Oceania Trip of a Lifetime

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Australia and New Zealand are closed to visitors (sad face). But it’s still good to dream. And if it’s truly the trip of a lifetime there’s time to wait before it can happen.

So let your imagination run free and imagine four weeks in Australia and New Zealand, the ultimate 28 days of extraordinary travel moments.

Kangaroos, beaches, fjords, cities, wine tasting, snorkeling, endless sunsets and so many extravagant things to do. Don’t feel bad that you can’t do it – nobody can go to Australia and New Zealand right now!

And who knows, maybe one day, way in the future, this trip of a lifetime can be yours.

Day 1 - Sydney

Sydney Scenic Helicopter Tour


An epic 30-minute journey to all Sydney’s sightseeing favourites without jousting and jostling for prime position. Just fly up and over the crowds to see it all from a helicopter. Zoom through the city skies, swooping over the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach and all other landmarks of note. Whether by night, dusk or day, this is an aerial excursion over one of the world’s most unique urban coastal scenes.A whistlestop whizz over iconic architecture and stunning man-made structures is a great introduction to the city, as well as an insight into how Sydney wraps itself around nature.

Day 2 - Sydney

Highlights of Sydney History Tour With Bridge Climb


Thinking of Sydney’s history and heritage, images of the opera house and Bondi Beach may leap to the forefront of your mind. Yet, there’s so much more to this fascinating and versatile metropolis, a city shaped and shaken by indigenous and foreign people alike. Explore the compelling mix of cultures colliding and crashing into one another. Grand colonial architecture is dotted around the city and cannot be missed. To get a solid sense of all things Sydney, this tour of its most prominent places, past and present, will fully satisfy. Complete your perspective with the Sydney Bridge climb. It will raise your pulse rate and treat you to a truly breathtaking view of Sydney Bay.

Learn to Surf on Bondi Beach


Renowned worldwide within beach bum and surfer circles as a must-visit place, Bondi Beach is near the top of most lists of things to see in Sydney. Here’s an experience for those who don’t come to sit back and sunbathe on the sidelines, those who come to experience rather than sightsee. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned master of the seas, this is an iconic place to surf. With expert instructors all anxiety is allayed and a safe day of splashing around in the tides is guaranteed. End the day in a state of ecstatic exhaustion, knowing that you have just surfed Bondi.

Day 3 - Uluru

Tali Wiru Sunset Fine Dining at Uluru


The deep red tones of Ayers Rock to the left of you, the vivid orange shades of unending desert to the right. Here you are stuck in the wilds of picture-postcard Australia. Add a few expertly designed dishes of gastronomic genius to the dreamlike setting and you find yourself in a surreally special circumstance.  Pairing a multi-course gourmet dinner with the distinctive surroundings of a Tali Wiru sunset is a masterstroke. You don’t know where to look, as the sky’s shades and colours continue to deepen and darken, showing the shadows of the horizon. For once, your partner or loved one will be forgiven for looking anywhere. This is the heart of Australia’s red desert and you’re all alone, drinking in the remarkable sense of oneness and  spirituality.

Longitude 131 Desert Camp


Attain a sense of freedom and oneness with the world, on a camping trip without the dirt and discomfort. Longitude 131 is beyond glamping. It’s an immersion in Australia’s red desert, with almost every luxury you can imagine. Designed for emphatic and encompassing views of the dusty desert landscapes, located directly into the Uluru Valley, very close to the famous red monoluth. Spacious tents of splendour adorned with fancy furnishings await you in your very own wilderness at the edge of the world. Curiously shaped red chalky cliffs make quite a sight set against a sunbleached backdrop of pinks, oranges and reds from the stunning setting of an unobstructed Australian sun. Excursions by bike and camel and four-wheel drive reveal Uluru and the desert. And the nighttime stars are beyond comprehension.

Day 4 - Uluru

Uluru-Kata Kjuta at Sunrise Camelback Ride


A sunrise camelback ride through the sandy deserts of Kata Tjuta is an experience you can set the alarm clock for. Setting off shortly before one of the world’s most astounding sunrises, your caravan of camels will troop in slow formation to give you the best possible views. Witness a dark star-filled sky as its tones brighten to navy and then light blue. You’ll be in awe of the turning of our planet, as the sun pops its fiery head over the horizon and announces its warm presence. Bearing witness to the grand beginning of a new desert day is a sight to celebrate. It’s even more special when the sun rises over the domes of Kata Tjuta. These spiritual domes are more impressive than Uluru, especially when viewed in silence from camelback.

