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The Philippines is a secret that those in the know are tempted to keep, an archipelago of wonders and blissful relaxation. Escape to pristine islands and discover this remote nation, on an experience that’s perfect for those who value their downtime.

Even on deserted beaches there’s an atmosphere of exuberance here, the country’s colours and coastline so delightful to discover. This vacation is an insight into the country’s indelible appeal, as you explore lost paradises and islands unspoiled.

Day 1 - Arrival in Manila

Manila city at Twilight showing Makati City, Ortigas and suburban buildings and the Capital Commons building development site in the foreground

Sunset Helicopter Tour of Manila


Admiring Manila from the skies is a rare insight few get to experience. Appreciate the chaotic charm from above, after all, it’s one of the world's densest cities. On the ground, it’s an urban jungle. Glamorous shopping malls and high rise buildings pierce the sky. The streets are filled with hustle and bustle of markets, shantytowns and honking Jeepneys. Yet it’s so peaceful up here. Another hectic day in Manila is ending. The sun is disappearing behind the horizon and you are presented with an apocalyptic sunset. Dig into the VIP beverage and snack menu, marvel at Manila’s Bay and watch the city come alive at night.

Days 2 & 3 - Escaping to the Islands

Amanpulo Treetop Casita Pool, Philipines

Stay at Amanpulo Treetop Pool Casita


‘The Peaceful Island’ is a secluded paradise just north of Palawan Island. An oasis of serenity with sandy footpaths, hillside casitas and tree top canopies, this is not atypical luxury stay. It’s a sanctuary of seclusion and the most exclusive resort in the Philippines.From the moment you land on Pamalican Island, a buggy whisks you away to your private casita. Stroll out onto the private decked pool area, enjoy sweeping mountainous views, and breathe in the silence. From kayaking to snorkelling and hiking the hills, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this seascape paradise, whether it be through adventure or soaking up the tranquillity of your deluxe abode.

Amanpulo Private Cruise Sunset, Philippines

Amanpulo Private Cruise and Moonlight BBQ


Fringed by white-sand beaches, tropical palms and offshore reefs, Amanpulo is a hidden paradise reached by sailing across the turquoise Sulu Sea. Dropping the anchor at a local snorkelling spot and falling backwards into a vibrant, untouched underwater world, you are greeted by psychedelic fins and swaying corals. It’s an idyllic afternoon, but it isn’t over yet. Above sea level, your private skipper prepares cocktails and canapes on deck, as the sky mutates the colours of the rainbow. Serenaded by guitar, the sun begins to set across a still water horizon, and you’re sailing to shore for a private moonlight BBQ.

Day 4 - Island Hopping

View from above, stunning aerial view of a small island bathed by a turquoise, crystal clear sea during a beautiful sunset. Malwawey Coral Garden, Coron Island. Palawan, Philippines.

Calamian Islands Tour by Speedboat


Explore the unparalleled beauty of the Calamian Islands. Blue lagoons, towering limestone cliffs, coral gardens, sunken shipwrecks, enchanting lakes and secret beaches are just a few hidden gems to uncover.These bewitching islands are graced with the crystalline waters of Kayangan Lake, kaleidoscopic underwater gardens at Malwawey Reef, leisurely dips in the Twin Lagoons and eerie adventures at abandoned underwater war vessels. It’s raw beauty and undeveloped wilderness will leave you hypnotised.Travel in style and tour the area by speedboat. Arrive at your destinations much quicker, meaning you beat the crowds and have the lagoons all to yourself. Tailor-make your itinerary and discover secluded paradises with a private guide on this private speedboat tour.

Day 5 - More Remote Islands

Aerial view over beautiful islands and deserted beaches, Philippines

Island Hopping by Seaplane


Fly and float in style, comfort and bewilderment. Over 7000 islands make up this distinctive archipelago nation and no other country provides such a diverse and tropical topography.Take off and touch down on turquoise waters as you fly lower than any other aircraft. Truly appreciate the surrounding coral reefs, central volcanic mountains and palm-covered islands as you reach your next island paradise.  A seaplane flying adventure is an aerial revolution. Make your own bridge between the islands with immense scenic views showing off the treasures of the Philippines. It’s a transfer with a view and can connect any of your island destinations.

Aerial drone speed boat with tourists in beautiful lagoon. tropical landscape. blue lagoon surrounded by rocks on tropical island. Seascape, tropical landscape. Palawan, Philippines, Busuanga

Overnight Yacht Charter Around Palawan


Glide over emerald waters in opulence with the stargazer yacht, a nautical experience with a plethora of water sports on board. Relish in a day of kayaking, water skiing and paddleboarding sailing the shores at your leisure.Relax in sumptuous well-equipment cabins with AC and private bathroom. Unwind on deck after an active day at sea for a VIP dinner and seductive sunset cruise.  Gentle waves wake you from a deep-sea sleep. On deck, bask in Filipino sunshine as you’re surrounded by limestone cliffs and turquoise waters. It’s easy to appreciate the peacefulness and it is exactly the morning routine you envisage when escaping the urban grind.

Day 6 - A Hint of Island Adventure

Snake Island - Vigan Island El Nido - famous beach spot due to its snake like shaped sandbar between the two islands. Aerial Drone Point of View. Bacuit Bay, El Nido, Palawan Island, Philippines, Asia

Speedboat Caverns, Caves and Sandbar Tour in Palawan


Explore the Bacuit Archipelago, a haven for adventures from snorkeling and caving to strolling along sand bars. Crystalline waters surround limestone cliffs covered in tropical flora, as the beautiful scenery starts immediately after you leave the bay by speedboat. Feel as though you are walking on ocean water as you stroll along the slithering sandbar of Snake Island.The area is an archaeological site with diamond-shaped rock formations and artefacts discovered from the Sung Dynasty. Surrounded by caves and lagoons, you have the opportunity to take a dip in the cave’s turquoise swimming holes.

Day 7 - Departure

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