Highlights of Norway Self Drive

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Find the freedom of the open road as you discover Norway’s famous fjords and alpine landscapes. Be dazzled by otherworldly scenery and get away from everything, as you drive from Stavanger to Bergen and into the fhords. There are few finer places for a self-drive discovery in Europe. And in these uncertain times, this experience provides a wonderful level of privacy and safety.

Day 1 - Oslo

Check in to the capital city and relax before the trip really starts.

View from above Ekebergparken over Sorenga District towards Oslo Cityscape with Oslo Harbor in late afternoon light close to twilight. Oslo City, Norway, Scandinavia, Europe

Oslo City Tour


Explore Oslo with a local guide who knows how to open the city’s locked doors. You like modernism? She will introduce you to Gustav Vigeland’s sculpture park and to the Oslo opera house. Prefer the past? She will give you a tour of the 13th-century fortress that once housed the royal family — and now shelters a group of museums.She will accompany you to the best shops in Akker Brygge, take you island-hopping in the Oslo Fjord and bring you to Holmenkollen, to see the whole city spread before you. Just let her know your interests, and she will tailor your Oslo tour to your time and interests.

The Thief Oslo

Stay at The Thief Oslo


Your rooms have a contemporary décor and balcony views to the fjord and the modern buildings around. In the rooftop grill and bar you will enjoy Nordic cuisine with foreign inspiration. Eat while basking and admiring the landscape of the hills. Then go out, explore the art galleries and discover the distinct architecture of this area. Return to find a Turkish bath waiting for you.You will experience Oslo at its most urban and modern by staying at The Thief.

Day 2 - Stavenger

Fly to Stavanger for a dreamy aerial view of Norway's coastline.

Vagen old town aerial panoramic view in Stavanger, Norway. Stavanger is a city and municipality in Norway.

Scenic Flight Over Stavanger


Experience the majestic beauty of Lysefjord from the air. Fly close to the imposing rocky walls and marvel at the power that carved this valley out of stone, over the geological ages.Your flight will take you to the Pulpit Rock, a 600 metre-high plateau jutting out above the fjord. That final cliffhanger in Mission Impossible 6 was filmed at this famous site.But unlike Ethan Hunt, you are flying back to Stavanger comfortable and relaxed, to enjoy the view over the city and the harbour. It’s a good thing there are no villains around.This scenic flight can be adapted into an accommodation transfer or extended to include more of the fjords as well.

Day 3 - Bergen

The coastal drive to Bergen includes two lovely ferry crossings.

Stay at Hotel Opus XVI, Bergen


Enjoying a classic afternoon tea, you will easily picture Edvard Grieg sitting close by for a lively chat with his friend Henrik Ibsen.This building is from the 19th century, and though you will find your rooms have contemporary décor, the restaurant still has the original architecture and style. Edvard Grieg’s family owns and runs the hotel, so you can expect a musical and cultural ambience.If you want to be in the heart of Bergen, enjoying unique rooms and an elegant artistic atmosphere, this is your place.

Day 4 - Bergen

Take some time to explore this World Heritage city.

hiking in a breathtaking mountain landscape in Bergen

Hiking around Bergen


Meet Norwegian nature in the wooded mountains around Bergen.Like local residents you can hike the easy path to the top of Mount Fløyen, to admire the fjord and the city spread at your feet. For a more demanding hike, take the steep trail and stairs to Sandviksfjellet.Your guide can also take you on the boat to Askøy, where you can hike up to a 360 degrees view of the sea and the islands.There are options for all abilities, so choose the one that suits you best. And if you want to hear Norwegian tales, ask your guide about the trolls that live in these mountains...


Bergen World Heritage City Tour


Stroll along the seafront at Bryggen, admiring the colourful buildings that have stood here for centuries, hearing stories about the merchants who ruled this place.Then head to the fish market, which has been there for 800 years. Talk about tradition. Try excellent seafood in the restaurants. In the aquarium, you will come close to sea lions and penguins. And if you would like to see the city from above, there’s the funicular to Mount Fløyen. Just tell your guide what interests you, and he will tailor this tour accordingly.

Day 5 - Hardangerfjord

Now the really stunning journeys begin, as you travel deep into the fjords.

Amazing nature view with fjord and mountains. Beautiful reflection. Location: Scandinavian Mountains, Norway. Artistic picture. Beauty world. The feeling of complete freedom

Drive Road 7 From Bergen to Hardangerfjord


Explore one of Scandinavia’s most scenic routes. Mountain peaks, waterfalls and lakes combine to create wild landscapes that speak of power and freedom. You’ll walk behind the 50-metre Steinsdal Waterfall, discover the Goldfish Lake, and cross the Hardangerbrua, one of the longest cable-stayed suspension bridges in the world. At Øvre Eidfjord, you will visit the Hardangervidda Nature Center to learn about Norway’s unique nature.Your tour will end on the edge of a narrow rocky valley, into which Vøringsfossen waters plunge from a dizzying height of 180 metres.

Day 6 - Hardangerfjord

Explore your surroundings and a series of flowing waterfalls.

The famous Voringsfossen waterfalls near Hardangervidda in Norway is among the most popular tourist attraction during the Norwegian tourism season.