Dasy 5 & 6 - Port Douglas

Aboriginal Kuku Yalanji Culture Tour


Enter into and immerse yourself in the Kuku Yalanji culture. Discover a heritage and a way of life that will take you deep into Australia’s authentic aboriginal wilderness. In the warm, welcoming and capable hands of your aboriginal guide, you’ll be transported along pathways through the forest. Your guide will ask permission from a spirit. Through this and other customs that are integral to tribal life, you’ll get a touching taste of the world’s oldest continuous lifestyle. This is an educational and eye-opening experience packed with hands-on activities, including bushtucker and an Aboriginal art lesson. A day spent with the Kuku Yalanji will change the way you look at this greatly diverse and developing nation.

Stay at Thala Beach


Become engulfed and enriched by Thala Beach, a Great Barrier Reef lodge with an ecological approach. It’s deservedly among National Geographic’s Leading Lodges of the World. Spend a few wholesome days and nights wrapped up in a nature lovers dream. A range of astounding stay options bring the great outdoors literally to your doorstep. The trees lean onto your balcony, letting their leaves brush through your hair as you climb the steps to your lodge accommodation. With the emphasis placed heavily on the environment, coexistence with the plant and wildlife will give you a feeling of purity and peace.

Day 7 & 8 - Great Barrier Reef!

Great Barrier Reef Multi-Day Catamaran Charter With Diving


For many, the chance to go and marvel at the Great Barrier Reef in all its gorgeous glory is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So, it’s an experience that shouldn’t be rushed. A multi-day catamaran charter gives you the valuable time and freedom required to explore the best reefs, far away from tourist hot spots. The catamaran will be stocked with all manner of special supplies and goodies. When you feel suitably relaxed and destressed, you can suit up and splash into the warm waters to snorkel or scuba dive. Prepare to be left speechless by the sheer scale of a sensational underwater spectacle which will leave you reluctantly coming up for air.

Day 9 - Melbourne

Luxury Yarra River Cruise


Get your daily dose of sightseeing without the strain or stress of walking the streets, go ahead and pamper yourself on a private cruise down the Yarra River. Give your Melbourne experience another touch of elegance, while being enticed and enthralled by the scene sliding by on the riverbanks. Your guide will make sure that you’re served up plenty of food for thought, while your stomach is satisfied with snacks and sparkling wine of the highest quality. Surround yourself with friends and drink and a Melbourne sunset, while slowly drinking your way through a premium bottle of bubbly. This is the perfect glitzy preamble to an evening spent on the town.

Day 10 - Melbourne

See Kangaroos and Koalas in the Wild Near Melbourne


A kangaroo mob bounds across the open plains, barely 20 metres away. Koalas cling to their eucalyptus branches, sleepily open their eyes to your presence. Wander into the wilderness near Melbourne to enjoy the company of Australia’s wide array of creatures. The money you pay for the privilege is used to sustain and conserve wildlife. A brisk walk into the bush will bring you face to face with koalas and kangaroos, as well as a variety of other roaming residents, which may come closer to you and have a suspicious sniff. Conservation specialists will tell you all about these animals and help you get close enough to say hello. But there’s no touching. This is your moment with kangaroos in the wild.

Day 11 - Melbourne

Melbourne Street Art Tour


Guided tours may not be for you, with the generically delivered speeches while you’re shepherded around like sheep. Time to try a tour with a distinct difference, where the guides are the designers and creators of the living, breathing artifacts of beauty that you see. A street art tour in Melbourne is an opportunity to be led through a maze of bright-coloured backstreets and eye-catching alleyways, each telling a story through mesmerizing murals.Afterward, you’ll be left with the rewarding feeling that accompanies an interactive activity which has been interactive and impressive. You give the locally sourced and highly-skilled street artists a sense of pride in the pieces they paint and spray, giving something back to their society.Of course the tour is private and can be tailored to any of your specific interests.

Kayak With Seals and Penguins at Phillip Island


Circumvent the colossal cliffs and magnificent coves of Phillip Island with a sea kayak excursion, where breathtaking beauty meets majestic marine life. Paddle amongst the playful penguins as they bob their long-beaked heads above the water to say hello. Slalom in and out of the slipstreams left by the spritely seals who swim close by. You’ll be awestruck by the changing marine life, which come into view as you steadily glide through the clear blue waters. Taking a break on a secluded bay for a bite and a well-earned breather, let the simplicity and silence of your circumstances soothe your spirit.

