Ultimate Botswana Safari

Best time to visit
May, June, July, August, September

Botswana, a country of almost total wilderness. There are few people here, even fewer roads, and some of the greatest wild habitats on earth.

Once you get to know Botswana you’ll understand why it’s the country of choice for royalties and celebrities going on African safari. Come to Botswana to combine an intrepid safari with relaxation. Come to completely getaway from the rest of the world. And come to connect with nature at its untamed best.

This safari showcases some of Africa’s ultimate travel moments and will take you to five completely different destinations.

Days 1 - 3 - Okavango Delta

Scenic Okavango Delta Flight


The world’s largest inland delta only makes sense from the air. The planet’s greatest oasis can only be understood when you see how it unfolds from above. It’s visible from space but you’ll be much closer.Soar over the Okavango Delta on a private scenic flight. Swooping low over islands and elephants you will see how the flood waters expand. Even when gaining altitude you can admire giraffe and buffalo herds moving down below.Most of all you can enjoy the scale of it all. This is a wilderness bigger than most countries and you’ll cross it. A scenic flight can be done from your choice of camp, but it’s also a great way to transfer between camps.

Duba Plains, Okavango Delta


Just six tented villas in a massive private concession, immersed in Okavango Delta life. Duba Plains is beyond the sublime. It’s where royalty go on honeymoon, where celebrities go to retreat from the world. In such an undisturbed setting the wildlife is phenomenal. Lion prides and buffalo herds battle before your eyes. Elephants and giraffe are everywhere. Antelope graze next to private plunge pools. Duba Plains combines modern luxury with endless wildlife experiences, making it one of the ultimate safari camps anywhere in Africa.

Okavango Delta Game Drive


A buffalo herd blocks the trail. This is their land so you must wait. Slowly they move and the four-wheel drive kicks up mud as you drive on. Now an elephant blocks the way. It’s a big herd, complete with babies swinging their trunks.A little later you stop to see a lion pride. A dozen lions are snoozing. Three of them wake up and decide to sleep in the shade created by your vehicle. You can literally reach out and touch them (not advised of course, the windows are kept closed at such proximity). Now zebra, lechwe, Sable antelope, spotted hyena, kudu, springbok, topi, giraffe, hippo, and so many other animals you lose count. This is the Okavango and a private game drive will reveal a story of untold wildlife drama and charm.

Okavango Delta Mokoro Safari


The world’s greatest oasis is yours. Waterways twist between animals. The banks are filled with life, filled with herds taking a drink in the morning sun. And look closely, for you will see the predators that stalk these herds. A mokoro is a traditional dugout canoe, used by local tribes for generations. It’s a silent mode of travel and the closest you can get to big animals. An expert will gondolier you down the waterways, this silent mode of travel ideal for not disturbing the animals. A mokoro is an unmissable part of any Okavango safari. It’s your intimate insight into this otherworldly oasis.

Days 4 & 5 - Moremi Game Reserve

Mombo Camp, Okavango Delta


Wonderfully situated on the tip of Chief’s Island, Mombo Camp is the camp most others aspire to be. The surrounding landscape teems with life all year around, a land of plenty where it’s common to wake up next to wandering elephants. Just nine tents are spread across a huge area and you can sense the camp’s 30-year history through all the vintage touches. You will enjoy luxury here, luxury on par with the world’s leading five-star hotels. Except you’re deep in the wild, at a low-impact, solar-powered camp. Watch wildlife from your private plunge pool, sink into a copper bathtub, and head out into one of the most exclusive safari areas in Africa.

Okavango Game Drive in Moremi Game Reserve


A blur of black and white stripes gallops past your vehicle. You turn to see a hyena, a strange figure on the savannah. An elephant marches past. Two lionesses watch you as they sleep with one eye open. Now a hippo, a monster emerging from the water. Moremi is the legendary game reserve at the heart of the Okavango Delta. You will be exploring with a private guide, on a private game drive that can be anywhere from three hours to three days. This is an oasis of life and sometimes there are so many animals you don’t know which way to look. Red lechwe gather in their thousands. Roan antelope run from leopards. The rhythm of life extends and it’s all yours.

Moremi Game Reserve Walking Safari


A giraffe tower dominates the horizon. The sound of rustling alerts you to a herd of lechwe grazing nearby. Up ahead you can make out an elephant. This is Moremi, in the heart of the Okavango, and you are on foot.The locals have lived alongside wild animals for generations. They will use ancient tracking methods to keep you safe. Come up close to different antelope species. Tread where four-legged giants roam. Feel the thrill of the savannah, as you see another side to the Okavango. Many people come to Botswana for the Okavango but very few people get to explore on foot. This is an exclusive opportunity, a chance to connect with the wild and see a lot of animals from a very unique perspective.

