Iconic Australia in 8 Days

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Combine Australia’s most famous highlights in just eight days. Escape the crowds with private activities and experience highlights in Sydney, Cairns, Uluru and Melbourne. 8 days isn’t long to see so much, but with great transport connections and a carefully crafted itinerary, you can discover a country’s indelible highlights without rushing too much.

Day 1 - Sydney Arrival

Highlights of Sydney History Tour With Bridge Climb


Thinking of Sydney’s history and heritage, images of the opera house and Bondi Beach may leap to the forefront of your mind. Yet, there’s so much more to this fascinating and versatile metropolis, a city shaped and shaken by indigenous and foreign people alike. Explore the compelling mix of cultures colliding and crashing into one another. Grand colonial architecture is dotted around the city and cannot be missed. To get a solid sense of all things Sydney, this tour of its most prominent places, past and present, will fully satisfy. Complete your perspective with the Sydney Bridge climb. It will raise your pulse rate and treat you to a truly breathtaking view of Sydney Bay.

Day 2 - Sydney

Sydney Scenic Helicopter Tour


An epic 30-minute journey to all Sydney’s sightseeing favourites without jousting and jostling for prime position. Just fly up and over the crowds to see it all from a helicopter. Zoom through the city skies, swooping over the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach and all other landmarks of note. Whether by night, dusk or day, this is an aerial excursion over one of the world’s most unique urban coastal scenes.A whistlestop whizz over iconic architecture and stunning man-made structures is a great introduction to the city, as well as an insight into how Sydney wraps itself around nature.

Learn to Surf on Bondi Beach


Renowned worldwide within beach bum and surfer circles as a must-visit place, Bondi Beach is near the top of most lists of things to see in Sydney. Here’s an experience for those who don’t come to sit back and sunbathe on the sidelines, those who come to experience rather than sightsee. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned master of the seas, this is an iconic place to surf. With expert instructors all anxiety is allayed and a safe day of splashing around in the tides is guaranteed. End the day in a state of ecstatic exhaustion, knowing that you have just surfed Bondi.

Days 3 & 4 - Great Barrier Reef

Lizard Island Lodge


From the outside looking in, Lizard Island Lodge looks like the lair of some reclusive mad genius, or a secret science lab. It’s actually one of the finest lodges in the Pacific. Mounted on a base of rigid rock formations and framed by a surrounding circle of tall trees, this colossal complex surveys a spectacular 360-degree panorama. Chic chalets and stunning ocean view villas are scattered around, a variety of equally voguish and comfortable creations. This majestic mini-island marvel is so close to the Great Barrier Reef that a strong smell of the salty seawater circulates around to permeate the senses.

Outer Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling and Scuba


Welcome to a reef less regularly visited than the others. Its lack of traffic shows in its stunning self-sustainability, having miraculously managed to maintain a level of untouched, pristine purity.As the name suggests, the OuterReef owes much to its location further away from the mainland. That means it’s further away from Great Barrier Reef tourism and isn’t besieged by scores of splashing snorkelers who can’t swim. A little extra time on a boat trip to the outskirts of this natural marvel will put you in the privileged position. Out here you can delve into relatively deserted depths. Spend an uninterrupted day dipping beneath the shiny surface of the sea. Dive into a mazy marine metropolis without worrying about a flailing flipper to the face.

Aboriginal Kuku Yalanji Culture Tour


Enter into and immerse yourself in the Kuku Yalanji culture. Discover a heritage and a way of life that will take you deep into Australia’s authentic aboriginal wilderness. In the warm, welcoming and capable hands of your aboriginal guide, you’ll be transported along pathways through the forest. Your guide will ask permission from a spirit. Through this and other customs that are integral to tribal life, you’ll get a touching taste of the world’s oldest continuous lifestyle. This is an educational and eye-opening experience packed with hands-on activities, including bushtucker and an Aboriginal art lesson. A day spent with the Kuku Yalanji will change the way you look at this greatly diverse and developing nation.

