Get to Bali After Covid

Best time to visit
April, May, June, July, August, September, October

Bali has postponed its reopening and it’s unlikely that travel to Bali will be possible until 2021. But when borders reopen you can be among the first people to visit Bali. The only challenge with Bali is over-tourism and when visitors numbers are lower the experience is much nicer. Enjoy famous temples but without the crowds. Escape to paradise beaches. And find your own Balinese bliss on this seven-day experience.

Days 1 & 2 - East Bali

Three Tiered Pool, Amankila Bali

Stay at Amankila, Bali


Enter a world of coastal charm and enjoy an enchanting stay at Amankila. Perched on a gorgeous hillside, beneath the great Mount Agung, you will have cultural and natural wonder at your doorstep. Stay here and discover a secluded region, full of untouched beauty.The estate itself was inspired by the Ujung Water Palace, and this is visible in the three-tier infinity pool situated at its heart. Admire frangipani-lined walkways through the treetops, and stilted suites with unparalleled ocean views.Treat yourself to a range of wellness experiences under the canopies. Stroll along the resort’s exclusive black-sand beach, then return later for private dining by the sea. Savour a romantic candlelit dinner, complemented by fresh seafood cuisine and the lulling sound of the waves.

Snorkelling, East Bali

Snorkelling in East Bali


Journey to the snorkelling villages of East Bali, where your private fisherboat awaits. From Candidasa, the enticing marine site of Gili Minpang is a short sail away. Enjoy a scenic trip as you approach this mesmerising underwater world, then submerge yourself slowly into the watery depths below.Float over colourful corals, some soft, some hard, all unique in colour and style. Swim beside a company of varied sea life, and witness patterned fish glide in harmony with the sway of the ocean.Head on to Virgin Beach next, with its white sandy beaches and jungle backdrop. Enjoy a shaded lunch along this stunning shoreline, as sun-kissed waves twinkle and break before you.

Days 3 & 4 - Ubud

The Resort, Capella Ubud

Stay at Capella Ubud


A mystical stay in the heart of the jungle waits for you at Capella Ubud. Nestled within lush forests, this is a lodge experience promising as much tranquility as it does adventure.Discover a unique, tented camp working in harmony with the nature around. Tucked away within the trees, your accommodation is deep within wilderness. Relinquish your daily stresses, and submit to the raw sounds and rustic pleasures of the rainforest.Revel in the idyllic stillness of your jungle villa, complete with modern comforts and your own private salt water pool. Expect a dazzling ambiance once evening falls, as you enjoy divine dining overlooking the rice terraces, followed by live storytelling and local myths around the campfire.

Helicopter ride over Mt. Batur, Bali

Helicopter ride over Mt. Batur


Board a Eurocopter B2 helicopter and soar into the sky for a bird’s-eye view of Bali. Enjoy stunning aerial views of verdurous jungles and rice paddies carved out from hills. Hover above the crater of Mount Batur and spot the caldera lake. Skirt along the jungle-fringed coastline and glide past the remarkable offshore temple of Tanah Lot, solitarily braving wind and waves. This scenic helicopter ride can be adapted to your Bali itinerary. It can be a scenic flight to and from Ubud, but also part of a transfer around the island, for example, from Ubud to Candi Dasa.

Balinese Culture Tour in Ubud, Bali

Balinese Culture Tour in Ubud


Explore the fascinating city of Ubud and its luxuriant surroundings. Meet your personal driver and guide, and set off on a guided tour that will open your eyes to the art, architecture and ancient history of Bali. Hear the stories of the rise and fall of different dynasties. Learn how the unique Balinese culture was shaped throughout centuries. Visit temples framed by pavilions and pagodas to experience the pious faith of the people. Revel in views that will stay etched in your memories, from steep jade green gorges flowing with waterfalls to sculpted rice paddies serene as a painting.

Kecak Dance Performance, Ubud

Private Kecak Dance Near Ubud


In a fire-lit amphitheatre you soak up an old-world image. This is Bali before tourism, Bali from a time before explorers. You will be treated to a private Kecak dance performance. Watch as a choir of fifty bare-chested men with red hibiscus flowers in their hair, don checkered cloth around their waists and robustly chant in a synchronised rhythm, depicting the battles between gods and kings. The performance is rousing and dramatic, lingering from dusk slowly into night. It tells the story of Ramayana, an epic Sanskrit poem, in a private theatre embracing tradition and legend.

Days 5 & 6 - South Bali

Private Jukung Cruise, Bali

Jukung Cruise Along the Balinese Coast


Hop on a private jukung, a Balinese fishing boat, and sail out to the shallow waters between Bali and Lombok. Here you can snorkel amongst the vibrantly-hued reef fish. With an experienced crew, you can cruise along the pristine eastern shore and stop by one of the isolated small beaches for a swim. The captain will anchor in an azure-blue bay for an idyllic picnic. While parts of Bali are surprisingly busy, a jukung cruise evokes the true expression of this paradise island. There’s nothing around but you and South Pacific bliss.

Coffee Seduction Tour, Bali

Balinese Coffee Seduction Tour


Experience the best of Balinese coffee, on this private tour through Bedugul and Munduk. Enjoy scenic roads and picturesque hills, as you travel to off-the-beaten-track plantations not usually open to visitors.Revel in the fresh air at Eka Karya Botanical Gardens, with its evergreen scenes and impressive orchid collection. Discover the shimmering beauty of Lake Bratan, home to the floating Ulun Danu Temple.Sample world-renowned Luwak coffee, as you sit down for lunch and an extended coffee tasting at a secluded location. Yes, the coffee beans have been partially digested and fermented by civets. And yes, this coffee really is worth the hype. Dig deeper into the history of this flavoursome trade, before venturing to the Munduk Waterfall for a cooling dip.

Uluwatu Temple, Bali

Uluwatu Temple Visit


Savour a nighttime adventure to the holiest temple in Bali - the fairy tale cliff-hugging Uluwatu. Perched on the bluff overlooking the ocean, this is perhaps the most iconic of all Balinese images. You will be spellbound by a traditional Kecak performance, then a dramatic blazing fire dance of flickering flames and gyrating bodies, as the sun dips into the water in a theatrical encore.

Day 7 - Departure