Zimbabwe Adventure Safari

Best time to visit
May, June, July, August

Safaris in Zimbabwe are different. It’s quiet here. You can go days without seeing people other than your guides. Wilderness dominates and the wildlife is exquisite, as you go off the beaten path to discover some of Africa’s most exhilarating safari moments.

Explore what you can do in Zimbabwe with this experience filled with highlights, from Victoria Falls to Hwange and the Greater Kruger. You will travel around by private air charters, to remote landscapes covered with wildlife.

Day 1 - Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Tour, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Tour, Zimbabwe


You will get wet. Not from rain. Nor will you be under the waterfall. Victoria Falls is so powerful that mist rises up from the chasm and then falls upon the walking trails. During the high water time from May to October Victoria Falls will drench you in seconds.Forget the pointless poncho. Embrace the power and stand before this epic waterfall, the water bouncing off your skin. Then walk further along the path, further and further so you can appreciate the true scale of the world’s most powerful waterfall.2000 tons of water fall over the precipice - every single second! With this tour you will stop at all the viewpoints, get wet before the falls, enjoy the best photo stops, and discover the indigenous story of the falls with your guide.

Days 2 & 3 - Hwange

Game Drive, Hwange National Park

Fly-In Hwange National Park Safari


Lions roam across an arid savannah. Herds of Cape buffalo huff and puff as they pass by. Now suddenly you’re surrounded by elephants - where did they come from!Hwange is the classic African big-game experience. Think leopards, four-legged giants, a lot of different antelope, and languid evenings overlooking an animal-filled waterhole. Hwange is Zimbabwe’s unmissable safari destination. You will fly into the national park by light aircraft for a tailored safari experience. Your guide will help you track different animal species. You can mix game drives and game walks. And you will find solitude amid a huge animal population.

Big Cat Safari, Hwange National Park

Multi-Day Hwange Big Cat Safari


Hwange is famous for Cecil the Lion, a magnificent lion illegally hunted in 2015. Cecil was far from the only lion in this massive national park. On this multi-day safari experience you will track the big cats to understand their behaviour. Not just lions, but leopards as well. Follow a pride of lionesses as they sunbathe and then hunt. Admire the behaviour of spotted cats, during the day and night.With so few people and so many animals, Hwange is ideal for a big cat safari. Your guide is a specialist and instead of hunting, you will be helping to preserve these magnificent animals.

Days 4 & 5 - Lake Kariba

Private Stay, Lake Kariba

Private Lake Kariba Stay


Lounge around the shores of Lake Kariba, an idyllic place to start or end any African adventure. Lake Kariba mixes exclusivity with big and beautiful African landscapes. Settle into a private villa on the lakeshore, where you have all the space you need for a romantic break or family escape. The highlight is doing nothing. But even when doing nothing you’ll see elephants and hippos. And if you want to do more than lounge around the water, your guide will take you into Matusadona National Park.

Matusadona Private Safari, Lake Kariba

Matusadona Private Safari


Lake Kariba is known as Africa’s French Riviera. Which doesn’t really make sense, because along the lakeshore you’ll find hippos, rhinos, elephants and lions. Matusadona National Park is a haven for big game that lives around this large Zimbabwean lake. You can canoe near the hippos, walk in elephant country, and hold your breath at the sight of rhinos. Stay at a laid-back waterside retreat and enjoy a delightful set of safari activities in Matusadona, the home of giants. It’s amazing how close you can get to the animals here, but the guides are experts and will keep you safe.

Days 6 & 7 - Mana Pools

Multi-Day Safari, Mana Pools National Park

Multi-Day Mana Pools NP Safari


Hippos are everywhere. Belching and bellowing they fill the water beneath your camp. Elephants march down to the waterside. You’re looking down on them, a herd of giants barely ten metres away. Mana Pools is one of the world’s great wetlands yet it doesn’t get many visitors. You will be on safari amid thousands of hippos and elephants. And the best thing about this safari is that all the action takes place at the river, next to your camp. So sit back, relax, and watch the animals as they come to you. A guide will tailor activities to your animal interests, and there’s an option to go walking or canoeing as well. Fly in to Mana Pools and get ready for some magnificent days in this unbroken wilderness.

Walking _ Canoeing Safari, Mana Pools

Mana Pools Walking & Canoeing Safari


Slowly you paddle down the Zambezi River. A hippo pokes its snout above the waterline. A zebra herd drinks from the banks. Keep paddling.Elephants show up along the shore as well. And paddle clear of those crocodiles! You’re traveling through wild Africa, through an animal kingdom, just you and your guide in canoes. Disembark and take a walk in elephant country. Guides know how to keep you safe here, so you can sidestep dangerous animals and get close to smaller species and antelope. Walking and canoeing in Mana Pools are the luxury highlights of Mana Pools - these are travel moments you will struggle to find anywhere else, as you explore the animal world without a vehicle in sight.

Days 8 & 9 -

Singita Pamushana Lodge Dining Deck, Malilangwe Reserve

Malilangwe Multi-Day Private Safari


In the far northern reaches of the Greater Kruger ecosystem, Malilangwe is Zimbabwe’s finest private game reserve. It’s where you visit for a seriously high-end safari experience.A beautiful lodge, superb guides, cocktails and canapes, plus laid-back encounters with a full range of animals. There are no fences, no boundaries, and a complete immersion in the wildlife world. Except there’s also a lot of traditional luxury as well, which makes Malilangwe well suited if you want all the animals without forgoing any contemporary comforts.Most safari programs are three days two nights. You will have a private guide and a completely flexible itinerary, including any activities you wish to do.

Multi-Day Game Drive, Gonarezhou National Park

Gonarezhou NP Game Drive


One of Africa’s forgotten landscapes, Gonarezhou remains unknown and unexplored. Even wildlife researchers don’t know what takes place here. And it’s not an area where locals have lived either.This protected national park is a great add on to a private safari in Malilangwe. You can spend two days on a private reserve safari, then do this full-day game drive in Gonarezhou. It’s a national park that barely has any four-wheel drive trails. You’ll be bouncing around the bush in search of animals, enveloped by wild scenes and animal sounds.

Day 10 - Departure