Days 6 & 7 - The Kalahari

Kalahari Bushmen Wildlife Tracking Expedition


There are clues everywhere. An upturned stone. Indentations in the bush. Animal spoor crumbled in your hand. These are clues revealing where the animals were, clues as to where they are going. Kalahari bushmen are expert trackers. With a single glance they can see which way the animals moved. Traveling barefoot through the bush they track antelope, sometimes with their bow and arrow. They also track predators, so they can avoid lions and other predators.Today you will join Kalahari bushmen for a very authentic wildlife tracking expedition. You will learn the clues and discover how to track different species. And you will discover an ancient way of life, as it has been practiced for centuries.

Central Kalahari Mobile Camping Safari


The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is completely untamed with very few permanent lodges. It’s not a place to visit if your idea of safari includes a swimming pool. It’s a destination for camping out beneath the stars.Over two to five days you will cross the Central Kalahari with a private guide, on a wild safari in a land of lions, elephants, hippos, hyenas and more. Each night is spent at a mobile camp, a place of comfort on a landscape where there are no permanent structures. This is an expedition, an insight into an enormous landscape, an adventure into wild Africa. You can even choose to do this on a bike with fat tyres or a quad bike, or you can walk with San bushmen into this land of animal abundance.

Days 8 & 9 - Linyanti Private Reserve

Linyanti Concession Fly-In Safari


Linyanti is the home of predators. Endangered wild dogs move in large packs. Hyenas hunt on open plains. Lions and leopards can be found in abundance. Cheetah kick up dust. All these animals battle for food in a land of plenty, in a concession that creates one of Africa’s most luxurious safari experiences.You will fly into Linyanti by light aircraft and spend three days immersed in a landscape that blends woodland, savannah, riverine forest and floodplains. An iconic safari program will include daytime and nighttime game drives, game walks and photography hideouts. The mix of habitats supports a thrilling cast of animals, from massive elephant and buffalo herds to small and unusual predators. Best of all, there are few other people around. Luxury comes from privacy here, as you bask in the wonders of African wildlife, with a private guide and program.

Linyanti Nighttime Game Drive


It’s different at night. It’s spooky, scary, surreal. Sounds and the moon guide your journey. You can hear buffalo munching nearby. Giraffe are silhouetted along the horizon. You may encounter a lion. Nighttime game drives aren’t possible everywhere. They are a special treat, a showcase into the untold thrills of Africa’s savannah. The guide stops the vehicle and you listen. A spotlight illuminates the animals, many much closer than you can imagine. Nighttime is when the predators prefer to hunt, so you may see a lion with a zebra carcass, or the piercing blue eyes of a leopard. And somewhere out in the wild you will come face to face with elephants and wild dogs. It will be a private nighttime game drive and you won’t see any other vehicles.

Day 10 - Chobe

Chobe National Park Elephant Game Drive


The Chobe is always noisy. Imagine the sight of ten elephants. Imagine ten elephant herds. Now try to picture 100,000 elephants. That’s the world’s largest wild elephant population, marching around the Chobe woodland during the dry season. Elephants are everywhere. Bachelor males lock tusks. Trunk-swinging babies pass your vehicle. Matriarchs lead their herds to water. Giraffe are equally abundant. There is nowhere better in Africa for encounters with the biggest of all the world’s land mammals. You will have a private driver and vehicle for a day with the elephants. You’ll see other animals as well, including lots of hippos, but the pachyderms are the most unmissable. Not only are there so many, you can get astonishingly close.

Chobe River Safari


Hippos bellow as you approach. Their wheeze-honks fill the air and their antics cause chaos in the water. From the riverbank a zebra herd watches on. Elephants play nearby, using their trunks as snorkels. Now there are more elephants, hundreds of them emerging from the trees. Plus antelope and a warthog scurrying along. You can get very close, as you cruise on the water and admire life along the banks. And looking up you will find these animals to be much bigger than you imagined before. A Chobe River safari is an iconic Botswana experience. You will have a private boat and guide, for a slow cruise through wildlife paradise.

Days 11 & 12 - Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Tour, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Tour, Zimbabwe


You will get wet. Not from rain. Nor will you be under the waterfall. Victoria Falls is so powerful that mist rises up from the chasm and then falls upon the walking trails. During the high water time from May to October Victoria Falls will drench you in seconds.Forget the pointless poncho. Embrace the power and stand before this epic waterfall, the water bouncing off your skin. Then walk further along the path, further and further so you can appreciate the true scale of the world’s most powerful waterfall.2000 tons of water fall over the precipice - every single second! With this tour you will stop at all the viewpoints, get wet before the falls, enjoy the best photo stops, and discover the indigenous story of the falls with your guide.

Day 13 - Departure