Finland in Winter

Best time to visit
January, February, March, December

Escape from the world and travel far away from other people with a winter experience in Finland. Get away from all the nonsense and embrace the wilderness.

Winter in Finland is magical and you can usually see the Northern Lights every other night. It does get a little cold, but guides will kit you out in thick thermal gear, and all the snow and ice makes for a real adventure.

Combine these extraordinary Finland travel moments on a one-week experience that can be tailored further to your interests and preferences.


Day 1 - Layover in Helsinki

Stop in Helsinki for your first experience of Finnish food and culture.

Kalakeitto, Traditional Finnish Fish Soup

Cook and Consume Finnish Cuisine at Kitchen Kokka


Discover the nuance of Finnish cuisine while enjoying personal teaching from some of the country’s most well-trained chefs. At Kitchen Kokka in Helsinki you will learn in the capable hands of the pioneers of Finnish cuisine. Using only the best ingredients and equipment, the day will start with you working in an authentic and professional kitchen, emulating the dishes being created and consumed in Helsinki’s most prestigious eateries. Obviously you can taste the treats that you’ve been toiling over, with a skilled sommelier onhand to share years of wine-food pairing expertise.


Hotel Kamp Helsinki


Helsinki's only true five-star, Hotel Kamp is a luscious urban hotel that's been central to Finland's history. This is the nation's grandest hotel and awaits in the heart of the capital, a decadent outpost with a style that has evolved over the last 130 years.Despite nearly 200 rooms there's an intimacy to everything here, notably the service and solitude that's possible, deep in the city centre. A selection of suites and rooms mean a stay can be adjusted to different visitors, with romantic suites on far wings and others more suited to families.With its restaurants, spa, service, and dedication to always being the best hotel in the country, it's difficult to imagine a Finland vacation without Hotel Kamp. Remember to ask the concierge about the hotel's history, as it's played a central role in Finnish politics and culture during its time.

Day 2 - To the Arctic Circle

Fly north and embrace the silence of the Arctic Circle.

Woman on Reindeer sleigh in Finland in Rovaniemi at Lapland farm. Lady on Christmas sledge at winter sled ride safari with snow Finnish Arctic north pole. Fun with Norway Saami animals

Reindeer Safari with Authentic Sami Dinner


Any adventurers with a hankering for heritage and local culture will enjoy this reindeer safari with a special Sami dinner. You’ll ride in private into the wilderness, a reindeer-pulled sleigh sliding and skidding its way through the snowy trails of the Arctic outback. With the exclusive addition of a Sami guide who has lived the life of a local, you’ll be regaled with stories of the simple life and survival in a snowy setting. Finally, having expended much effort on the journey and working up an appetite, an authentic Sami dinner of meaty morsels will be cooked over an open fire in the welcome warmth of a log cabin.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Lapland, Finland

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort


From a glass igloo you gaze up at the Northern Lights. In traditional log cabins you warm up after a day by snowmobile or husky. For an unusual experience you spend a night in a snow igloo. Wrapped in snow for half the year, Kakslauttanen is the most famous of Finland's Arctic accommodations. It's a resort, so don't expect a really intimate or boutique feel. However, the quality and variety of accommodation options make Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort a natural choice for all kinds of visitors. Glass igloos are perfect for the Northern Lights, with inspiring views of the nighttime sky - choose them anytime between September and March. Large wooden chalets are quintessential Finland, good for families and smaller groups. Kelo-glass igloos really stand out as they mix both types of accommodation. So you get the comfort and space of a log chalet, with a glass igloo for an evening watching the sky. The snow igloos aren't incredibly comfortable, but it's an igloo in the Arctic! Consider one night in an igloo, then move to one of the other accommodations. While there are a lot of guests, there's also a lot of space up here, so you can still enjoy privacy. 

Day 3 - Exclusive Arctic Experiences

Rally car driving on ice

Learn to Drive on Ice With a World Rally Champion


Here’s an unrivaled, unparalleled chance to drive at high-speeds on ice in the capable hands of a world rally champion. After receiving the very best in advanced driving tuition, using rally driving techniques, you will be let loose on private ice circuits to show your skills, flanked in the passenger seat by a tutor of the highest calibre. Yes, this tour isn’t just about the thrill of the speed. There’s no backseat driving here. You will get the chance to grab the wheel and feel, firsthand, what it takes to control these monstrous machines. Not for the faint-hearted, this is a high-end driving experience in the Finnish winter wilds..

Snowshoe Wlk Northern Lights, Levi

Snowshoe Walk Beneath the Northern Lights


A day dominated by rays of sunlight glittering off the pure white snow. A daytime trek on snowshoe instills a sense of natural serenity that only mother nature can provide. And when night fades the sky starts to dance. Treading with deliberately slow steps through the crunching snow will make for an introspective experience where words don’t seem to do any justice. You will walk in a white wonderland then stay out to watch the aurora.After dusk comes the sparkling and shimmering northern lights, an ample replacement for the sun as it sets over the horizon ahead.

Day 4 - Huskies and Igloos

Go even further away from the everyday world with these remarkable moments.

Sunset Husky Sledding, Lapland

Full-day Aurora Husky Safari


Not just a couple of hours but not requiring the commitment of many days, a full-day husky tour allows ample time to soak up the sensational Arctic scenery without overstaying your welcome. Starting at the husky farm, you will learn about the dogs’ lives and habits while giving them a pre-departure scratch behind the ears and a pat on the tummy. Setting out on a private husky safari, you’ll fall victim to a humbling sense of insignificance, surrounded by the silence that only a snow-covered scene such as this can conjure. Contrast the calm of the steadily sliding sensation with the feeling that will take over your body at the sudden sight of the stunning aurora.

Northern ights View, Aurora Village

Arctic Wilderness Cabin with Sauna


Located as far north as most mere mortals would dare to venture, in Rovaniemi, lie Finland’s Arctic wilderness cabins. Set in a remote circumstance, sufficiently far away from the relative hustle and bustle of the town centre the cabins are still a reassuringly short drive from civilization. With civilization almost visible, you can enjoy the best of both worlds - a seemingly solitary stay in a stylish cabin, close enough to those creature comforts like gourmet coffee and a freshly-pulled pint of the local ale. With spas and saunas accompanying each property as a standard service don’t be in too much of a rush to run back to reality.

Day 5 - Snowmobiles & Northern Lights

Ice Fishing Experience, Levi

Ice Fishing Experience by Snowmobile


A chance to live in the wild, trying to survive on the supplies and sustenance that the snowy environment can provide? Your highly trained guide will teach you basic snowmobile procedures before you shoot off on your journey. Enjoy the snowy setting as you ride. It’s like a scene from a Christmas card and it’s hard to feel much closer to nature.After a revitalizing ride you’ll arrive and alight to try some ice fishing. Anybody lucky enough to catch anything will be shown how to cook and prepare the catch. If you don’t get a bite, hot soup and drinks will be prepared to make sure nobody goes hungry.

Northern Lights Flight, Levi

Northern Lights Scenic Flight


For those who can’t imagine leaving the Arctic without the slightest sight of the northern lights, it’s time to be proactive, not reactive. Take a northern lights viewing flight at night, to take the fight to those unpredictable lights. Be one of a select few special stargazers on these compact jet planes. Climbing high above the clouds, you’ll discover the wonder that is concealed behind the mist. A ride high into the night skies will significantly improve your odds of seeing the Arctic’s most iconic winter highlight. Why stand back and be a bystander, trying to catch a glimpse from the ground? When you can be safely seated, dodging and dipping between the aurora’s awe-inspiring orbs of light?

Day 6 - Departure