Mozambique Indian Ocean Beach Break

Best time to visit
May, June, July, August, September, October, November

Definitions of paradise are always subjective. Yet there are few visitors who travel to Mozambique and don’t find their image of paradise. Here you will find thousands of kilometres of Indian Ocean coastline, complete with turquoise waters, white sand, marine life and palm trees.

So rest and relax as this experience gives you an impression of what’s possible in one of the world’s hidden gems.

Day 1 - Indian Ocean Arrival

Casa Familia, _Beyond Benguerra Island

&Beyond Benguerra Island


A handful of luxurious thatched villas hidden in native coastal forest. Expansive exterior verandas with private plunge pools. A long arc of fine-grained sand. Waters protected by Bazaruto Archipelago National Park – home to colourful coral reefs and one of the last remaining sustainable dugong populations.From the moment you step down from the helicopter, an atmosphere of tropical languor envelops you. Relax by the beach bar or beneath the hands of an expert masseuse. Or take advantage of the fully-equipped dive centre to explore life beneath the waves.&Beyond Benguerra Island combines tropical landscapes with an array of on-site facilities, so you can get away and still fully explore the Indian Ocean coastline.

Days 2 - 4 - Benguerra & Bazaruto Escapism

Swimming with Horses, Benguerra Island

Swimming With Horses on the Mozambican Coast


To ride a horse across Mozambique’s coastal landscapes of forest, dune and beach is one thing. To swim with them, as one, in the warm shallows quite another.Riding bareback, you delve into the waves together. The waters rise to the flanks of your animal. You follow the line of this beautiful coast, taking in its beaches, forests, and attractive traditional villages.This is a horseback adventure that goes beyond what you can do elsewhere. But this is Mozambique, where you should always expect the unexpected.

Scuba Diving, Bazaruto

Bazaruto and Benguerra Scuba Diving


The Bazaruto Archipelago offers some of the world’s finest and rarest scuba diving. Here there is nobody else in the water other than your guide. 1500 miles of coastline. A multitude of dive sites. Crystal clear waters offering great visibility. Warm shallows inhabited by bright corals, multicoloured fish, and threatened sea turtles. Deeper waters that attract dolphin and big game species, including sailfish, marlin and tuna.Mozambique’s reputation as a premier diving destination is growing rapidly, enticing those in the know from right around the globe. Yet it’s still secret enough. A travel designer will help plan a diving schedule to suit your experience and interests.

Beach picnic on Bazaruto Island, Mozambique.

Bazaruto Archipelago Private Islet Picnic


Just you, your loved ones, and the sound of the lapping waves. Panoramic views that seem to stretch to infinity.The feel of warm sand between your toes, and a chilled flute of Champagne between your fingers. A menu of freshly-prepared seafood and tropical fruits to enjoy as you lie on the pristine sands or explore your desert island surrounds.You can choose to sail over to the island on a traditional dhow, or take a speed boat and traverse more of the archipelago on route. Reach the islet and it’s all yours for the full day.

A coastal mangrive forest on an Ibo Island in the Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique

Bazaruto Archipelago Scenic Helicopter Flight


Crystal-clear waters that shimmer in the bright sunlight. Long stretches of sand unblemished by anything but the markings of nesting endangered turtles. The vivid greens of native forest, home to some 140 different bird species.Take in the full glory of central Mozambique’s Indian Ocean coastline by hovering above it on a scenic helicopter flight. See how low-lying islands rise out of the azure blue, and discover a landscape few get to truly explore.This scenic helicopter flight is the ultimate overview on the World Heritage marine site and the colours down below are astonishing.

Day 5 - Quirimbas Islands

Island Life, Quirimbas Islands

Private Island Getaway in the Quirimbas Islands


Drift silently through shallow lagoons by kayak. Relax beneath a shady palm on brilliant white sands. Explore the underwater world as local fishermen cast their nets from rough-hewn dugout canoes.An isolated archipelago of tiny islands that are little more than forest-backed beaches. This is one of the largest marine protected areas in Africa and there are highly-regarded diving opportunities. On the island you embrace a traditional way of life which focuses on simple pleasures. For this is a tropical hideaway where humpbacks are as frequent as new emails.

Days 6 & 7 - Retreat From the World

Breaching Humpback, Quirimbas National Park

Diving with Humpbacks and Reef Shark Schools at Neptune's Arm


The protected waters of Quirimbas National Park. Visibility levels that can reach 50m. The much-talked about Neptune’s Arm dive site off Vamizi Island.Wonder at the sight of humpback whales and their young calves from beneath the waterline. Become part of the swirling mass of silver-grey bodies as up to 30 grey reef sharks shoal together – the only place this is known to happen in East Africa.It’s just as much fun from the boat, where you can see humpbacks breaching and shark schools circling.

Dugong, Mozambican Coast

Dugong Spotting on the Mozambican Coast


Rendezvous with dugong as they feed on sea grass in the shallows. Come face to face with the animals that led to the legend of mermaids.Regularly sighted in the Bazaruto and Quirimbas archipelagos, these shy yet affable creatures are increasingly rare. Mozambique’s islands host what could be the last sustainable populations in East Africa, making the experience all the more poignant.You will explore with a private guide who has spent his life studying dugongs. It’s an unpredictable day as you may have to travel relatively large distances in the boat. But you will see dugongs and they are remarkable.

Day 8 - Departure