Porto Weekender

Best time to visit
August, September, October

Portugal has reopened to visitors and Porto can be just the ticket for an extended weekend break. Quieter than Lisbon yet with many similar charms, Porto is an upcoming destination deserving a place on any travel bucketlist.

There’s a cute old town draped along the Douro River, overlooking all the port cellars. The beach is only ten minutes away by tram and you can easily take a boat into the legendary Douro Valley wine region.

Explore in style with this best of Porto experience, celebrating the city’s eclectic and extraordinary travel moments. Note that there are many great onward destinations in Portugal as well, so this experience can just be the start of your travels in Portugal.

Portugal is open to visitors coming from Europe, Canada, Australia and a handful of other countries. No quarantine or coronavirus testing is required.

Day 1 - Leisurely Introductions

Get your bearings in this World Heritage city and gain the perfect first impressions from the water.

Puesta de sol en Oporto sobre el Rio Duero

Romantic Dinner on a Private Boat in Porto


The sun is setting, and dusk falls. Port glass in hand, stand by the gunnel with that special person, and watch the old neighbourhoods of Porto light up. When the last of daylight is gone, you will enjoy a traditional Portuguese dinner served on board in all elegance. Just for the two of you. Revel in the flavours of food and wine, and gaze into each other’s eyes as your boat floats gently down the silent dark waters, which give back the golden city lights.

Bacchus Suite, The Yeatman, Porto

The Yeatman, Porto


Think vintage elegance, sweeping views of Porto’s clay-tiled roofs, and an array of wine-related experiences. You are thinking The Yeatman.Wine is the theme of this hotel, founded by a family whose wine-making tradition dates from the 19th century. From its cellars, you will have an extensive choice of wines to accompany your double-Michelin-star meals. In the spa, alongside the Roman bath and hamman, you can enjoy exclusive vine-based treatments.And if you like, you can have a vineyard-themed suite — how about sleeping in a bed built into an enormous wine-barrel?

Day 2 - Discovering City Highlights

Explore the city's heritage and enjoy gastronomic experiences.

Gardens of Serralves House in Porto town

Porto Architecture Tour


This is a treat for lovers of architecture old and new. Your guide will introduce you to the city’s most daring and remarkable buildings.You will find Casa Serralves an unique example of art déco in Portugal. The Vodafone building is among the most surprising creative office buildings in the world. Rem Koolhaas’s Casa da Música challenges the order of the square where it is located. And the Rosa Mota Pavilion, besides its architectural peculiarities, offers you a great view of Porto.Let your guide know if you have other interests besides, this tour can be customized to your preferences.

Taylor_s Port Tour, Porto

Visit Taylor's Port Cellars in Porto


Taste the sweet ports and learn about them right here, in the city they take their name from. At Taylor’s Wine Lodges, your private guide will tell you how these wines are created. And also, about Taylor’s origins. You will hear how, four centuries ago, an Englishman came to Porto... The Marquis of Pombal, Napoleon’s troops, the Duke of Wellington, the history of this winery is more exciting than you suspect.At the winery’s restaurant, in an elegant room overlooking the city and the Douro, you will have an excellent dinner accompanied by vintage ports from down the years.

Culinairy Tour, Porto

Porto Culinary Tour


Your guide in Porto is a professional expert in food and drink. And Porto has a very distinctive culinary scene. Alongside her, you will discover the headquarters of a long-established British wine company. Picture a period ballroom, kitchen and library, which all seem right out of Downton Abbey. From there, she will take you to explore a residential area of the city, meet local artisans and buy handicrafts. At a picturesque fishermen’s village, you will choose your fish right out of the net, and enjoy an authentic seaside lunch.

Day 3 - Douro Valley

Spend a private day lounging on a boat and discovering the Douro River Valley

Porto, Portugal old town skyline from across the Douro River.

Douro River Rabelo Cruise


As the boat glides on, look to the top of the sheer rocky walls. Here the Douro flows in a deep gorge, and the cliffs on both sides are majestic.The griffin and the eagle fly by, undisturbed by the electric-powered boat. It goes on noiselessly, in harmony with the nature around.  In olden days, “rabelos”, a centuries-old Portuguese boat, used to sail down the Douro. They carried the wine barrels from Douro vineyards to Porto cellars. You will learn much about this river, which is both a historic waterway and a wonder of nature. You will live the history on your own rabelo.

View Of Vineyards In Douro Valley From Double Viewpoint De Loivos - Vila Real District, Portugal, Europe

Quinta do Crasto Wine Tasting Tour


For four centuries, vines have been lovingly tended to in Quinta do Crasto. Today, you will wander through these vineyards on a privately guided tour.The vine-covered slopes go all the way down to where the Douro glides at its own sweet will. You will feel the peace that hovers about this place, where winemaking is a passion and an art. And you will learn everything about wine production here.Then, you will taste the aromatic complexity that is the distinctive mark of the Douro wines. Whatever your level of wine-expertise, your guide will ensure you make the most of this experience.

Day 4 - Living Portuguese History

Explore Portugal's oldest towns then soak up the beauty of fado.

Sao Menede Castle, Guimarães

Day Trip to Braga and Guimaraes from Porto


Discover Portugal’s past with this guided tour of two iconic historical cities.Guimarães is the country’s birthplace. Your guide will tell you how, nearly a thousand years ago, this region separated from another state and became the kingdom of Portugal. While exploring Guimarães, you will be particularly impressed by the medieval castle, built to defend the city against Normans and Moors.Now ask your guide about Braga. You will discover a tale of shifting fortunes. But each period of prosperity added something to the city. And iaf you love the baroque, you will find your heart’s delight here.

Stock Exchange Palace, Porto

After Hours Stock Exchange Palace Tour With Dinner & Fado


Have this 19th-century palace all to yourself as you visit it in the after-hours. Built by the Commercial Association of Porto, it displays proudly the wealth and power of Portuguese merchants of that time. Think gold, granite, marble, exotic woods. A huge iron and glass dome, authentic period furniture, sumptuous décor, a dazzling Moorish revival room. This is the summit of 19th-century splendour.Your visit includes an elegant dinner in the palace. And as you sip your Port, you will enjoy a performance of fado, Portugal’s plaintive and passionate song style.

Day 5 - Departure

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