Day 12 - Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road Drive and Fly, Inc 12 Apostles in a Biplane


The ultimate combination of perspectives on the Great Ocean Road. Drive the famous road then soar above it all in a biplane. Set out on an adventure that serves up every type of scenery you could ever envision in one long expanse of coast-hugging road. There’s rapidly changing scenery on all sides, including beach breaks and koalas. Experience the full spectrum of feelings and emotions brought on by the sound of crashing waves, contrasting with the stillness and tranquility of silent coves. Then thrilled and enthralled by a helicopter ride over some of Australia’s most magnificent settings - Twelve Apostles and Gibson’s Steps, to name a couple.

Days 13 to 15 - Tasmania

Complete Tasmania From Air, Land and Sea


Take the tour that travels on all terrains and set out to conquer Tasmania by air, land and sea. Here’s an experience incorporates all the key Tasmania perspectives.  You’ll be transported by Cessna over the spectacular sights of Strahan’s sudden and steep cliff-sides. Next, you’ll be treated to a lovely, laidback float down the serenely slow-flowing Gordon River. Lasting an impressive five hours, the soothing stillness of the surroundings along with the ebb and flow of the boat may send you into a light slumber. Make sure someone wakes you up to see the UNESCO-listed landscapes en-route and save a little energy for a short stroll around the picturesque town of Strahan. Complete your day with wildlife, all manner of indigenous wildlife coming out as day turns to evening.

Aerobatic WWII Scenic Flight Over Tasmania


Don’t settle for being lectured on history when you can learn through living it. Experience a short but extremely satisfying aerobatic flight over the stunning Tasmanian scenery, in a genuine WWII training plane. Be enraptured by an expertly piloted dip and dive under and over the clouds. Get an aerobatic adrenaline-filled idea of what it was really like to dodge enemy aircraft, knowing that one wrong turn could be your last. With just a cage between you and the blue sky streaming by, prepare to feel the rapid winds whipping against your face and through your hair. Not a mission for the faint-hearted, prepare to have your stomach turned upside down, as you scream and shout into the abyss.

Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania


Widely-acclaimed as one of Australia’s premier luxury lodges, this Tasmanian accommodation has a style and ideology all of its own. It’s one of the most coveted travel moments anywhere down under. Enter a smooth and sleek spaceship-shaped structure of glass and oak. One step through the grand entrance will make you question whether you’ve been transported to another time and place far into the future. Experience exclusivity Tasmania style. Stand in knee-high water while sucking down the contents of succulent oyster-filled shells. Take a moment to marvel at the view of a shimmering sunset, as colours soak into the blacks and blues of the water’s surface. And be prepared for some sublime surprises throughout your stay.

Day 16 - Queenstown

One of the most Beautiful drives in the world from Queenstown to Glenorchy

Glenorchy Lord of the Rings Movie Locations 4WD Tour

New Zealand

Follow in Frodo’s oversized footsteps and step into the magical realm of one of the world’s most popular fantasy films. Relive your favorite Lord of the Rings scenes and explore the wilderness in a privately-driven four-wheel drive. Crossing the very same fells, hills and streams that were the breathtaking backdrop to this ring-related story, you’ll feel that you are there with those brave elves, wizards and hobbits on their perilous quest. Along the way there is Isengard, Lothlorien Forest, the Misty Mountains, Amon Hen and Ithilien. And you can put on a cape and flash a sword should you wish as well.

Tandem paragliding from the top of the mountain above Queenstown, New Zealand. Uniterupted view of mountains, Gorge Road and stunning scenery. Taken on a clear winters day.

Paragliding Off Bob’s Peak in Queenstown

New Zealand

For an alternative view of Queenland’s peaks and landscapes, try a bird’s eye view from the safely suspended front seat of a paraglide. With a certified and skilled pilot directing and driving your glide over the lakes, rivers and mountaintops below, you have a perfect Queenstown vista. Just focus on the fantastically thrilling feeling of floating weightlessly at the mercy of the wind speed. Stay calm and don’t forget to smile for a photo, as you paraglide gently down to the town below.

Days 17 & 18 - Milford Sound

Helicopter Flight, Milford Sound

Helicopter to Milford Sound

New Zealand

Milford Sound is a world-famous fiord that boasts breathtaking nature, waterfalls and rainforests. The only way to truly discover the ever-evolving ecosystem is by helicopter. Mist and spray cascades off sharp rocks. Countless lakes, glaciers and cliffs will be brought to your window, as your masterful pilot maneuvers your sightseeing machine through low-lying clouds. You’ll be laid down and disembark on the valley floor, to marvel at a massive overhanging glacier peering down from the peak above. Then you’ll gain an alternative perspective with a small-boat Milford Sound cruise.