Day 5 - Uluru

Tali Wiru Sunset Fine Dining at Uluru


The deep red tones of Ayers Rock to the left of you, the vivid orange shades of unending desert to the right. Here you are stuck in the wilds of picture-postcard Australia. Add a few expertly designed dishes of gastronomic genius to the dreamlike setting and you find yourself in a surreally special circumstance.  Pairing a multi-course gourmet dinner with the distinctive surroundings of a Tali Wiru sunset is a masterstroke. You don’t know where to look, as the sky’s shades and colours continue to deepen and darken, showing the shadows of the horizon. For once, your partner or loved one will be forgiven for looking anywhere. This is the heart of Australia’s red desert and you’re all alone, drinking in the remarkable sense of oneness and  spirituality.

Longitude 131 Desert Camp


Attain a sense of freedom and oneness with the world, on a camping trip without the dirt and discomfort. Longitude 131 is beyond glamping. It’s an immersion in Australia’s red desert, with almost every luxury you can imagine. Designed for emphatic and encompassing views of the dusty desert landscapes, located directly into the Uluru Valley, very close to the famous red monoluth. Spacious tents of splendour adorned with fancy furnishings await you in your very own wilderness at the edge of the world. Curiously shaped red chalky cliffs make quite a sight set against a sunbleached backdrop of pinks, oranges and reds from the stunning setting of an unobstructed Australian sun. Excursions by bike and camel and four-wheel drive reveal Uluru and the desert. And the nighttime stars are beyond comprehension.

Day 6 - Kata Tjuta & Melbourne

Uluru-Kata Kjuta at Sunrise Camelback Ride


A sunrise camelback ride through the sandy deserts of Kata Tjuta is an experience you can set the alarm clock for. Setting off shortly before one of the world’s most astounding sunrises, your caravan of camels will troop in slow formation to give you the best possible views. Witness a dark star-filled sky as its tones brighten to navy and then light blue. You’ll be in awe of the turning of our planet, as the sun pops its fiery head over the horizon and announces its warm presence. Bearing witness to the grand beginning of a new desert day is a sight to celebrate. It’s even more special when the sun rises over the domes of Kata Tjuta. These spiritual domes are more impressive than Uluru, especially when viewed in silence from camelback.

Luxury Yarra River Cruise


Get your daily dose of sightseeing without the strain or stress of walking the streets, go ahead and pamper yourself on a private cruise down the Yarra River. Give your Melbourne experience another touch of elegance, while being enticed and enthralled by the scene sliding by on the riverbanks. Your guide will make sure that you’re served up plenty of food for thought, while your stomach is satisfied with snacks and sparkling wine of the highest quality. Surround yourself with friends and drink and a Melbourne sunset, while slowly drinking your way through a premium bottle of bubbly. This is the perfect glitzy preamble to an evening spent on the town.

Day 7 - Melbourne

See Kangaroos and Koalas in the Wild Near Melbourne


A kangaroo mob bounds across the open plains, barely 20 metres away. Koalas cling to their eucalyptus branches, sleepily open their eyes to your presence. Wander into the wilderness near Melbourne to enjoy the company of Australia’s wide array of creatures. The money you pay for the privilege is used to sustain and conserve wildlife. A brisk walk into the bush will bring you face to face with koalas and kangaroos, as well as a variety of other roaming residents, which may come closer to you and have a suspicious sniff. Conservation specialists will tell you all about these animals and help you get close enough to say hello. But there’s no touching. This is your moment with kangaroos in the wild.

Day 8 - Late Departure

Melbourne Street Art Tour


Guided tours may not be for you, with the generically delivered speeches while you’re shepherded around like sheep. Time to try a tour with a distinct difference, where the guides are the designers and creators of the living, breathing artifacts of beauty that you see. A street art tour in Melbourne is an opportunity to be led through a maze of bright-coloured backstreets and eye-catching alleyways, each telling a story through mesmerizing murals.Afterward, you’ll be left with the rewarding feeling that accompanies an interactive activity which has been interactive and impressive. You give the locally sourced and highly-skilled street artists a sense of pride in the pieces they paint and spray, giving something back to their society.Of course the tour is private and can be tailored to any of your specific interests.

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