Netherlands Long Weekend

Best time to visit
August, September

The Netherlands is among the world’s most underrated travel destinations, a fabulous immersion in art, history, canals and culture. It’s not just red lights and coffee shops!

Welcome to a tiny country of canals, cobblestone streets, bicycles and green spaces. And get ready to explore without the crowds. Amsterdam was suffering from chronic over-tourism, but almost everyone is staying at home this year.

While travel restrictions continue elsewhere, the Netherlands is open to tourist visitors from the EU, UK, Canada, Australia and select other countries. Explore the best of it on this relaxed weekend away with a private guide.

The Netherlands never imposed a nationwide lockdown and their number of Covid-19 cases has remained lower than most of Europe. From the 1st July you just need to complete a health declaration on arrival.

This is an example weekend and it can be fully customised by a specialist travel designer.

Day 1 - Arrival in Amsterdam

Wander streets of cobblestone and intrigue. Escape to fascinating cafes and lounge on outdoor terraces. Explore the beauty of yesteryear and follow the art trail through Van Gogh and so many more. This is a city with a bit of everything, held together by a warming atmosphere that helps every visitor feel at home.

Canals of Amsterdam Boat Charter


Old Amsterdam is an amorous web of canals and cobbles, with five centuries of history dancing along the waterside. Bicycles whizz past, church bells chime, and grand architecture tells so many tales.But walking through Old Amsterdam is not always that pleasant, especially in summer. It’s too crowded. Travel the canals instead, not on a hideous hop-on hop-off boat tour, but a luxurious canal charter that will reveal the very best of Amsterdam in one day. Cruise narrow inner canals where tour boats cannot access. Explore the grand outer canals and disembark to see your selection of Amsterdam highlights. Dine on board and gain the perfect impression of this postcard-perfect city. This charter is also available during the Netherlands’ famous Kings Day celebrations and can take a large group of friends and family through the city.

Day 2 - Vintage Bicycle Excursion

Renting a bicycle is the classic thing to do in Amsterdam. But knowing where to go is a little more difficult. Navigating the cycle lanes with a local guide you can immerse yourself in the city’s everyday, with a ride through contrasting neighbourhoods and parks. Of course there will be beautiful bridges with flowers along the way, but with a bike and a guide you can start to understand how Amsterdam and rural Netherlands is really like.

Dutch young man electric green bike bicycle by windmill farm , windmills isolated on a beautiful bright day Netherlands Flevoland Noordoostpolder

Cycle Trip With Lunch in a Windmill


To explore the Netherlands on a bicycle is to experience life as a local. Cycle lanes are completely separate from roads, leading you on beautiful journeys through farm pastures, small villages and iconic windmills. Cycling is safe for all ages and a guide will take you on a route through Dutch backcountry. Pedal alongside canals, cross the cobblestone of village squares, lounge at farmhouse cafes, and go for lunch in a working windmill. You will dine on traditional cuisine, inside the windmill, sampling delicacies far tastier than they sound. Your guide will tailor a route to include a town or village market, where you can slurp a pickled herring or really get to know Dutch cheese. This travel moment connects the iconic highlights of traveling to the Netherlands, while also taking you away from tourist crowds.

Day 3 - History of Holland in Delft

Delft, a Netherlands city of postcard views and alluring history, a destination that celebrates why this country is so special. Search for Vermeer’s inspiration down cobbled backstreets. Discover the finest old square in Europe and dozens of quirky old cafes. And recreate the history of Delft and the Netherlands in a single afternoon. Delft was the first Netherlands capital and it’s blossoming as one of the country’s finest destinations for upmarket travelers.

Netherlands - Delft - The high spires and brick gothic of Eastern gate (Oostpoort), the only survived city gate, along with its drawbridge

History of Holland Delft Tour


Delft was the first capital of the Netherlands and continues to be the country’s cutest old-world city. Spend a day immersed in this history, with a local guide gaining you access to buildings closed to the public. Admire the gothic 15th-century New Church then descend into its crypt, where all the Dutch monarchs are buried. Explore the City Hall, a Renaissance masterpiece from the 17th century. Climb into the escape hatch once used by Willem of Orange to escape Spanish soldiers, in the year he founded the Netherlands. All these places are not usually open to visitors. Wander past the canals to find the Old Church, where your guide narrates tales of the pirates buried beneath a 14th-century floor of skulls and crossbones. Then cycle to the only remaining Delft Blue pottery factory, where an artisan will guide you in a private pottery painting workshop. In between these highlights there is a city that goes about its day to day life. Cafes, bars, stores, canals, bicycles and the delights of old Holland.

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