Hiking the Milford Track, Fiordland National Park, South Island New Zealand

Milford Track Privately Customised Hiking

New Zealand

All good walks should start with a suspension bridge, be filled with spectacular sights and sounds, and end with a willingness to do it all again. Widely recognized as one of the most profoundly picturesque and enthralling hiking experiences on Earth, a trek on the Milford track is an immersion in Fiordland. Emerald waters will suddenly appear shimmering and flowing in the shadowed light of glacial fjords. While the main track takes a few days, you can hike part of it in a single day. This otherworldly excursion includes a packed picnic lunch, more than a couple of panoramic picture opps and a professional guide to describe every creak and cranny.

Tour cruise in Fiordland National Park in Milford Sound / Piopiotahi Marine Reserve viewing beautiful sunset and silhouette Mitre Peak , South Island of New Zealand

Milford Sound Overnight Cruise

New Zealand

Sail in sophistication and style while sampling delicious food, as your senses are massaged by the sparkling serenity of Milford Sound. They call it the eighth wonder of the world and an overnight cruise is the most authentic experience you can have with it. Of course, you’re wined and dined with a three-course evening meal and a continental breakfast, either side of a deep sound sleep in your luxury en-suite cabin. You will explore the fjord and all its sights, including the dolphins, waterfalls and seals. To unwind, take a dip in the top deck hot tub as you gaze at the stars. In the morning awake without a single sound. Your surroundings will show just how special silence can be. There are no other boats at this hour. And Milford Sound is emerging from the mist.

Days 19 & 20 - Christchurch

Earthquake Monument, Christchurch

Christchurch Street Art and History Tour

New Zealand

Dig down to the roots of this vibrant and versatile city by taking a guided walk around its most poignant and prominent streets. Your guide will reveal how art is taking over Christchurch’s neighborhoods. Owing a lot to the crisis of the 2011 earthquake, artistic creation and public expression which adorns the city’s walls are a sign of hope and togetherness. A city stroll to see these stylishly contributed symbols while sipping on a smoothie can serve as the perfect way to spend an afternoon. With an enthusiastic local ready and willing to guide you around, you’ll discover how art is recreating Christchurch’s history.

Hot Air Baloon Flight, Canterbury Plains

Hot Air Balloon Over the Canterbury Plains

New Zealand

A laid-back activity at altitude for all four seasons, floating high into the sky by balloon offers a more organic way to survey the Canterbury surroundings. You’ll set off from Christchurch and climb higher as you reach the gorgeous Canterbury Plains. The variety of views that can be enjoyed will depend largely on the season in which you choose to fly. Either snowy white settings with frosty clear skies in winter, or orange and pink blended sunrises. The added luxury of being outdoors means you can be closer to the landscapes, feel the stiff breeze on your skin, and smell the freshness of the cloud-filled air as you float on by. You’ll be rewarded with a glass of Champagne when you touch back down to the ground.

Days 21 & 22 - Abel Tasman

Kayak and Hiking expedition, Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman One-Day Hiking and Kayaking

New Zealand

Abel Tasman offers sublime outdoor experiences on land and water. This travel moment is your chance to enjoy both in one day. Meeting up in Marahau, your guides will tailor an itinerary to your specific strengths and interests. Once comfortably contained in your suitably sized kayak, you’ll venture out into the open water to be wowed by the Astrolabe Islands and a series of tidal bays. On arrival at Observation Beach, you’ll be invited to disembark and take a breather before enjoying a freshly made lunch. Reliably revitalized, it’s time to set off on a hike along the coastline, to beaches, forests and turtle-filled snorkeling spots.

Tree and Rock Formation, Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman Boat Charter

New Zealand

Set sail down the Abel Tasman coastline for a day of delicious delicacies and discovery on an intimate mini-voyage. Passing close to the area’s most sought after sights, you’ll sail at your leisure around Kaiteriteri and Marahau, along an unending collection of beautiful sandy bays. Slowing down and allowing the boat to bob around a little, you can even catch a glimpse of the Tonga Island seal sanctuary. Complement this private cruise with a tasty selection of fresh, local delights. Having eaten your fill of the plentiful food on offer, you can choose to lie back and relax on the sundrenched deck, or go ashore and take a short hike to work off some of those calories.