Waterfalls of Hardangerfjord Tour


“Fossen” is the Norwegian word you want to learn. It means “waterfall”. And you have a number of them to choose from. You can hike to the foot of Vøringsfossen, which plunges into a rocky dell from the plateau 180 metres above. You can walk behind the waters of Steindalsfossen. You can see the twin falls of Låtefoss, feel the power of the four falls of Husedalen, and enjoy the beauty of Furebergfossen as it glides directly into the peaceful Maurangerfjord.Discuss your preferences with your travel designer, and they will take care to design a waterfall itinerary that suits you best.

Day 7 - Aurland

Take the winding road north to a village close to Flam.

Summer morning in Norway, a village near the small town of Odda, on the river Opo. In the background you can see the glaciers of Folgefonna National Park.

Hike around Folgefonna Glacier


After driving through craggy mountains, deep valleys and fjords, you will arrive at the little village of Jondal. This is where the road to the mighty Folgefonna Glacier begins.Traveling to the glacier you will admire the stark beauty of an icy landscape interspersed by lakes and waterfalls. Have a snack at the glacier café before starting your privately guided glacier hike. Besides plains of ice, the glacier has crevassed areas where you can get more adventurous and do some climbing. Let your guide know your preferences, and they will tailor the hike accordingly.This can be an easy and accessible excursion onto a glacier, or it can be a true adventure into the icy unknown.

Hotel Aurland 29.2

Stay at Hotel Aurland 29.2


Enjoy a cozy farmhouse ambience and rooms decorated with traditional colours and style. Look out of your window to see beyond the fjord. Out here you’re beneath a tall, impassable blue wall of cliffs.The farm buildings at Hotel Aurland 29.2 have all been carefully restored, so you will get a feel of local history. A highlight is the traditional smokehouse, used originally for smoking fish, which has been converted into an atmospheric dining lounge (the food is another highlight here).

Day 8 - Aurland

Explore a new fjord as you go deeper into wild landscapes.

View on Aurlandsfjorden fjord landscape in Norway

Aurlandsfjord Safari


Board a private boat and go deep into the majestic beauty of Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord. Then land at Skierdal, and begin to discover the life of local residents.Your guide will take you on a mountainside hike. Admire the views of the fjord from above, and ask her any questions you have about this region. She will be happy to share her love for it with you.Hike on. You will arrive at a Leim farm where you will meet a genial host, and discover friendly goats, cheese making, and delicious local food.

Day 9 - Geirangerfjord

Drive to Norway's most famous fjord then enjoy a breathtaking show from the air.

Aerial view of a fjord in Norway

Scenic Geirangerfjord Helicopter Flight


Fly above and into the deep abyss of Geirangerfjord. The mountain walls rise so abruptly out of the water that there are no habitable shore areas. All around, you will see towering mountain peaks, nearly-vertical slopes covered by woods, and tall waterfalls. Some of Norway’s most famous waterfalls are here: the Seven Sisters, the Suitor, the Bridal Veil. Ask your guide and you will hear old tales local about them.Geirangerfjord is the most iconic destination for a scenic helicopter flight, the helicopter appearing so small beneath the vast fjord walls. You can extend the flight further to see more of the Fjordland and touch down in a place few people venture.

Day 10 - Geirangerfjord

Cruise in private, across a dazzling body of water.

You can see my collection of photos of stunning Norway: mountains and fjords (Oslo, Geiranger, Geiranger Fjord, Alesund, Bergen, a Lot of Fjords, Jotunheimen, Jostedal, Glaciers, Trollstigen, Aurland, sunrises, sunsets, and much others!!) in the following link below:

Geirangerfjord Yacht Charter


Discover Geirangerfjord from the luxurious comfort of your own yacht. Sip a glass of champagne and nibble an appetizer while you look on the mountain walls that loom above the still waters.Ask your guide about the fjord and its waterfalls. You will discover a fascinating history of valleys carved by glaciers over the geological ages. And you will hear local legends and tales as well. The rock walls plunge so abruptly into the fjord that for most of its length there is no path along it. That’s why sailing into Geirangerfjord is the best way to discover this fjord. You can see more, travel further, and escape the tourist boats with a yacht charter.

Days 11 & 12 - Alesund

Enjoy the open road as you travel north to Alesund.

Alesund, Europe, Nordic Countries, Northern Norway, Norway

Alesund and Mount Aksla Private Tour


Explore Ålesund and its islands in the company of your local guide.First, take the underwater tunnels to Giske and Godøy islands. Here you will discover a 12th-century Norman church, stroll through the fishing village of Alnes, and visit a 19th-century lighthouse that is still in operation.In Alesund, you will travel back in time at an open-air museum. The Viking ships are not to be missed. Your guide will then take you to Mount Aksla, to admire the view over the city and the islands. Your discovery of Alesund will end with a tour through the art nouveau houses of the city centre.

Day 13 - Alesund

The last drive is the very best, a really remote route across islands and fjords.

Atlantic Ocean Road or the Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsveien) been awarded the title as Norwegian Construction of the Century. The road classified as a National Tourist Route. Aerial photography

Tour the Atlantic Road


Drive over the sea to the island of Averøy. The Atlantic Road connects the island to the mainland over a series of rocky, sea-beaten islets. At times, you will feel you are driving on the ocean.Maybe it will be a sunny day, with hazy blueness and a quiet sparkling sea. Maybe it will be stormy, the waves washing wildly over the road. But however you live it, the Atlantic Road is always a beautiful and unique experience.If you like, you can make a stop during the trip to go sea kayaking. There’s an option to drive on the open roads, or to hire a driver for the day.

Day 14 - Departure