchant you with its palatial memories of a glorious past.You will see Venice’s face does have a few wrinkles. But it is beautiful, and magically unique.

Aerial view of Venice, Italy

Romantic Dinner on a Venetian Rooftop


Mansions of infinite pastel shades peep into the mirrors of quiet canals. Footsteps echo down intimate alleyways, and seabirds call over the vast lagoon vistas. Boats chug gently along the Grand Canal, and a gondola splashes softly as it plies a watery backstreet. Among its roofs and chimneys are the altanas, Venice’s elegant wooden terraces. It’s here you two will dine, tasting Venetian recipes and local wines while you look on the Grand Canal. The sunset paints the clouds golden, and the awakening lights from the city answer those from the sky.There's really no competition. For romance, Venice is the perfect backdrop.

Aman Venice, Canal view, Italy

Aman Venice


Here you will enjoy the comfort of modern amenities in the elegance of baroque rooms.Look around and revel in the period charm of your rooms: damask walls, marble fireplaces, wood panelling. There are historic architectural details and original Renaissance frescoes.Then look out of your windows. You will see the boats passing in the Grand Canal and long row of beautiful balconied windows across the waterway.The canal waters reflect dapples of light on your ceilings. Here you really feel you are in the heart of the Queen of the Sea.

Exploring Venice Lagoon and Doge's Palace

Get out and explore the republic's glorious past, on small islands and then in a magnificent palace.

Fasi della lavorazione artiginale del vetro di Murano

Murano, Burano & Torcello - Boat Tour on Venice Lagoon


With traditional and inimitable technique, the colourful molten glass is blown, molded, twisted. How lovely they are, vases, plates, cups, figures — the myriad glass objects you see in Murano. And more lovely still because now you have seen how much care and work went into making them.From there, your private boat takes you to Burano. Here you discover houses painted in gay colours, and delicious seafood.Then, Torcello. The thousand year-old church is a perfection of Venetian-Byzantine beauty: simple stone, golden mosaics. If you can, linger until after the last boat has left. In the evening twilight, the island is empty and hushed and full of comforting mystery.

Venice landmark at dawn, view from sea of Piazza San Marco or st Mark square, Campanile and Ducale or Doge Palace. Italy, Europe.

Visit to the Doge's Palace in Venice


Leisurely, follow your guide through halls and corridors, to balconies and windows and passages. Learn about the seven centuries of history of this building — once, seat of the Venetian government, now, a museum full of artistic treasures. Admire the architecture of the Doge’s Palace and its decoration, and the masterpieces it houses.Then, your guide will take you to rooms that are not open to the public. You will have exclusive glimpses into aspects of the palace that only very few come to know.Today, the Doge’s Palace is yours alone.

Couple clinking glasses with aperol spritz in Venice, Italy

Aperitivos and Food Tasting in Venice


Surrender to a slower rhythm as your gondola glides on the unfrequented side canals, and you taste local products and Prosecco wine.Lean back and enjoy sights you will see nowhere else in the world. House doors open onto shaded waters, and boats are moored close by. Carved stone bridges lead from alley to alley. Small gardens hang from rooftop terraces.Look attentively, and you will see not only the happy amalgam of Europe and the East in the architecture, but also the incredible details of carefully crafted doorknobs and glass lamps and ironwork.Venice is a world unto itself — and one well worth discovering.

Venice Neighborhoods and Dinner on a Bragozzo Boat

See another side to Venice and get to know the city's distinctive neighbourhoods.

Old houses and bridge over Canal De Cannaregio in Venice, Veneto, Italy

Cannaregio and the Jewish Ghetto in Venice Tour


You will be a bit surprised at Cannaregio. Where are the tourists that infest St. Mark’s Square? You may see a few of them, but the lively Cannaregio is still a residential neighbourhood, and far less frequented than the popular Venetian sites.Here you will discover the Jewish neighbourhood. It’s a real hub of social, cultural and commercial exchange. You will wander in and out of five synagogues built between the early 16th and the 17th century, a Museum, a Jewish library and archive, a publishing house, and traditional handicraft shops. And that’s not to mention the several kosher food shops and restaurants…

Glasses of wine against red sunset-Rovinj-Croatia

Bragozzo Experience - Venetian Boat, Dinner and Aperitivo


This evening the bragozzo sails just for you. On board this beautiful traditional boat, its sails catching the breeze and the sunset lights, you glide on the lagoon. An apéritif will prepare you for the coming dinner — in a remote, tranquil area of the lagoon.Here, a gourmet meal will be served on board. Traditional dishes, a refined combination of flavours, paired with the best wines from the region. It’s all set on crisp linens, matched with fine china and silverware.The evening will pass sweetly — and certainly too quickly.

Venice From the Air and Departure

Soar above Venice by helicopter for a brilliant bird's-eye view before your departure.

Venice aerial view, Italy

Helicopter Tour of Venice


See the Venetian lagoon from a new angle as you soar above it in a helicopter.Away from the crowds, you will enjoy views of all the islands, from fish-shaped Venice to the Lido, S. Michele, Murano and Torcello.And you will marvel more than ever at the ingeniousness of those people who, out of a few marshy islands, created this inimitably beautiful city.