Days 23 & 24 - Maori Immersion

Maori Welcome, Titiraupenga

Powhiri Maori Welcome on Titiraupenga

New Zealand

Elevate your connection with New Zealand during a highly spiritual Maori experience. The proud Maori will welcome you with a Powhiri ceremony, an honour that is rarely extended to non-Maori visitors.  After being dropped off by a private car, you’ll do a short uphill hike on Titiraupenga Mountain. Getting a sense of thousands of years of heritage and history, you’ll be treated to a touching expression of tribal culture. Tribesmen and women will appear with spear in hand to chant, giving their blessings to you as honoured guests. When the traditional protection and permission to enter your newfound foreign land, the performance will end with a smile and a head to head contact of compassion and love.

Traditional Maori House, Rotorua

Kai Waho Maori Food Experience

New Zealand

Experience firsthand the honourable way in which a Maori meal is prepared and served, as your tribal host extends a warm Kai Waho welcome.Located at a wonderfully constructed wooden lodge, you can learn how juicy meats and vegetables are pressure cooked beneath the ground using volcanic rocks and earth. When the delicious dinner is roasted to perfection, show your respect to the gods and spirits before sitting on a sun-drenched deck and devouring the tasty morsels. Complimenting the chef on a creatively cooked dinner, you’ll enjoy good company and great conversation about a Maori culture that values fine and simple pleasures.

Wai-O-Tapu, Rotorua

Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Tour

New Zealand

A trip to New Zealand without a visit to a volcano would mean missing much of the nation’s indigenous culture, which can be closely connected to the magical powers of these monstrous mountains of molten hot lava. Enshrouded by a mysterious mist that constantly hangs in the air around this geothermal site, you can learn about the unseen and often undetected activity that bubbles beneath the surface at Wai-O-Tapu. A geyser explodes, water shooting ten metres into the air. Mud pools bubble and emit strange colours. Steam and mist gathers around lava flows. This is a strange world and on the second part of the tour you’ll discover how the Maori harness its energy.

Day 25 - Auckland & Waiheke

Waiheke Island vineyard and winery. The netting protects the vines from birds who eat and destroy the grapes. The vineyard overlooks a turquoise blue bay.

Waiheke Island Vineyards and Art Day Trip From Auckland

New Zealand

Ditch the strict itinerary and simply sit back, unwind, and sip down a glass or two of high-class wine. You’ll be drinking in a spectacular scene on an island less than one hour from Auckland. An astounding array of fancy wines can be consumed in a flexible way, after a ferry trip to the laidback island of Waiheke. Move at your own pace between five of New Zealand’s most famous wineries, lie back on the beach or find a bayside seat.There’s a multitude of sights and sounds to occupy your mind while you sink a glass or two of whites and reds. A private guide will customise a day on the island, including private tastings at different vineyards. Feel the positive effects of a stress-free day spent in tranquil surroundings, sans schedule.

Days 26 & 27 - Bay of Islands

Aerial View of Waewaetorea Passage - Bay of Islands, Northland New Zealand

Bay of Islands Catamaran Charter

New Zealand

Receive first-class service on your own privately chartered 54-foot catamaran. It provides the necessary space and setting for a spectacular sail around the Bay of islands.Set in a picturesque stretch of water with a panoramic view of the edge of the Earth, the Bay of Islands is a prime location for tropical sailing. Calmly contemplate the humbling power of nature with a slow, steady glide across seemingly still waters. An impressive variety of water based activities will be made available, such as snorkeling or kayaking. You can proceed at your own pace and feel at peace, with a sailing day that can be adjusted to your interests. It’s even possible to continue overnight, all the way up to Ninety Mile Beach.

Aerial shot of the Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand

Bay of Islands Scenic Helicopter Flight

New Zealand

Squeeze the best of Bay of Islands sightseeing into a matter of minutes without missing any of the main attractions. It’s all possible with a breathtaking helicopter flight. In a mere 20 minutes, you will be surprised how many marvelous views and stunning scenes you can fit in. With the aim of the flight being to reach the world-famous ‘Hole in the Rock’, you’ll be carried up high into the bright blue sky to look down upon emerald waters and luscious green islands scattered across the bay. Staring out wide-eyed in wonder at the pretty peninsula while your pilot points out sites of note, you’ll even be shown a local township where tribes have lived and thrived until this day.

Day 28 - Departure